Abhayam app Launches by AP CM to Protect Kids, Women in AP

Abhayam App

Abhayam App has launched by the Andhra Pradesh State Honorable Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy Garu on 24th November 2020 to Protect the Kids and Women in AP state. Abhayam is a Mobile application that helps Children and Women from Strangers.

The AP CM Jaganmohan Reddy Gary Speaking on this occasion, the latest new Internet of Things (IoT) devices were being installed in 1000 Autos, cabs, taxis, and rickshaws in Visakhapatnam on 24th November 2020.

And he promised that at the end of February 2021, the IoT Devices will be installed in 5000 Autos, cabs, taxis, and rickshaws across Andhra Pradesh. The state government’s main target is to be installed the IoT Devices in more than one lakh Autos, cabs, Taxis, and Other public Service Vehicles throughout the state. 

Abhayam App Launches by AP CM to Protect kids, Women in AP

After launching the Abhayam App, the CM Suggested that Women and Children should install this mobile application and protect Themselves while traveling in Autos and Cabs. Before entering the Cabs or Autos, Children and Women should Scan the QR Code on the vehicle to obtain the Driver’s complete details.

There are so many safety precautions and Options in the Abhayam App. Women and Kids should read the complete details and Information mentioned on the Mobile application after installing the app. Abhayam App and Disha Mobile apps are Android and IOS applications. Women and Children should download both apps from the Google Play Store and protect themselves while traveling in Autos and taxis.

Press Panic Button If you are in trouble:

People who do have not smartphones or have not Installed Abhayam App should Press the Panic button in the Auto or Cabs if the vehicle deviates another route. After pressing the Panic button on Cab or Auto, Automatically Fuel Supply will be stopped as well as the Buzzer signer will be sent to the Command Control Room. The Nearest Police will reach the destination place and protect the passenger.

YS Jaganmohan Reddy’s government is not only helped the poor and below the poverty line People by launching the Amma VadiYSR Housing schemeYSR Cheyutha PaymentThodu, and other Schemes but also striving to empower women in various aspects.

The AP Home Minster Mekatoti Sucharita Garu said that the state govt of AP will give first priority to protect the Children and Women. After passing the Disha Bill, the state government has started the Disha Mobile app and other mobile applications to protect Women. Andhra Pradesh is the first state to launch this kind of Project in India, She Said.

About Disha Mobile app:

In the month of December 2019, the AP CM Jagan Garu started the Disha Police Station and Disha Mobile application to ensure Immediate police Attention. Women’s Protection is the main aim of this Disha rule.

An Overview:

Name of the Mobile applicationAbhayam App 
Launched byAP CM Jaganmohan Reddy Garu
Mode of InstallOnline
Launched date24.11.2020
Name of the DeviceInternet of Things (IoT)
Developed byAP State
BenefitsTo protect Women and Kids from Strangers.
AP Government websitewww.ap.gov.in

The Process to Install the Abhayam Mobile application:

People who want to Install the Abhayam Mobile app must go through the Google Play Store. And, Enter the Abhayam app on the Search Option. Find out the Abhayam app created by the AP government and Download the application on your Mobile device.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q 1: What is the Abhayam App? Is it a government application or not?

Answer: Abhayam App is the Women and Children Protection app. It will Protect Women and Children while traveling in Auto and Cabs in AP State. Abhayam App is the State govt application introduced by the AP CM.

Q 2: What are the benefits of this mobile app? And How it works?

Answer: Abhayam Apps and Disha apps will project the Women and Children if they are in trouble in Autos and taxis. It works based on IoT Software. If the passengers are diverted by the Auto or Cab drivers, this mobile application will send the SMS to the Common Police Room automatically.

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