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BOB Ex Employee Portal Login

BOB Ex Employee Portal has been launched by the Bank of Baroda to provide the ex-employee pension details and etc. The Bank of Baroda Offers Disbursing Services to Central Govt. Pensioners. Bank of Baroda is obliged to serve the pensioner from central government offices, and the pension services are extended to the ex-employees of the bank as well.

The article in brief describes pension calculations, digital life certificates, and ex-employee logins to avail the additional facilities for them. The ex-employees can use the Portal link and get the pension information.

BOB Ex Employee Portal Pension Slip Login

Calculation of Pensions for BoB pensioners:

Pensions are calculated through a simple calculation and the formula that every Pension Cell in an organization is follows:

1. The net pension of the pensioners is the total of the following ( basic pension + dearness pension + Personal Pension + DA Relief Amount + Medical Allowance + Other Allowances).

2. The deductions involved in it are commutation deduction amount, excess personal paid, and income tax amount.

3. DA Relief Amount = [Basic pension + Disability Pension (if any) + Quantum (if any) + Dearness Pay (if any)] * DA %

Important Points Related to Pensions:

1. A pension is processed and paid in the last 4 working days of the month and in the month of March, a pensioner will get their salary by the first working day of April every year.

2. Pensioners who do not fall under the ECHS/CGHS scheme will be allotted INR 1000.00 as medical allowance.

3. The system shall restore commutation installments after fifteen years from the date of payment of the commutation amount.

4. As per the instructions of the PPO, the enhancement of the family pension shall stop and after which the normal family pension shall be continued automatically. 

5. Bank of Baroda introduces Military Salary Package, MSP for Defence Personnel, and Paramilitary forces. For details, the retired person should contact the Bank of Baroda Branch.

Digital Life Certificate :

1. Senior Citizens and those above 80 years with the introduction of the Digital Life Certificate can save time. One can put even less effort in producing the life certificate.

2. Earlier, pensioners were asked to make a physical presence amidst the disbursing agency but now that is not the case.

3. A senior citizen can obtain the life certificate in a hassle-free manner.

4. Citizens who have enrolled in the pensioners scheme of the government of India will be issued a Jeevan Pramaan ( Digital Life Certificate).

5. Jeevan Pramaan Centers are hosted by CSCs, Banks, Govt Offices or one can adopt client applications on a PC, Mobile or Tablet.

6. Life Certificate is submitted to the pension disbursing agency in the month of November every year.

7. The Life Certificate can be submitted offline or online.

8. In case of online submission, the life certificate can be obtained through Jeevan Pramaan Portal.

Jeevan Pramaan Digital Life Certificate:

1. A pensioner who enrolls under Jeevan Pramaan shall have to provide biometric authentication on the Aadhaar platform.

2. Once the authentication is successful for an ex-employee (retired/pensioner), a digital life certificate gets generated and is kept in a repository.

3. The pension disbursing agencies can gain access with the digitally stored life certificate.

Family Pension Submissions @BoB’s Claims Department

For starting a family pension one must submit the detailed documents at the base branch. The claimant must submit the following documents.

1. Claimant’s application for family pension.

2. Submit the death certificate of the deceased pensioner.

3. Copy of PPO, passbook of the claimant, and KYC of the claimant and date of birth.

4. Clamant must submit an undertaking, life certificate, non employment certificate, and income certificate.

Pension Credit Details:

1. A pensioner can obtain a pension slip from the base branch where in the pensioner pension database is available.

2. The BoB webportal will send the Pension slip to the registered emails of ex-employees/pensioners.

3. The webportal shall automatically deliver the pension details to the registered mobile number every month.

BOB Ex Employee Portal Login:

1st Step: An ex-employee must enter the Bank of Baroda: link into the browser and the webportal shall display the ex-employee page.

2nd Step: An ex-employee must look for ‘Ex-employee portal (click here)’ link. And, one must click the ‘click here’ link.

3rd Step: The web portal shall redirect to a new page. The ex-employee must enter the Ec No, and the password. Here, the password is the DD/MM/YY of the ex-employee. And, click the submit button.

ex-employee portal login

4th Step: The webportal shall redirect to the new page, and the ex-employee is exposed to all the facilities provided and one can feel free and operate it.

Ex-Employee/Pensioners Grievance Redressal:

For Retired employees of various central governments like Railways, Defence, Telecom & Postal Pension, and Central Civil & Freedom Fighter Pension, Bank of Baroda is the pension disbursing agency. 

1. Bank of Baroda Pension Customers here can contact their grievances or enquiry @ respective helpline emails/phone if necessary.

2. Railway pensioners can address @ Helpdesk.cppcrailway@[email protected]/079-6673-4631.

3. Defence Pensioners can address @ [email protected]/ . 

4. Telecom & Postal Pensioners can address @

5. Central Civil & Freedom Fighter Pensioners can address[email protected]/079-6673-4640.

6. Besides it, Bank of Baroda employee Pensioners can get in touch through email: [email protected] to seek suggestions, grievances or enquiry. Following are the helpline numbers 079-66734653/4655 | Toll free Help line : 1800 111 348.

7. Pensioner grievances are attended within 21 working days. The ex-employee’s complaints can be lodged @SPGRS portal made available at the Bank of Baroda Official website:

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