Coronavirus Tracker Today Live Updates State-wise

Coronavirus Tracker Live Updates

Coronavirus Tracker Live Updates State-wise at Day by day, the Positive Cases of Coronavirus are raising in India. COVID-19 is one of the most dangerous diseases so the Indian People are worrying about staying their homes for over a month due to the India-wise Lockdown.

The best idea to check out the Coronavirus Outbreak in India, latest updates, and related to Coronavirus Tracker state-wise and District wise is to read up on it. There are a lot of websites proving true and false information about the Coronavirus Outbreak so better to check the detailed information on Official websites.

A lot of Coronavirus Trackers are available on the Internet that let you check live information of the Coronavirus positive Cases, Conformated Cases as well as recovered and deceased cases. Here we have presented the most reliable sources that will help you with genuine COVID-19 live updates of State-wise & District wise in India.

Coronavirus Tracker Live Today State-wise (Covid19) at

Aarogya Setu App:

Aarogya Setu App:

Aarogya Setu App Android Mobile application was Initiated by the Central government of India a couple of days ago. The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Garu stated that citizens can download this mobile application and know the accurate information about the Coronavirus Tracker Live updates in States wise and District wise in India.

This Aarogya Setu App is specially developed by the Indian IT Institute. This Mobile application contains the latest updates Sections such as the confirmed Positive cases, running cases, recently recovered cases, deceased cases, and death cases.

In the same way, this mobile app will show the live Cases in District wise and State wise and shows the specific figure of Coronavirus Cases. The main objective of this mobile app is to track citizens nearby areas who have effected by Coronavirus disease. You can find out the Primary Contact persons also who have connected with Coronavirus Infected persons. 

The central government, as well as state governments, believes that this Android Mobile application will help to prevent the spread of Coronavirus among a huge number of citizens in the Country. After initiated this mobile application, the Millian people have been downloaded this app within one week across the Country.

John Hopkins coronavirus Tracker:

John Hopkins coronavirus Tracker:

John Hopkins coronavirus tracker is one of the most famous COVID-19 Tracker in the world. This tracker will provide world-wise Coronavirus latest updates such as Positive cases, running cases, recently recovered cases, deceased cases, and death cases.

It is the most reliable covid19 tracer in the world. John Hopkins coronavirus tracker allows the uses to select the Country and track the latest live updates including Positive Cases, discharged Cases, and deaths in the Countries. More than 198 countries are worrying about coronavirus. 

John Hopkins coronavirus tracker collects the data from the below-given sources.

  • WHO
  • CDC
  • ECDC
  • NHC
  • DXY
  • 1point3acres
  • BNO
  • state
  • National government health departments
  • local media reports

Cases in India state wise

The Covid19 India Coronavirus Tracker is one of the best and reliable Covid19 Tracker in India. This Tracker will represent the accurate & clear detailed live updates about the Coronavirus to understand the common people also.

A lot of Coronavirus Tracker are available on the Internet similar to Coronavirus Tracker. But the accurate Positive cases and confirmed cases will be updated in Tracker. This Tracker will collect the accurate time to time data from the many government Souces in India. 

It shows the Name of the States affected by the Coronavirus and the number of cases confirmed in the respective States on the front page. This tracker will help the Indian People to know day to day updates about Covid19 such as Positive cases, running cases, recently recovered cases, deceased cases, and deaths. The detailed graphical presentation also shows on this tracker to give a clear idea about the pandemic in India.

Alongside Covid19 India Coronavirus Tracker, the other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and other National and International Trackers will display the latest live updates about the Coronavirus pandemic in their platforms.

The International Social networks Facebook and Twitter have created a hub to represent the authentic latest Covid19 news on their own platforms. 

And one more important point that there is no government platform developed like a The people can make sure to track the live updates from the MoHFW website.

Note: To check the live updates about the Covid19 through the Official Portal can go through the Ministry of Health and Family welfare Portal i.e.

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