Covid19 Haryana e Pass Apply Online Status Corona Lockdown

COVID-19 Haryana Movement e-Pass

Covid19 Haryana e Pass will be generated electronically. No officials will provide this Movement e-Pass directly to the Citizens. This e-pass specially designed for the Citizens who are going to do the COVID-19 duty.

All Haryana state government employees, Doctors, Police, Fire officers, and other Citizens who have assigned COID-19 duty must enroll your names through the authorized website and get e-pass online.

The validity of the Haryana Movement e-Pass is 3rd May 2020. In Case, the Harnya State will extend the lockdown then Citizens must apply again it to obtain CORONA Epass. COVID-19 Haryana Movement e-Pass will help the Citizens to go outside for emergency works such as Medical, Electricity and etc.

Covid19 Haryana e Pass Apply Online Corona Lockdown

The Department of Civil Secretariat, Chandigarh will not provide the Haryana Movement e-Pass directly without verifying the details. After applying the COVID-19 E-pass, the Officials will verify the submitted application form and the reason mentioned by the Haryana state Citizen and give approval.

In case, the Officials will find any false and illegal reason, the department of police will take an action under the 144 section. So, citizens must apply for the COVID-19 Haryana Movement e-Pass for only emergency purposes only. 

In this article, we have mentioned detailed information about the COVID-19 Haryana Movement e-Pass online registration process and how to track the status of e-pass and mandatory documents to enroll online. So, beneficiaries must follow the instructions and apply online.


Name of the ServiceHaryana Movement e-Pass
Type of ServiceState-level Service
Scheme initiated byHaryana Government
Authorized or
Purpose of ServiceTo go for emergent medical-related situations
Haryana Movement e-Pass ValidityMay 3rd, 2020
AddressHaryana Civil Secretariat, Chandigarh
Contact Number01722741950
Contact PersonAdmin, Haryana Civil Secretariat, Chandigarh

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q 1: What is the last date to apply for Movement Epass?

Answer: There is no last date to apply for Movement e-Pass. After Completion of the Lockdown, the epass service will be closed. Citizens can go for your emergency works without e-Pass by maintaining Social Distancing.

Q 2: I am a Citizen of Delhi. Due to Business work, I came to Haryana state? Shall I apply for e-Pass?

Answer: Yes. You can apply for the Haryana Movement e-Pass by uploading vehicle documents and other necessary documents.

Q 3: When will I get Movement Epass after submitting the application form?

Answer: The verification department will issue the Epass after checking the details mentioned by you and generate e-pass via SMS or Email within 4 hours.

Q 4: How to get Movement epass Instantly?

Answer: If you want to get an Instant movement e-pass you can contact helpline number 01722741950 and get an instant e-pass.

How to apply for Covid19 Haryana e Pass Online?

1st step: To apply for Movement epass, a citizen must visit the direct link i.e.

2nd Step: Then, you will get an E-pass online application form on the display. Applicants can fill up the details mentioned below.

Personal Details:

  • Valid From
  • Valid up to 
  • Category
  • Purpose
  • Movement From
  • Movement To
  • Person Name
  • Father/Husband Name
  • Age (Years)
  • Gender
  • Person Mobile Number 
  • Person E-Mail
  • Identity Card Type
  • Identity Card No.
  • Profession/Designation
  • House No./Name
  • Colony/Ward No.
  • City/Village Name
  • District
  • Postal / Zip Code
  • Upload Identity Card Proof Document
  • Upload Documents to support the purpose.
COVID-19 Haryana Movement e-Pass personal details

3rd Step: After filing the Personal details, beneficiaries will have to Complete the Vehicle details which we listed below.

Vehicle Details:

  • Vehicle/RC No
  • Vehicle Make
  • Color of Vehicle
  • Vehicle Type
vehicle details

4th Step: And then, fill in the additional Person details and click on the Next button.

Additional Person Details:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Address
COVID-19 Haryana Movement e-Pass  additional details

5th Step: Finally, your application will be submitted to the Civil Service department. Applicants can note down the acknowledgment number and track the status of the COVID-19 Haryana Movement e-Pass.

The Process to apply for Kiryana/ Milk/ Chemist Shop Registration E-pass:

To get permission for Kiryana/ Milk/ Chemist Shops, Citizens can appeal by registering online. Here we have provided the step-by-step process to apply online. Please follow these steps and register online.

1st Step: First, applicants must visit the official website i.e.

2nd Step: And then, Click on the Register Here option which is kept on the left side of the web browser.

Register here

3rd Step: Then, you will get a Kiryana/ Milk/ Chemist Shop Registration form on the screen.

Application form

4th Step: Beneficiaries must fill the application form with their personal details and finally hit the Submit button.

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