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Defense Security Corps

Defense Security Corps (DSC) Online Portal: Deputy Directorate General of Defence Security Corps provides security cover to Defence installation of the three services namely Army, Air Force, Navy. It is the Corps of the Indian Army and engages in providing security to sensitive installations besides security cover to Army, Air Force, and Navy installations. The entire Defence Security Corps works in an organized model of the Indian Army. It is the sixth-largest corps of the Indian Army.

Defense Security Corps (DSC) Online Portal Login/ Registration Details

Conditions to Be Met Before Enrolment:

Servicemen who aspire to seek entry in Defence Security Corps will have to make an enrolment. Before that, the Deputy Directorate of Defence Security Corps will scrutinize the serviceman’s character, service, and medical category. The character of the ex-serviceman must be very good and should have rendered at least five years of service. The ex-serviceman must be in good shape in the Shape-1 of the medical category at the time of discharge from the previous service.

Role Play of DSC in Action:

The Deputy Directorate General invites ex-serviceman to serve the purpose and renders benefits that a military person is entitled to. Defence Security Corps inducts ex-military personal and entrusts them to perform various roles in the Defence Installations.

The role of recruited personal is to serve as armed security staff, static guards, searchers, escorts, and mobile patrols. The DSC personnel are armed to protect the Defence installations and the Govt. of India has issued specific orders. These special orders are in reference to minor sabotage and pilferage at times of emergency.

They are liable to serve in any part of India, field or operational area wherever it is in need. The level of responsibility is high, and the personnel does get good remuneration for their exemplary performances of their duty.

DSC Corps Personnel – A Honorary Commission:

Defence Security Corps promotes the honorary commission to JCOs and NCOs, on every Republic Day and Independence Day. The re-recruited personal belong to the rank of Sepoys, JCOs, and Lateral Entry Sub Majors. For the services they contribute to Defence Security Corps, they have entitled to Army Group Insurance Cover of INR 20 lacs, the monthly premium of 2,070/-. The personnel drawing pay of INR 11,000/- that includes basic pay, grade pay, and MSP is entitled to Conveyance Advance of MC/Scooter.

Period of Engagement and Remuneration for DSCs Personnel ­­­­­­

The Military Services has fixed the engagement period of personnel and can serve up to 57 years of age. The initial term of engagement for sepoy is 10 years and can be extended by 5 years at a time till 57 years of age, whichever is earlier. For JCOs, the initial term of engagement is 5 years and the extendable period is 5 years at the time 57 years of age, whichever is earlier. In the case of lateral entry, sub majors, are engaged for 4 years or till 57 years of age, whichever is earlier.

Gratuity and Pension:

The DSC personnel whosoever is recruited for service will be entitled to Military pension and death-cum-retirement gratuity but under one condition. The personnel will have to forgo their emoluments earned in their previous Military Service. If the DSC personnel wants to continue with previous military service, then they will have to cease to draw a pension.

In addition to it, they will have to refund the service gratuity earned and the Death cum retirement gratuity as well. In order to earn service gratuity, the DSC personnel will have to put up service of 5 years. For those to benefit from a second service pension and death-cum-retirement gratuity they will have to be in service for 15 years or more.

DSC Web Portal Enables Employees to Make Easy Registration: 

 The Defence Security Force personnel will have to seek permission from concerned authorities. On approval, the personnel can enter employee details and register for the DSC web portal. In the case of an army employee, can make use of a payslip login on the Web Portal.

Once the employee’s registers the DSC login portal they can reset their login password details. DSC employees can apply for a fresh ID if it is lost, and they will get a duplicate ID within 7 working days. For this, the employee will have to apply through a request form offline.

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Evolution of Deputy Directorate General of Defense Security Corps

Deputy Directorate General of Defence Security Corps as it is currently known as has transformed since 1947 in a stage by stage manner. Regular Army units, garrison troops, watch and ward winds, and chowkidars were the authorised security cover providers to Defence Installations prior to World War 11.

The process of guarding defence installations continued and in I947, the work got entrusted to a new organization designated as ‘Defence Department Constabulary.’ This department was officially created under the Gazette of India Notification No 1121 dated 26 April 1947.

Later, the defence department constabulary was renamed as “Ministry of Defence Security Corps (MDSC) by the Govt of India. Until 16, August 1958, the organization did function directly under the Ministry of Defence. Ministry of Defence Security Corps re-designated it as Defence Security Corps (DSC) vide AO 483/58.  

The DSC further functioned under the Defence Security Corps Directorate, General Staff Branch, Army Headquarters of Command and Control. On 01 February 1985, the directorate was upgraded to Deputy Directorate General of Defence Security Corps.

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