How to apply Delhi Curfew e-pass Online for Travel? Check Status Online

Delhi Curfew e-pass Online Apply

Delhi Curfew e-pass for Travel: On 19th April 2021, the Delhi CM announced to lockdown the complete state in a Week. Comparing to March and April month, a huge number of Covid19 Cases reported in Delhi state. So, the state govt has shut down all regular services for one week. Due to the Second wave Covid19 outbreak, the state government of Delhi has taken the decision to lockdown from 19th April to 26th April 2021.

The Delhi CM Aravind Kejriwal Garu said that people do not come outside from 20th to 27th April 2021 and take care of themselves by staying at their Home. If you have any urgent works please apply for the Delhi epass and get permission from the police commissioner’s office, he said. 

To control the present situation in the place Delhi, the govt has taken this sudden decision on 19th April 2021. Day by day, the Covid19 Cases are rising across the state. To stop this pandemic situation, the govt has put the lockdown. Applicants who want to travel from one place to another place for emergency purposes should apply for the Delhi Epass.

Delhi Curfew e pass Apply Online For Travel Details:

e-pass for travel during the Curfew Online Application process will be done through the Janta Samvad Official website. Delhi Curfew epass is the permission letter for the common people who want to supply the food, milk, water, and other regular ingredients across Delhi.

This is the second time lockdown in Delhi. According to the First Wave Coronavirus, the Indian Govt has Closed all regular services from March to May 1st week 2020. After reducing the Covid19 Cases, all state governments have reopened all services one by one from May 2020.

In this article, we are going to show the details regarding the Delhi epass Online Application Process. Citizens of Delhi who wish to come outside for emergency purposes should apply for the Delhi Curfew e-pass Online. The Police Commission board will verify the details of your request and grant the e-pass online. 

No other state governments have announced the Lockdown in their states. But, to stop the spreading of the Second wave coronavirus, the Delhi govt has taken an Initiative on 19th April 2021. So, all people should follow the govt rules and protect themselves from the 2nd Wave Covid19. 

The Process to apply for Travel during Curfew e-pass Online:

1st Step: To get the Delhi Curfew e-pass Online, citizens should go through the official link i.e.

2nd Step: After entering into the Epass Online application page, People can choose the language either English or Hindi, and go through the link.

3rd Step: The page will be redirected to the New application for epass. Here, applicants should choose the e-pass for the Travel during Curfew option and hit on the submit button.

4th Step: People can read all the instructions mentioned on the Delhi e-pass application page and start to feed the details on the epass form. The required details are the Name of the applicant, DOB, Mobile Number, Type of Service, From & To Date and etc.

5th Step: Next, applicants should upload Identity proof like Aadhar Card or Voter ID Card and other essential documents.

6th Step: Then, Applicants can hit on the submit button and download the epass ID number.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q 1: When will issue the epass after registering for the curfew epass for travel?

Answer: Applicants are requested to wait for 2 to 3 days to get the epass from the police department. The Police officials will scrutinize the details and send the epass to the registered mobile number or email ID.

Q 2: What are the essential documents to apply for delhi curfew Covid19 2021 Epass?

Answer: Citizens of Delhi should upload their ID proof, Vehical license, Driving License and Employee ID card or etc and apply for the Delhi Epass Online.

Q 3: How to track the epass Application status Online?

Answer: To track the epass Application status for travel during the Curfew, applicants should check the epass janata Samvad website. Track status here

Q 4: What are the required details to track the Delhi 2021 Curfew Epass Application Status Online?

Answer: People can view the Delhi curfew 2021 epass Application status using the 7 characters ID nunber.

Q 5: When will close the Curfew in Delhi state?

Answer: The complete lockdown in delhi is from 19th April to 26th April 2021.

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