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Delhi Free Oxygen Cylinders

Delhi Free Oxygen Cylinders Booking: Oxygen has become an impending need for the Covid 19 patients. In fact, lack of oxygen is taking away the lives of hundreds of patients in Delhi. The government agencies are supporting hospitals with the supply of oxygen with great difficulty.

And the fate of patients in home quarantine is much more pathetic. With the rampant spread of Covid -19, the Government of Delhi launches a web portal in seeking requests from the Public. Yes, the Kejriwal Government initiates the supply of free oxygen cylinders to patients in home isolation.

Delhi Free Oxygen Cylinders Booking app Portal Details

As Crowds Sprang Up at Refilling Plants, Threat of Spreading Covid-19 Increases:

Under the guidelines of the Government of Delhi, refilling plants sprang up and began to supply oxygen cylinders to homes. But the government efforts seem to be in vain. When it was noticed that long queues at the cylinder refilling plants began to affect public safety and rise in public hazard issues.

Looking at the growing grave situation, the Government passed an order to streamline the lump sum allocation of oxygen cylinders under the supervision of the District Magistrate.

Second, the Government wants to facilitate the public to seek access to cylinders without any hassle. The involvement of the Government administrative machinery can also keep a check over the possible happenings of black marketing.

Hence, the office of the Divisional Commissioner, Covid Data Management Cell, Revenue Department, Govt. of NCT of Delhi does put forth the following order. The important features are slated here.

The entire system of booking Oxygen cylinders goes online from 06.05.21. The persons/individuals who are under home isolation will have to book for oxygen cylinders at

While requesting a free oxygen cylinder, an applicant should produce all valid proof of the Covid 19 patient’s survival. The first set of documents that are to be uploaded shall be a valid photo, ID, Aadhar Card details.

The second set of documents do refer to the CT Scan report if available or the Covid Positive report. There are other contenders in the race to book the Oxygen cylinders. They are Non-Covid Hospitals, Ambulances, and SOS cylinders of COVID hospitals running on LMO.

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Delhi Government acts Promptly, Alerts DMs to Keep a check on Free Oxygen Cylinder Distribution:

  • The Government entrusts duties to the DMs, as they will have to coordinate the activities. It is between Oxygen seekers, oxygen refilling stations, and dealers/depots. He must ensure that the distribution of lump sum oxygen cylinders is properly distributed. It must be judiciously and equitably between all the contenders as mentioned above. Before giving the pass, the DM must also ensure that there are filled-in oxygen cylinders. And they have made it available as per the issued pass.
  • The incoming applications are thoroughly scrutinized by adequate officials to avoid long-lasting delays. After scrutinization, the worthy individuals/persons will be provided with emergency passes. The DM issues emergency passes Depending on the Patient’s urgency.
  • The DM signifies the dealers/ depots to make distribution of cylinders to individuals. The Cylinder should be issued to individuals and in no case redirect to the refilling centers.  
  • The DMs should also track whether the dealers/depots are getting refilled oxygen cylinders from their designated ones or not.
  • Restrictions are imposed on the Dealers/ depots while performing their duties towards the distribution of oxygen cylinders. To mention it, the dealers/depots should report the availability of stock to the DM. Only then, a pass with details of the individual/persons shall be issued to deliver the oxygen cylinder.

With such stringent actions taken by the Government of Delhi is putting its best efforts to avoid black marketing of Oxygen cylinders.

Citizens of Delhi can seek Free oxygen cylinders at their doorstep and that too free of cost. The patients need not bother about oxygen anymore. All it is required is to open the official portal for submission. Fill in the details and submit a form for free Oxygen Cylinders.

Submit Application Online for Delhi Free Oxygen Cylinders:

1st Step: Open the browser and insert the official website address,

2nd Step: Once the Delhi Oxygen Home page gets loaded, the online application form page is displayed.

3rd Step: An applicant needs to fill in the information in the columns, such as Name of the applicant, address, Aadhaar Card Number, Mobile Number, Email address, etc.,

4th Step: An applicant will have to upload the documents that refer to COVID positive report, CT scan report, ID Card, etc.

5th Step: Once the details are filled in, you need to click on the submit form

6th Step: After submission of the form, the page will show a reference number.

7th Step: Make a note of the reference for future use.

Check the Status of Free Oxygen Cylinder Online Here!

1st Step: To track the Oxygen Cylinder booking Status online, Open the browser, and insert the official portal,

2nd Step: Once the Status page gets loaded, you need to enter the reference number provided at the time of submission of the application.

3rd Step: An applicant can find the status of the booking.

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