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Delhi Free ration

Delhi Free Ration: Kejriwal Announces Support in ‘Kind and Cash’ for ration card holders, Auto Rickshaw & Taxi Drivers. Covid 19 Surges as Lockdown and Support for the Poor Extended. Delhi reports the highest Covid 19 infected cases, 18,043 alone, and 448 on May 3, 2021.

It claims to be the single-highest death toll in Delhi since it first occurred in 2020.  And, as the Covid 19 cases keep on raising, measures to curb the spread of Covid 19 were initiated.

The Delhi State Government has taken stringent measures such as lockdowns, Night curfews and etc to control the spread of coronavirus across Delhi. But everything went by in vain when the second wave arrived it changed the situation completely.

The sudden rise of the pandemic during the second wave causes severe strain on the Delhi Administration. The Virus began to mutate and the patients began to show varied symptoms. Now, the main source to survive lives in the second wave becomes Oxygen, and lack of supplies causes more and more deaths in Delhi alone. The shortage of Oxygen forces the Nation to seek support from Nations outside India.

As many as 40 nations provide support by sending emergency medical support and oxygen. India began to import oxygen cylinders, oxygen concentrators, etc from and across the globe. Many Voluntary organizations, the Red Cross Society of India, etc., render support in this movement to pull out the nation from deep covid crises. In such nerve-racking situations, what are the fate of white card holders, autorickshaws, and taxi drivers in Delhi?

Delhi Free Ration for 2 months Apply Rs.5000 Financial Aid Auto, Taxi Drivers Online 

Delhi Government Repeats the Support to Ration Card Holders, Autorickshaw, Taxi Drivers:

The Government of Delhi provides yet again free ration to the ration cardholders. Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal Garu has taken a decision to give monetary aid of five thousand rupees each to all the registered Auto Rickshaw and taxi drivers. The announcement is a repeat of two key measures that were taken by the Government of Delhi during the first pandemic Covid 19 breakdown.

The Government of Delhi releases an emergency free ration scheme for the next two months to all the white and Pink ration cardholders. The Delhi Free Ration, as well as the Financial aid scheme, will benefit around eight million ration cardholders and the financial assistance of Rs.5000 (five thousand rupees) per head shall come to the immediate needs of 156000 auto-rickshaw and taxi drivers.

Kejriwal Views on his support for Poor Sections:

The current decision to support the two sections, ration card holders, auto-rickshaw drivers, and taxi drivers resurfaced because of the lockdown reimplemented in Delhi. “Any Lockdown will create financial crises for people, and the poor get victimized. Particularly, the poor communities, daily wage workers get hit hard, and hence it becomes difficult for them to run their homes,” said Arvind Kejriwal,

Financial Support for Next Two months doesn’t mean lockdown till then:

Arvind Kejriwal Garu further added these two major decisions will provide ration to seventy-two lakh ration card holders of Delhi for the next two months to help the poor wade through their financial crises. Delhi CM also said, Helping the BPL and poor people for the next two months doesn’t mean that the lockdown will be extended for the next 2 months. Depending on the situation, with a decline in the disease rate of Coronavirus, the shutdown shall be lifted.

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Lockdown Depletes Auto Rickshaw and Taxi Drivers Earnings:

Kejriwal’s second decision is to support all the registered auto-rickshaw and taxi drivers of Delhi City by providing them a monetary aid of INR 5000.00 each. He further added Auto Rickshaws and taxi drivers do face tough times, as most of them are in the daily wage ambit. And, the lockdown has depleted their earnings completely. ‘Today, we are extending the same financial support to all the Autorickshaw & taxi drivers to help them during the financial adversity,’ he said.

Why Kejriwal Wants to Repeat Financial Support for the Poor?

With the unforeseen surge in Covid Cases, and the numbers of Covid Cases at the 20,000 mark has compelled the Government of Delhi to declare lockdown since April 20, 2021.

The lockdown was implemented with a view to bolster the City’s health care infrastructure and severely affected with infections requiring hospitalization. It is observed that even after the lockdown, there has been a significant rise in the patients in need of hospital beds, medical oxygen, and larger spaces for funeral homes than usual. The current situation has hardened the lives of the residents of Delhi.

Kejriwal Extends Financial Support to Construction Workers:

Looking into the pathetic condition of construction workers, the Delhi Government releases a scheme that provides Ex-gratia of INR 5000.00 as financial aid to support construction workers. The aid is permissible only to the ones who register with the Delhi building and construction workers welfare board (DBOCWW).

AAP Party Leader Urges All Parties to Stand United to Support a Cause:

Delhi CM Kejriwal Garu said, in grief, “We are undergoing a very difficult time and the 2nd wave Coronavirus in the country has been extremely dangerous. Aravind Kejriwal in his speech urges everyone to get together and help each other cutting across the party lines, be it be BJP, Congress, or the Aam Aadmi Party. He appealed to everyone that it is the first time in politics that everyone should work together.

Note: Delhi Govt transport official website is All eligible Beneficiaries can apply for the Free Ration as well as Auto, taxi Drivers’ financial aid of Rs.5000/- through this portal.

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