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DTA Telangana 2021

DTA Telangana: Digitalisation has entered the Central /State Government offices and has almost changed the complete scenario. It creates complete transparency between the office and stakeholders. They can be internal public, like employees, or external public like contractors, suppliers, etc.

Telangana Government like other State Governments have begun to digitize government offices in a phase-by-phase manner. In which, HR financial services have shaped to form better networking in delivering the best services to their employees.

DTA Telangana 2023 Online Employee Payslips Download Details:

District Treasury Offices – Fulcrum to Employee Services:

The entire Financial System in Telangana is online and the disbursement of employee salaries goes through an online process only. The employees’ salary payslips are sent by the DDOs of respective departments to the Sub Treasury Office/ District Treasury Office. The treasury office validates the employees’ salary details and then disbursed to their bank accounts thereafter.

However, with the increasing complexity in the functionalities in the HR Finance Services of Telangana, the Treasury office became a pivotal point. A fulcrum that disburses employees’ funds to their respective banks. As a result, government employees can make a note of their finances by the click of a button without wasting time at treasuries.

DTA portal Serves Teachers & Government Employees:

The Telangana State government employees, who are serving do run in thousands. The main beneficiaries of the DTA are teachers and govt employees of TS. Employees can make a regular check of their salary details online at this portal. Keeping in mind the cybersecurity issues, the employee must access login credentials.

Those logins are confined to individual employees and should not be shared with others. However, to seek the benefits, it is obligatory to take the user’s name and password from DDOs. The online provision to employees enables them to avoid regular visits to treasury offices. The payslips can be downloaded and they do serve several purposes, like loans, credit cards, etc.


1. To enable the employees in getting e payslips from remote access. The employee may belong to any office and away from the DTA in the State.

2. Employees can make an instant download of their salary slips, receipts, and bills from anywhere and make payment for remotest.

3. The stationary expenses can be drastically reduced and less paper consumption will lead to a greener environment.

4. The information that is stored on the website shall be completely safe and secure on the website.

Benefits of TS Treasury Portal:

1. Easy downloads of bills and slips of the treasury by sitting at the remotest places.

2. Employees can save time and money by remote access.

3. Pensioners and aged employees shall benefit from it, they need not visit the treasury department.

4. The DTA website provides details of employees such as deductions, scholarships, loans, advances, and employee operations.

5. The digitalization of the financial department has further made it an entry to other government departments.

6. Employees can make download the payslip and keep the hardcopy pdf for future reference.

7. Employees can download forms from the DTA portal. The forms can be any format in regard to financial matters, like, form 16, Certificates of family pension, Aarogyasri display, challans, online grievance redress system for state government employees relating to GPF and Pensions.

8.   On the portal, click the ‘contact us’ tab and a screen will display complete details to make contact with the DTA portal.   

The Process to get the Employee Payslips online:

1st Step: Visit the official website of DTA Telangana i.e. http://treasury.telangana.gov.in/.

2nd Step: On the home screen of Treasury & accounts, employees must go through the “Employee operations” section and view the page on the fresh tab.

DTA Telangana employee Operations

3rd Step: Once you hit on the Employee Operations, you will get the 8 options on the screen. Now, Employees must click on the Employee Payslip link as shown below.

hit on the employee Payslips on the DTA Telangana page

4th Step: Out of the two options made available, you need to select the Employee code and get the month-wise Payslips online by entering the employee code and Captcha code.

enter employee code

5th Step: Employees can make sure to download it and keep a hard copy of it for future use.

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Login to DTA Telangana Website:

1st Step: Employees can open the official website http://treasury.telangana.gov.in/

2nd Step: On the menu bar click the “login.”Option.

click on the DTA Telangana Login Option

3rd Step: Once you hit on the Login button, there are 5 logins that will display on the screen.

There are,

  • HRMS Logins
  • Impact 2021
  • AG’s Login
  • TSGPLI ogin
  • FPT Login
check logins on screen

4th Step: Employee can choose their wising login Option from the above 5 Options and log in to the page by entering the User Name, and Password.

DDOs Claims Login (HRMS Login):

1. To log in to the DDO Claims, Users must through the TS DTA portal and click on the Login Option.

2. Select the HRMS Login.

HRMS Login

3. Next, employees must enter the DDO code, password issued by the DDO dept, and then click the submit button.

DDO Claims Login

3. It will lead to a login page and further respective benefits can be obtained.

The Process to check the Pensioners Information via the DTA portal:

1. Visit the TS DTA Portal.

2. In the middle of the DTA Telangana web portal, the Pensioners must click on the ‘pensioners information’ option.

3. The option will redirect to different online services for pensioners.

4. On the pensioner’s service board, one can take online benefits that are offered by the portal. 

The Process to check the TS Treasury Bill Status Online:

1st Step: To know the status of the TS treasury bill status, employees must visit the Directorate of Treasuries and Accounts Telangana’s official site.

2nd Step: Once you enter the Home page of DTA Telangana, employees can go through the cyber treasury section and click on the TS Treasury bill Status on the Dropdown Menu.

treasury Bill Status

3rd Step: Next, employees can enter the Financial year, Dist Code, STOCode, Token ID and track the Treasury bill status.

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