e-labharthi Bihar Pension Payment List Status apps

e-labharthi Bihar Pension Payment List Status Apps

elabharthi Bihar Pension scheme is one of the topmost reputed public yojanas in Bihar. The state government of Bihar Honorable Cheif Minister Nithish Kumar Garu has initiated the e-labharthi Portal to implement the state govt schemes such as Indira Gandhi disability pension, SC/ ST/ OBC/ Minority Welfare departments schemes, Lakshmi Bai SSP and mukhymantri vridhjan pension, etc through this web portal.

e-labharthi Portal has launched by the state govt in the year 2009 to provide the complete scheme details, Payments list, and Scheme application status. elabharthi Bihar Portal’s main intention is to claim the State and Central govt scheme assistance. 

elabharthi Bihar Pension Payment List Status Download Apps 

List of Bihar govt Departments

The state govt of Bihar has different departments. Here we have given the department list and its services. Beneficiaries can check department-wise services and contact them online or offline.

  • Educational Department
  • Social Welfare Department
  • SC / ST/ BC/ OBC Welfare Department
  • Backward welfare department 
  • The most backward welfare department 
  • Minority Welfare Department

Educational Department: Mukhyamantri cycle yojana and Mukhyamantri poshak yojana schemes will be operated by the Educational Department.

SC / ST/ BC/ OBC Welfare Department: This department will operate the Student’ scholarships and their Scholarship Payments. 

Social Welfare Department: This Department will operate the technical part of the State and Central Computerized Finance system.

Note: The above-given departments will collect the data such as Mobile Number, Email ID, Bank account details, Voter ID Card details from the Computerized database of beneficiary bank account.

List of Schemes Implement by Bihar state govt through e-labharthi:

  • Vidhwa Pension Scheme
  • Vikalangta Pension
  • Vridhavastha Pension

Vidhwa Pension:

Vidhwa Pension Scheme has divided into two different parts. They are Indira Gandhi’s disability pension and Lakshmi Bai Social Security Pension. Both schemes were implemented by State and Central govt. Both schemes will cover the widows aged 40 to 59 years. And the Beneficiary’s annual income should be less than Rs.60000.

Vikalangta Pension:

Bihar Disability Pension is a state govt scheme and the IGNDP Pension Yojana is the Central govt scheme which are included the vikalangta Pension scheme. In the year 2009, the Bihar state govt has introduced this scheme in its state. Under this scheme, the disability beneficiaries will get Rs.300/- per month.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Only the Physically handicapped beneficiaries will eligible for this scheme and he/ she should have a Certificate of a minimum of 40% of disability.
  • No age limit will be applicable to this scheme.
  • The Citizens should have the permanent address proof of Bihar issued by a state or central govt.

Vridhavastha Pension

Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension and Mukhyamantri Vridhjan Pension schemes are the parts of the Vridhavastha Pension scheme. In the year 1995, the IGNOAP scheme was launched in Bihar state under the national act of 2007.

In the same way, the Mukhyamantri Vridhjan Pension scheme was implemented in Bihar state in the year 2019. Both schemes will cover the age of sixty years or above.

An Overview:

Scheme Nameelabharthi Bihar Pension scheme
Name of the Portale-labharthi
Portal Initiated byBihar CM Nithish Kumar Garu
Portal Launched on2009-2010
e-labharthi sitewww.elabharthi.bih.nic.in
Post-Categotystate govt scheme
Name of the StateBihar

The List of Services available on this e-labharthi Portal:

Payment Report:

  1. PR1: Check Beneficiary Payment History
  2. PR2: Beneficiary Status list
  3. PR3: Check Beneficiary Status

Entry Report:

  1. ER1: Entry Status Scheme Wise
  2. ER2: PFMS Sent Beneficiary Report
  3. ER3: Digital Sign Report
  4. ER4: Check Beneficiary Exit or not
  5. ER5: Beneficiary list District/ Block/ Panchayat wise
  6. ER6: Verified Aadhar report
  7. ER7: Aadhar Jeevan Praman Authenticated/ Unauthenticated Beneficiaries list
  8. ER8: Jeevan Praman List
  9. ER9: Pending Jeevan Praman list


  1. D1: Mobile App
  2. D2: Entry Data Formate
  3. D3: Total Beneficiary Chart

The Process to check Beneficiary Payment History:

1st Step: To know the beneficiary payment history of e-labharthi Bihar Pension must head over the link i.e. http://elabharthi.bih.nic.in/ or

elabharthi Bihar Pension home page

2nd step: And tap on the link of the Payment Report option which is located on the header of the page.

3rd Step: Then, Click on the “Check Beneficiary payment History.” link and open up it on the fresh tab.

Check Payment Report option of e-labharthi Bihar Pension

4th Step: Next, select options such as District, Block, Beneficiary ID, and hit on the Search button.

Enter district and other details here

5th Step: Finally, the beneficiaries will get the payment history of e-labharthi Bihar Pension on screen.

The Process to Check Beneficiary Status List:

1st Step: To know the status of the beneficiary Status list must head over the direct link i.e. http://elabharthi.bih.nic.in/

2nd Step: And hit on the link of “e-Labharthi Link 1 (For Block, District, Department Login)”.

e-Labharthi Link 1 (For Block, District, Department Login)".

3rd Step: Next, tap the Payment report section and click on the beneficiary Status list.

Check Beneficiary Status List

4th step: Then, Select the district Name, Block, Panchayat, Scheme name, and hit on the Search option. The Beneficiaries status list of e-labharthi Bihar Pension scheme will be shown on screen.

Select options to know beneficiary status

How to check beneficiary Status through e-labharthi?

1. To track the beneficiary status of e-labharthi Bihar pension must visit the site of e-labharthi portal i.e. or http://elabharthi.bih.nic.in/.

2. Check the link of the Payment report and then select the Check Beneficiary Status option and view it on the fresh browser.

Hit on the link of Check beneficiary status

3. Then, select the options such as District, Block, Beneficiary ID, and hit on the search button.

Select options and hit on search button to track the e-labharthi Bihar Pension status

4. Now, check the beneficiary status of e-labharthi Bihar State Pension scheme.

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