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GeM Portal Login

GeM Portal Login: The fundamental objective of GeM is to create saving for the government. In the public procurement process, the government usually incurs huge expenditures in transactions and administrative costs. The public procurement in India is very high and GeM will be about a significant saving of precious public resources.

By making use of the digital user-friendly portal,  it becomes convenient for procuring goods by the government. In the process, the total transaction is paperless, contactless, and cashless.

On 9th August 2016, the Commerce & Industry Minister Arun Jaitley Garu has launched the Govt of the Gem. After launching the Gem Online Web portal, around seven thousand four Hundred goods transactions in more than 150 categories are in progress. The finance records say that the transactions of more than INR 140 crores on GeM.

By July 2018, GeM has achieved good progress, it has 20,000 + government organizations registered as buyers. If one looks into the seller’s list, they have crossed 1,20,000 across all states of India. Another most important move made by the GeM portal is, it has collaborated with the Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises. All of it to accelerate the presence of MSMEs operations on the platform.

GeM Portal Login Buyer/ Seller Registration Details:

To provide data authentication to the buyers and sellers, the GeM has signed up with multiple key entities such as UIDAI and MCA 21. These entities do simplify the processes of registration, procurement, transaction, contracting, and payments. In fact, to signify the level of achievement, GeM has been Internationally acclaimed. The GeM got awarded with the South Asia Procurement Innovation Award of the World Bank in 2016.

Important Features:

1. The Govt of the e-Marketplace website is an open digital platform with no manual hindrances. The entire operation is transparent, say, payment, registration, etc.

2. The technology-embedded services provide the sale of goods in a marketplace quite efficiently.

3. GeM is extremely safe and engages security at all junctions. The suppliers are verified over the e-documentation process.

4. GeM rises with a motive to initiate the ‘Make in India’ projects, mainly it encourages small scale industries.

5. GeM methodologies have enabled certain items to be procured at 50 percent that leads to huge savings. In times to come, GeM is expected to be the NPP Portal for goods and services.

Facilities Available:

GeM portal provides several facilities for its users and they are as follows.

  • The products are indexed category-wise to enable easy selection by the buyers/sellers.
  • Buyers can make a comparison of the prices of the goods before their purchase.
  • The process of buying and selling items is a single-window system. The marketplace consists of common user items.
  • For businesses that engage in bulk buying this marketplace is the right place and available at low value.
  • Users on the GeM portal can view/ rate the vendor’s feedback/ performance.
  • The portal holds a ‘return policy’ of items.

Benefits For Buyers:

  • The portal provides buyers a chance to choose products from several categories.
  • Buyers have a wide choice of selecting and comparing the products they have bought.
  • The online transactions of products and services ensure great ease to buyers.   
  • The portal extends a provision of rating the vendors for its users.

Benefits For Seller:

  • GeM enables the sellers to have a direct connection with their buyers (government).
  • A seller can market their products with little effort.
  • A seller can bid and reverse an auction online with ease.
  • Sellers are allowed to make changes in the products/services prices to market prices.
  • Sellers can benefit from selling products/ products because the purchase procedure is uniform and consistent on GeM.

GeM Introduces Purchase Requisition Process:

GeM introduces a new process of purchase requisition for Buyers to purchase from sellers through the GeM marketplace. The basic objective of this process is to control the unexpected hike in the seller/service prices. Instead, a buyer can opt for a better price than the offered ones by seller/service providers in the market. The GeM makes it possible for a buyer when a purchase requisition process is initiated.    

In a purchase requisition process, the sellers/service providers can offer a price that is conducive to the buyer’s need. The price quoted by the sellers/service could arrive at a price that could be less than expected by a buyer. The prices can be discounted based on the convenience of consignee/delivery or quantity or product, etc.

Buyers Option:

  • A Buyer is free to create a purchase requisition for L1 purchase where compare and buy between INR 25000.00 and INR 500000.00 is initiated.  
  • The select parameters for product/service will become boundary condition values for sellers/service providers. Depending on the ability, the providers will participate accordingly for the given purchase price, here (INR 25000.00 to INR 500000.00).


  • After a buyer makes a requisition submission, the sellers/service providers can submit offers in a span of 48 hours.
  • The price offered will be locked for the next 10 days for buyers to create an order.
  • The waiting period to create an order by the buyers is for the next 10 days. The price offers are locked until then.
  • The offers that are submitted by the sellers/service providers can be viewed only after 48 hours by the buyer.
  • A Buyer will have to proceed with L1 in the purchase requisition. And, the buyer can make a selection out of multiple L1, and any L1 can be selected as per choice.
  • In case there are no offers for Purchase Requisition then the buyer will have to choose to buy the carted L1 item.

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Complaint / Grievance / Help with GeM:

A buyer or seller can seek the support of GeM when they confront technical or registration issues. The help option is present at the footer of the portal. The Buyers or sellers should tap the Help option and will find solutions to technical solutions about the portal.

A buyer may have issues with a vendor or service then by operating the feedback option the issues can be resolved. The feedback option is available on the footer segment of the portal. By clicking the feedback option, a buyer can fill in the name, email address, and feedback. The buyer will have to operate the Captcha code or verification code and hit on the submit Option,

A buyer or seller can contact the GeM officials directly over the phone. The User can call the toll-free number 1800-419-3436 and get support from the Officials.

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GeM Portal Login process:

In order to begin using the facilities of the gem portal, users should log in to the GeM Portal Login page using the current credentials. The following important steps are listed below.

1st Step: First, users must visit the gem official website

2nd step: on the home page of the government e-workplace portal, users should search for the login option on which they have to hit.

GeM Portal Login

3rd step: Once tapping the login option, the login form will appear on the new tab as shown below.

Login page of GeM Portal Login

4th step: Now, users should fill in the details like user name, password, and log in to the gem page by clicking the submit button.

Buyer registration process:

To complete the buyer Registration, the primary users should belong to the preferred Emil id, an active mobile number that is linked to aadhar number for the One-time password purpose, and the Aadhar number. If you have all above following details, you can register the buyer Registration by following the steps listed below.

1st step: visit the gem main web portal.

2nd step: on the right corner of the GEM portal, buyers should tap the signup option and click on the buyer link.


3rd Step: The buyers should read the complete guidance, parameters and click on the “review terms and conditions” option.

Click on review

4th step: The page will redirect to the Adhar Verification page. Here, the Buyers should enter the Aadhar Number, valid Mobile number, and click on the Verify Aadhar Option.

Aadhar Vetification

5th Step: In the next stage, the Buyers will receive the six digits OTP to the Aadhar linked phone Number. The Buyers should enter the OTP and complete the Buyers registration.

Sellers Registration via Gem Portal:

1st Step: Sellers who want to do register themselves through the GeM Portal should visit the GeM Official website.

2nd Step: Tap the Sign Up Option and click on the Seller Button.

Click on Sellers

3rd Step: Read the Instructions on the Create your organization seller Account Page and click on the “Review Terms & Conditions” option.

Click on review of sellers

4th Step: The Sellers should select the Business / Organisation Type, Business / Organisation Name, and click on the Next button.

click on the next

5th Step: In this stage, the sellers should complete the Personal Verification using the Aadhar Number or PAN Card Number and complete the Seller registration by hitting the Verify Pan or Verify Aadhar.

verify pan

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