HRMS Odisha Login 2022 Payslips / Salary Slips, Leave Application

HRMS Odisha Login

HRMS Odisha Paycheck 2021 is a State of Odisha web portal that is managed by Odisha’s authorities. The payroll system is associated with the finance division and the paycheck management of workers is taken care of by the Human Assets Administration system. The entire operation of paycheck support is online and a government worker can seek access to the official website

HRMS Odisha Payslips 2022 Login, Leave application Salary Slips Download

Odisha Government Serves Human Assets (Workers):

The Odisha Government has made the work of the worker far simpler than ever. The paycheck is the most important component of the workers’ monthly effort put in form of wages by the government. The Odisha Government considers workers as human assets to the organization and adapts to ease of doing things.

By providing comfort to workers in obtaining their paycheck online, it saves time and energy. The online approach does bring about complete transparency in financial matters. Workers can file in a query for the doubts or mistakes if found in the paycheck. They need not run about the DDO office until or unless the problem needs personal interaction.  

Worker Paycheck Displays Income/ Deduction:

A Worker, who is working in any of the Government authorities, can enter the web portal by making simple logins and update their financial status through their paychecks. From the worker’s bay, the web portal can be opened and view wage particulars.

The finance department provides income, deductions, taxes, Leave Travel Allowance, LTA, medical bills. A worker may have taken loans such as personal loans, home loans, CPF loans, etc. The paycheck consists of every important aspect of spending.

Paycheck – Proof of Employment (Workers):

The Odisha salary slip stands as proof of employment. Whenever a worker applies for a personal loan or home loan, the financial institutions lay a condition. The worker, who is applying for the loan, will have to produce a paycheck of three months. An immediate download or print from the web portal enables quick service from the financial institutions.

Workers Details: Corrected at DDO office (Finance Division):

If discrepancies are observed in the worker’s data, could be personal or official details they can be rectified. Workers will have to approach their DDO officers or any other assigned authority of the Division of Finance to furnish correct data.

The Process to get the HRMS Odisha Payslips 2021 Online:

1st Step: First, employees should open the official web page of the Human Resource management system i.e., or enter to mobile app i.e.

2nd Step: On the Home page of Odisha HRMS, an employee should click on the “Personal Login/ HRMS Login” button.

home page

3rd Step: A new page that contains the HRMS Logins will open on the screen. Here, you need to enter the User name, Password and click on the login button.

Login page

4thStep: Once it is verified, An employee will get redirected to the Odisha worker-dwelling web page.

5th Step: A Worker should enter the Identity and seek confirmation. After that, you need to click on ‘My Profile and then on ‘Paycheck.’

6th Step: A worker must choose month and year and click for the paycheck. Then, on the next web page, the Odisha worker payslip will get loaded on the screen. 

7th Step: After obtaining it on the web page, a worker can make use of the available choice, that is, take a printout for further reference.

8th Step: A Worker can seek any month’s paycheck/ Payslip and obtain the paycheck printout. On the Paycheck page, one needs to select the desired month and year. After which, a direct printout or download can be obtained.

9th Step: Paycheck Can Be Viewed or Downloaded, or Printout on the Mobile app also.

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Worker Can Access Payslips Easily via Mobile App:

By downloading the Odisha HRMS app on the mobile phone, a worker can insert the mobile app name on the Google Play Store Search button and click it for the relevant page to open. Once the web page is loaded, follow the procedure as mentioned above. Enter the login credentials, and get into the web page.

Likewise, get into the My Profile and then to Paycheck. On selecting the month and year thereafter on the web page the Odisha worker payslip is loaded in. A worker can take a download or print-out depending on their convenience.

HRMS app


The technological innovations and the payroll systems developed by the Odisha Government create a conducive atmosphere in times of Covid 19. The HR payroll system is an important asset to the workers.

A snap of the workers’ paycheck defines financial compliance and gives a broader idea of their spending. It enables a worker to make better planning of their assets at an early stage of their life.

List of Available Services on the Odisha HRMS Portal:

Employees and workers can access the services through the HRMS Odisha portal or mobile app.

  • Apply for Leave
  • Check profile
  • Pay Slip
  • Task List
  • PAR
  • Leave List
  • Contact
  • Appeal
  • Message
HRMS Odisha Dashboard

An Overview:

Department NameHuman Resource management system (HRMS)
Name of the ArticleHRMS Odisha Login
HRMS Portal link
app of HRMS link
HRMS LoginClick Here
Category of the ArticleState govt scheme
Benefits of the PortalView Payslips and apply for a Leave
Contact Number8763545188,
0674-2598310,10 am to 5 pm on working days
Email: [email protected]

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