Ayushman Bharat AB HWC Portal Entry Login AB-HWC apps Download

AB HWC Portal Entry Login

HWC Portal Entry Login: Ayushman Bharat (AB) provides Comprehensive Primary Health Care that is free for below the poverty line people of the society. It focuses on wellness and delivery with an inclusive of additional services to the deserved communities.

The Major services of this program are comprised of preventive, promotive, and palliative care. In addition, Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PM-JAY) provides health insurance that will cover a population of 10 crore and vulnerable families who need attention to secondary and tertiary care. Under this Yojana, the Central Govt does provide a health insurance cover of five lakhs per family across Indian.

As a part of the promotional activities, the government is creating 1,50,000 health & Wellness Care Centres. HWC shall deliver an expanded range of services that include non-communicable diseases, palliative, rehabilitative care, oral care, eye care, ENT care, mental health, and provision of free essential drugs and diagnostic services.

Ayushman Bharat AB HWC Portal Entry Login AB-HWC apps Download

A projectile of Ayushman – HWC:

  • The Ayushman Projects will create Health and Wellness in primary care centers and schools.
  • Ayushman Bharat aims to create 2.2 million health and wellness ambassadors in 1.1 million public schools. The ambassadors shall be dealing with the prevention and promotion of diseases among the school children.
  • Each school will select two teachers (Health & Wellness Ambassadors), a male and the other woman. The ambassador is responsible for promoting healthy behavior and ways to prevent various diseases in the school itself.
  • As per the curriculum, the Health & Wellness Ambassadors will receive training.
  • First, health-related programs training is for the ambassadors’ then later the same is taught to the primary, middle, and high school levels. 
  • The programs customize to age-appropriate, skill-oriented theme-based sessions for school children. The Ambassadors will concentrate on the promotion of disease prevention information every week for one hour.
  • The sessions measure 20-hour programs with highly classroom-based interactivities. Every Tuesday, it will be considered Health and Wellness Day in the schools.

Promotion of Disease Prevention:

  • To improve the health practices in the country and spread health and wellness in our communities. In this process, students shall be the best health and wellness, messengers. The health and wellness day activities will make students, parents, and family’s niche new heights over a period. 
  • Health and wellness programs must implement field-level interactions and employ various types of tools and devices.
  • For interactions, the ambassadors can make use of posters, classrooms, assembly discussion, etc. Every week,  IEC/BCC forwards reinforcement of messages and themes to schools.  
  • The teachers who work as health and wellness ambassadors performance can develop good strength. For it, the school will have to enhance the teachers’ capacity by updating their know-how.
  • Moreover, DIET shall provide the infrastructure facilities to create buildings and mechanisms.

Public Health Systems Versus Private Sector:

  • It notices that patients do utilize OPD care rarely except for childbirth. In rural areas, only 11.5 percent of households and 4 percent in urban areas seek OPD care services of the Public Health Services. That means people who seek public health services for common ailments are only minimal of the total.
  • The National Health Mission observes Sample Survey estimates from 2004 to 2014. The households began to face an increase of 10 percent who did feel the pinch of heavy health care expenditure.
  • An outcome of the research proves that a higher contribution of health services is from the private sector. The ratio of health care services compared between out-patient and in-patient care is 75: 62 percent accordingly. 

RCH & Communicable Diseases: Paid Attention:

In the initial stage of NHM, the Central government has made the investment to strengthen the RCH services and cure diseases such as TB, HIV/ AIDS, and Vector-borne Diseases. 

Non-communicable diseases (NCD):

NHM states that NCDs like Cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, respiratory, cause sixty percent of total mortality. In order to reduce morbidity as well as mortality, the government of India has set up comprehensive primary health care across the country. To bring the expenditure to a nominal price. At the primary health care centers, the medical staff will administer a comprehensive check-up for non-communicable diseases. The check-up will include preventive, promotive, curative, rehabilitative, and palliative.

70 percent allotment to PHC:

The twelfth five-year plan identifies a Universal Health Coverage (UHC) key goal to improve primary health care services. The Indian expert Groups report on UHC says that a budgetary allocation to primary health care should be seventy percent. It is to serve the purpose of UHC. 

Ayushman Bharat AB HWC Portal Entry Login Process:

1s Step: First, beneficiaries must visit the AB HWC Official website i.e. https://ab-hwc.nhp.gov.in/.

2nd Step: Once you Open the AB HWC web Portal, beneficiaries should click on the Login button.

click on Login button

3rd Step: Next, you need to enter the login details such as user name and password in the appropriate boxes.

AP HWC Login page

2nd Step: Before clicking the logins, enter the security code that is available in the Captcha. And then, click the login button.

3rd Step: The beneficiary can enter the portal and get access to the desired information.

An Overview:

Scheme NameAyushman Bharat (AB) Health & Wellness Center (HWC)
Launched byThe central government of India
Portal NameHWC Portal 
Link https://ab-hwc.nhp.gov.in/
Category of the ArticleState government scheme

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