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iCloud Login: An Apple user may for some reason be unable to access the apple phone thus restricting the iCloud data connectivity. In such circumstances, the iCloud login can be put on an Android Phone and gain access to the data on iCloud with ease. An android phone user can access iCloud login and seek the features just the way an apple phone user does it. 

Important Condition to have iCloud login on Android Phones: In order to open iCloud login on an android phone, one must have a personal account of Apple ID.

iCloud Login Apple, Android ID Mail AU Portal Drive Details:

Features on Apple Phone:

1. It enables the user to gain access with various Apple services such as App Store, iCloud, Messages, the Apple Online Store.

2. In addition, it also includes information on the payments, security details when a user utilizes such Apple services.

3. The user’s Apple account gets access with iCloud on which the user contacts, photos, device backups are stored.

4. An user can share information with others through family sharing, iCloud photo sharing  For that, once clicked it opens in a new window.

iCloud Allows Android User….

1. The Android user can view, upload, download, and share photos from iCloud.

2. The photos can be grouped and further placed in albums and one has the option to hide and unhide the photos.

iCloud Web apps Short-cuts on Android Home-screen:

An Android user can gain a better native experience by placing the shortcuts to iCloud web apps on the Android home screen. However, here are the simple steps that one should follow to create it. 

  1. The user must open the chrome browser on the Android device.
  2. One must go to and register for an Apple account.
  3. The user must either create a new account or apply the existing Apple ID credential if one is already registered.
  4. The user should check the available web apps. A 3-dot menu button is on the top-right, one must tap the button.
  5. The user should select Add to Home Screen and type in the shortcut title and hit add. One must select ‘add automatically.’

Syncing iCloud with Android:

A user may have information in folders on iCloud and require it to be accessible to Android users. Here are the simple steps to get iCloud folders sync with Android in an effortless manner.

  1. The Android user must go to SyncGene and sign up.
  2. The user should locate the ‘Add Account’ tab and then select iCloud. And, make a sign-in of the iCloud account.
  3. The user must hit on ‘Add Account’ and log in to the Android account.
  4. The user must find the ‘Filters’ tab and then check for the folders one needs to sync.
  5. Once those folders are selected then the Android user must click the ‘Save’ and then ‘Sync all.’

Make iCloud Login to Access Folders from Android devices:

Here is how one can make iCloud login to access photos on Android devices such as laptops, desktops, and mobile smartphones.

Procedure 01:

  • The user must sign in to the iCloud from any device (mobile) browser and then one is instructed to tap photos.
  • The user must access iCloud email: One should open Gmail and tap the menu settings. Then, tap add account > other, then one should wilfully enter iCloud login information.

Procedure 02:

  • Another way to create access with iCloud photos is by creating iCloud Links. It is to share photos, videos, and albums.
  • The user must enter the account settings and process the formation of iCloud Links.

Procedure 03:

  • In another way, if the user has an iPhone, then one can download the google photos app for iOS and then thereafter sync the photos.

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Need iCloud Login to Access Calendar/Contacts:

To transfer data from iCloud to Android such as calendar/contact folders, it is mandatory to have an iCloud Login on iPhone, iPad, and computer.

1st step: The Apple phone user must sign in to the iCloud login account by using the Apple User Account before laying hands on iCloud Calendar/Contacts. For that, the user must open a web browser and insert, click on the search bar, then log in to the iCloud through Apple username and password.

Apple iCloud Login

2nd step: The iCloud web portal shall open its home page and one can find a display of icons reflecting mail, contacts, calendar, and other relevant apps.

3rd step: The Apple user must click on the Calendar icon. One can find on the left pane, a series of links, click on the share calendar button. It is made available next to the calendar that one wants to export. 

4th Step: On the computer screen, a window will pop up and the user must select a public calendar. Click on the copy link and then click on OK.

5th Step: The user must open a new browser or window and then paste the copied URL. The user must change the ‘worldwide web’ protocol to ‘Hypertext transfer protocol’ and press Enter button.

6th Step: Instantly, a File dialog box opens and it is to be saved. Hence, the user must save the folder of choice. 

7th Step: The user can rename the folder name by retaining the extension name, ICS, and once can open & log in to Google Calendar on the new page.

8th Step: One needs to click on the menu arrow available to the right of ‘other calendars’ located at the Google Calendar interface. Click on the Import calendar. 

9th Step: The user must select the exported calendar file & choose the destination Google Calendar in the same dialog box and hit on the import button to upload the file. Once the import process is complete, One can see the imported entries in the Google Calendar web interface that too on the Android Device.

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How to recover apple Login ID, Password?

1st Step: To recover the Apple ID or Password, Users can go to the iCloud portal and click on the Forgot Apple ID or password link.

Forgot apple ID

2nd Step: Users will get the iForgot apple page ie. Now, Users will have to enter the Apple ID and click on the continue option.

Enter apple ID

4th Step: Once you tap on the Continue link, Users will get the Verification page on the Home screen. Users should complete the verification process and click on the Continue option.

Select the Unlock account

5th Step: Successfully, the Apple ID or Password will be reset.

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