Indusviva Login 2022 IVed Direct Online Ayurveda Products Selling Platform

Indusviva Login

Indusviva Login is an online direct selling company that invites sellers to take their Ayurveda products global. The company is well established in 4 nations, namely, India, the USA, Bangladesh, and Rwanda. The basic intention of the company is to spread the wisdom of ancient Ayurveda products that are put through validation by modern science.

It promotes Ayurveda products as a polyherbal supplement. The Ayurveda products are very Natural supplements and make the human body free from chronic diseases and other diseases. In fact, the immune health supplement supports brain health, heart health, gut health, and liver health. The International company of Indusviva Inc is promoting premium products to revolutionize the wellness consciousness of the world. 

Indusviva Login 2022 IVed Direct Online Ayurveda Products Selling Platform

Easy Way to Purchase IVed Advanced Ayurveda:

1. IVed, advanced ayurveda, an immune health supplement that contains saraswatha churnam, bilwadi lehyam, parthadyarishtam, & pancha nimba churna. These IVed composite formulations are the 5000 years old lexicons of Ayurveda.

2. A buyer can make an online purchase for just INR 75.00 and the company’s payment gateway makes it simple for purchase.

3. The product can be bought by using debit/credit cards. However, say, IVed is truly a natural and holistic product that supports health and well-being. 

Easy Ways to Purchase i-Coffee a Revolutionary Product:

  • i-coffee is a revolutionary product from Indus viva that controls and regulates the human body’s blood sugar levels.
  • The coffee bean is sourced from Coorg in Karnataka and blends with botanical extracts such as salcital, coffee bean, and Mucuna.
  • i-coffee produces anti-stress and antioxidant benefits and with the botanical extracts in the supplement, the consumer shall still get all the authentic taste of Coffee aroma uncompromisingly.
  • A buyer can buy online for just INR 75.00 and the Instaviva payment gateway allows for a purchase.
  • i-coffee buyers can use their debit/credit cards online.

Direct Selling Platform for Ayurvedic Sellers:

The activities of instaviva don’t stop here. The company shares the platform with individuals who hold the portfolio of ayurvedic products in sales. The important hallmark of the platform is that any individual can begin their direct selling business on this platform and instaviva allows those to transform into a big company in due course.

  • Instaviva believes it to be one global team to make the impossible possible as the punch line goes on. A company that stood up by principles it laid, promises to keep and practice what it preaches.
  • The company is building on a principle of collective growth. Its moves are authentic about what is done, and what is cared for.
  • Offering long, healthy, and balanced life to individuals and it is done in combining the age-old ayurvedic practices and integrating them with the utmost respect to the present times in principle.
  • In practice, we do stay committed, maintain transparency and keep up with ethical practices. Pharmacology and Phyto-chemistry tests on the newly ayurvedic formulations are rigorously validated. Keeping in view the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, Instaviva derives the best products for use.

Ten Ways to Earn the Most: Indusviva Ayurvedic Products:

The major ways of earning through online direct marketing sales with Indusviva are as follows:

They are:

  • Retail profit
  • Top-retailers bonus
  • Business opening bonus
  • Quick start bonus
  • Dual team bonus
  • Rank maintenance bonus
  • Royalty
  • Elite business bonus
  • Ambassador’s pool bonus
  • Surprise reward program.

With so many ways to earn money in a respectable manner, the Indusviva program opens to the independent sellers and the distributor’s channels. Here is the simple method to register and log in to the web portal to seek financial gains.

Registration Indusviva 2021:

1. Visit the official website of Indusviva at and identify the option’ register as new distributor.’ The applicants must click on the option.

2. The applicant must fill in the details as mentioned in the dialog box and click the registration button to proceed.

3. Indusviva shall attend the applicant’s request for distributorship in just 2 days.

4. The company’s web portal shall dispatch the login credentials to the applicant’s registered email for further correspondence.

Indusviva Login 2021:

After receiving the login credentials from the Indusviva, the applicant can log in in the following manner.

1. Visit the web Portal of Indusviva i.e.

2. The registered applicants must identify the virtual office tab on the homepage and click on the Login link.

Click on login link

3. The applicants must type in the login credentials as per the procedure and then the applicant should tap the login button to complete the applicant’s profile.

login page

Reset Password of Indusviva Login:

In case the customer forgets the password and needs to reset the password, the web portal provides simple steps to reset it.

1. The customer must keep the login page open and then type in the User Id, password and re-type the password in the confirm password column, and click on the Send OTP.

2. The OTP will be delivered to the registered mobile number. Customers can type in the OTP in the web portal page, and complete the process of resetting the password.

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