HRMS JK EPM Portal Login, Registration 2023 Sandes App Employee Portal

JK EPM Portal Login

JK EPM Portal Login: The Government of Jammu & Kashmir goes digital to store & retrieve official information in regard to capture the monthly work performance of the employees and the officers of the government of Jammu and Kashmir. In the interactive process, the government responds to the employees’ issues quickly and the web portal becomes an able source to monitor several aspects of Human Resource Management (HRM).

The J & K government develops an official SANDES mobile app that enables stakeholders to operate on smartphones. Employees can make an easy download on the operating smartphone by taking the assistance of the Google Play Store. The process to operate the mobile app is simple and one can understand properly by playing the video clip as it contains the necessary instructions. For additional help, contact the helpline @ [email protected] 

HRMS JK EPM Portal Login, Registration 2023 Sandes App 

About Sandes App:

In fact, the National Information Center (NIC) that falls under the Ministry of Electronics and Technology, Govt. of India, develops an instant messaging platform. SANDES, a software app, is an open-source platform that runs on Android and Apple operating systems. 

An existing employee must register as a new user by using CPIS ID (user ID) and generate a password through an OTP sent to the registered mobile for validation. Further, the employee should enter the password and confirm it. 

Features of Sandes Mobile App:

The main feature of the sandes mobile app is a regular process of the monthly work performance of the employees & officers and then the appraisal of employees given by the reporting/ controlling officers. 

The portal becomes an easy mode of uploading the self-appraisal that saves time and energy of the employees and makes the submitted information to be easily manageable by the human resource department. 

The management can alert an employee on certain issues at an individual level. At the same time, the higher authorities can interact through Human Resources in publishing notices, circulars, etc. 

JK EPM Portal 2023 Official Details:

JK State Chief Secretary has launched a web portal known as EPM Portal. The database of all employees is uploaded at one place in servers as the result. The basic objective of evaluating the employee’s efficiency, every month can be executed effectively in an effortless manner.

The employees of the J&K must download the Sandes App with the aid of video and other tools. One shall have to register and log in to the app to utilize the services. The employees can avail the benefits of the web portal at

J&K Government Order Go Public:

1. The platform is designed and developed by the infrastructure and the entire process is managed and follows as per the formed rules and regulations.

2. The Principal Secretary to the government, Manoj Kumar Dwivedi, has addressed the objectivity of the new web portal. The web portal is a repository of employees’ ‘work assessment of every month.’ 

3. The employees must update their self-appraisal on or before the seventh of every month which is effective from March 2023. 

4. Similarly, the reviewing and controlling officers have to review the self-assessment of their immediate subordinates by the fifteenth of every month.   

5. Hence, the JK govt wants the employees working in various departments, organizations, and PSUs to upload self-assessments every month through the ‘EPM Portal.’ Therefore the portal is meant to capture the employee’s performance. 

Procedure to upload the self-assessment by employees:

1st step: The employee must log in to the web portal and enter the CPIS ID of the reporting officer. 

2nd Step: The employee must tap the ‘submit activity’ and fill in the form. In addition, the employee must select the month from the dropdown menu. Once, the entire formalities of the update are complete i.e, monthly performance report, MPR, the employee must click the ‘submit button.’ 

3rd step: In order to purview the submitted report one must check at view activities > view report / by selecting the month from the dropdown menu. 

4th Step: An employee can also take a printout of a hardcopy by utilizing the print option. 

5th Step: The submitted documents by the employee can be reviewed by the reporting officer through the ‘review subordinates’ to view the reporting office dashboard. 

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Status of the submitted Report by an Employee:

1. An employee can understand the status of the submitted report by the colour-coded cells to view/review subordinates.

2. If the colour code is red, then it means the report is not submitted by the subordinate. 

3. In case the report is submitted that means the report is submitted by the subordinate. 

4. In case the submitted report is reviewed it will grade blue-coded cells. 

Grading Reports of the employees: 

The employees as well as the reporting officer can view the grading reports and it is represented by colour code. 

Colour code scheme:

  • Green is excellent (>8)
  • Blue (between 7 & 8)
  • Orange (between 5 & 7). 
  • Likewise Red is below 5
  • Purple (report not graded)
  • Grey (report not received). 

Registration of Employee at

1st step: The employee must enter the web portal

2nd Step: On the homepage of the web portal, one must hover the register/ login module, and click on the Register/Login link. 

JK EPM Portal Login , registration page

3rd Step: The employee performance monitoring program page shall be on display. The employee must click on the new user? link, if one wants to seek registration. 

tap on New User option

4th step: A new sign-up dialog box pops up and one must enter the CPIS ID and click on the ‘get details’ button. 

Tap on Get details Option

5th Step: The employee must enter the registration page and click the submit button. And, the web portal shall direct login credentials to the registered mobile phone. 

Employee Login at

1. The employee must follow the first few steps as described above for registration. And, approach for the JK EPM Portal Login web page of the web portal. 

2. Once the employee opens the login page, one must enter the user name/CPIS ID, password, Captcha in the respective blanks and click on the login button. It will lead to the corresponding page. 

HRMS JK EPM Portal Login page

Sanders Mobile App Registration:

  1. After installing the Sanders app on the mobile, an employee must open the app. One can find a welcome message on the display screen and two options to log in.
  2. An employee can log in through a mobile phone or email address. 
  3. For instance, adopt login through a mobile phone. Then one must enter the phone number, OTP and then the employee shall receive the OTP on the registered mobile phone for validation. 
  4. An employee must fill in the application details and upload photographs. The employee must provide access to the location and synchronize the contact list.

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