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Latest Delhi Govt Schemes

Latest Delhi Govt Schemes: Delhi is the capital city of India. There are 4,898 Covid19 positive Cases filed by the Health Department of Delhi till now. And, It is the 3rd higher positive case in India. The First and Second Places were occupied by Maharastra and Gujarat states.

According to the Coronavirus Pandemic, the Delhi government has initiated more schemes from March month to May 3rd, 2020 to help the citizens of Delhi state during the period of lockdown. 

To give Financial support and food grains in this Pandemic situation to the daily labours, Migrant workers, Students, Small Scale business People, Below poverty line People and others, the state government of Delhi Horonarable CM Aravind Kejriwal Garu has introduced more than eight Schemes from March month to May month 2020. And he has Instructed to the higher Officials to monitor these schemes till the end of the lockdown.

Here we have provided the list of Schemes launched by the CM Delhi Kejriwal Garu and their Clear intention. Around 75% of the Delhi Citizens were benefited from the Latest Delhi Govt Schemes initiated during the time of lockdown. Most of the Citizens were satisfied with the Delhi ration e-coupon scheme. The detailed information about the Scheme wise benefits and list of the scheme are provided below.

Latest Delhi Govt Schemes Apply Online

According to the recent survey, almost 68% of the Pollution Problem has been solved by the Lockdown in Delhi state. So, it is good news for all the Delhi people. But, day to day the Covid19 cases are increasing in Delhi as well as other states also.

As per Lockdown 3.0, the central govt has given an exception for a few services like Wines, Formers, regular General stores, and other essential services in green and orange zones. And there is no relaxation that has been Permitted to the red zone and Cantonment zones.

List of Schemes and portals:

  1. Delhi Ration Card
  2. Auto Driver Corona Yojana
  3. Delhi Fights Corona New portal
  4. Delhi Ration Food Rs.2000 e-Coupons
  5. Janta Samwad Temporary Delhi Free Ration e-Coupon 
  6. Delhi Curfew COVID-19 e-Pass
  7. e-token for liquor purchase in Delhi
  8. Delhi Shelter board Migrant registration

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Delhi Ration Card:

The Delhi Ration card will act as an Identity proof of the applicants. It has issued by the Civil Supply Department of Delhi. This scheme was launched in the year 2014. This scheme’s main intention is to provide the ration, Food grains like Sugar, Wheat, and other commodities to the Below Poverty line people at the subsidy Price only.

So, the NFSA Delhi has introduced this scheme. Around 15 lakh ration cards were approved by the Civil dept and 20 lakh new applications are in pending status. The state govt will release a new ration card in July month 2020. 

For more details about the Delhi ration card please Go here.

Delhi Auto Driver Corona Yojana:

According to the covid19 Crisis, the Delhi govt has banned the government and Private transport Services in Delhi from Mach month onwards. So, the govt has decided to help the Auto, Taxi, and Cab Drivers.

And it has initiated the Delhi Auto/Cab/ Taxi Driver Corona Sahayata Scheme. This Yojana main Objective is to provide a one-time Compensation of Rs.5000 for all the eligible Drivers. 

To know more details about the Delhi Auto Driver Covid19 Yojana please go here.

Delhi Fights Corona New portal

To fight against Covid19 Pandemic, the govt has developed a new portal namely Delhi fights Corona. This portal will help the Citizens of Delhi to know the latest updates about the Covid19 and register their names for ration and e-pass services. The Delhi Fights Corona backend team will help the Citizens through WhatsApp and helpline numbers. 

To know complete details about the Delhi fights Corona new portal please go here.

Delhi Ration Rs.2000 Delhi E-coupon:

Delhi ration 2000 amount e-coupon has specially launched for non-PDS People. The 2000 worth of ration e-coupons were given to the MLA and MLCs in Delhi to distribute the Rs.2000 worth e-coupons to the non-ration cardholders. This scheme’s main intention is to help the migrant people who got stuck in Delhi state by providing the rs.2000 worth ration e-Coupon. 

The detailed information about the Rs.2000 e-coupon Delhi is given Here. Please go through this link and know the full details about this scheme.

Janta Samwad Temporary Delhi Free Ration e-Coupon 

Janta Samwad Temporary ration e-coupon scheme was initiated by the Delhi state govt in April 1st week 2020 to distribute the free ration kit and food grains. This scheme was specially launched for ration cardholders who were struggling for food grains during the lockdown period. The main objective is to supply the ration and other commodities free of cost in the lockdown time. This scheme will not work after the lockdown. 

To know more details about this scheme please go here.

Delhi Curfew COVID-19 e-Pass:

Delhi Curfew e-pass has designed by the IT department. This Covid19 e-pass has introduced by the Police Commissioner of Delhi to give permission for essential Services. As per the govt norms, no one will allow coming outside during the Curfew time. Only the essential Services are allowed in the Curfew period. So, the Delhi govt has initiated the Curfew e-pass for the Citizens of Delhi to go for emergency works.

For more details about the Latest Delhi Govt Schemes of Covid19 Delhi e-pass, please Go here. Migrant registration Scheme:

The Delhi Migrant Registration Scheme was initiated by the Delhi CM for the migrants who have stranded inside of Delhi and outside of the state. The Online registration process will be done through the Delhi Shelter board portal. So, Migrants can register themselves through this portal. 

To read out the complete information about the Delhi Shelter board Migrant registration Process please go here.

Delhi e-token for liquor purchase

e-token Liquor System was introduced by the state govt of Delhi to reduce the Crowd at the wine shops. This e-token system will work only during the lockdown period. Every one hour 50 e-tokens will be given by the state govt. This token system has started on 4th May 2020.

To know complete details about this scheme please Go here.

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