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lead teacher app download

LEAD Teacher app and best platform for the Child students. There are different sources in the Lead app to learn classes. This mobile application will help every child to attend online classes. A teacher can grow the teaching potential with India’s largest teaching network. Lead transforms the teachers to become international standard teachers. Lead exposes the enrolled teachers to top experts who provide gainful training to keep teachers ahead of others. The enrolled teachers can become professionally certified teachers.

LEAD Teacher App Login www.teacherapp.leadschool.in 

Become a super teacher by joining India’s largest network.

1. Lead makes it a point in transforming teachers into super teachers in their training process.

2. The teachers nurturing LEAD offer software online tools that act to be beneficial and one can access them in the Library column.

3. The teaching techniques ensure that the course helps teachers to improvise continually, perform better, and make significant growth in the teacher’s careers.

Engaging the Teacher Development Workshops:

1. To impart newer skills, LEAD academic managers conduct and encourage developmental programs in various workshops.

2. The workshops impart the right tools and information in regard to quality education. It benefits teachers who consider teaching as a part of their careers.

Observation and Feedback:

1. The continual training sessions with teachers can help them improve their personalities.

2. Classroom management and lesson delivery are essential elements in the teaching process. Lead’s academic excellence managers work in close association with teachers & provide them with rich feedback. 

Hosts Live Webinars and Interactive Sessions with other Teachers:

1. LEAD conducts regular training sessions that include live webinars.

2. Lead partners schools and undertakes the challenges to mold teachers as per the LEAD curriculum.  

3. As a part of the motivation, the enrolled teachers are made to realize the success stories of the teachers do with the course. 

Upgrade Your Teaching Methodologies:

1. The LEAD teacher app explains the utilization of subject-common resources and teachers are expected to adopt the Lead common resources to make their classes more engaging.

2. The teachers are enlightened with teaching tips, class plans, and delivery strategies for effective communication of classroom schedules.

LEAD Teacher App Login at leadschool.in

1st step: A teacher can make an easy log-in by following the steps. The Teachers should enter the official portal i.e. https://teacherapp.leadschool.in/.

2nd Step: On the lead Login page, the Teachers should enter the Registered mobile number, password.

LEAD Teacher App login

2nd Step: Tick the button that states the acceptance of terms and conditions and privacy policy and hit the login button. The Web portal shall direct to the teacher’s page on the portal.

Forgot Password:

1. A student may find it difficult to recall the password then one must click the Forgot password link made available on the login page to recover the secret code.

forgot password link

1. The LEAD portal shall redirect to a new webpage known to be Forgot Password page.

2. The teacher must enter the mobile number and click the submit button.

enter mobile number

3. The web portal shall send the OTP and on retyping the OTP and type in the new password the formalities of retaining the password for logging in is complete.

Lead Exciting offers to Schools:

Teachers can join Lead to upgrade their teaching skills and they can recommend to their schools to participate and enroll in the subscription of the lead advantage. LEAD offers excellent and exciting offers to the enrolling schools.

1. Teachers will have to reach out to the Lead portal i.e. https://leadschool.in/teachers/why-lead/become-an-excellent-teacher.

profile of the teacher

2. The teachers should click the role-play in the school and start to enter the details like First name, Middle, Last name, and mobile handset.

3. One must tick the box that speaks about the acceptance to receive the new information from LEAD and click the submit button.

4. The lead counselling team shall call back the mentioned contact number on the dialog box.

LEAD Different from Other Teachers Training Programs:

1. LEAD training programs for teachers are different from the traditional educational ecosystem. Almost 25 thousand teachers have joined our upskill programs and the graph is on a high scale year on year.

2. LEAD focuses to enhance the education quality and make students experience the best learning methods.

3. The LEAD designs and develops training methods for the teachers and makes them the focal point in delivering teaching techniques. Absolute attention to improvise teachers’ training is the hallmark activity that makes LEAD different from others.

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School Teachers Are Eligible to Become LEAD Network Members:

1. Across India, LEAD has partnered with 3000 schools spread around 400 cities.

2. To create a deeper impact on the teaching faculties, the LEAD expands its network by getting more schools under their fold.  

Lead School Helpdesk: Individuals, Parents, Teachers, and Schools can get in direct contact with LEAD by mailing at [email protected]. One can make a call @ 18001032863.

LEAD Teacher app download:

1. To Install the mobile application of LEAD Teacher, the teachers should go to the Google Play Store.

2. Once you get the lead Teacher app on the app, the users can hit the install Option and download the app.

lead appLEAD Teacher App

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