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NPTEL Swayam Login

NPTEL Swayam Login: NPTEL designs programs for students that help them to pursue higher education programmes. The knowledge obtained from these certified courses can support the students in their job environment. The courses are only online and their duration is for 4- weeks, 8-week, and 12-week.

The topics are in science, humanities that apply to the tools and technologies in the technical colleges. The learning process is online digital through web series or videos. Anybody can enroll to learn the courses and it attracts no fees. The candidates can attempt a proctored certification exam at a nominal cost and the certification is issued by one of the select IITs or Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore issues certificate when applicable.

NPTEL Swayam Login 2022 New Registration Details:

Statistics on Swayam Portal Performance:

Statistics in the open online courses from March 2014 to June 2021 is as follows:

The NPTEL has completed more than 2000 courses. The total number of candidates that have enrolled for the course is 1 crore plus. The total number of exam registrations are 11.8 lakh plus. An up-to-date statistic is available at

NPTEL Swayam online Courses Registration 2021:

The NPTEL portal provides programs and courses in digital format. The student can learn on the web series or videos in a self-paced process. Students can improve their knowledge by attending these teaching-learning programs. The Swayam portal allows students to register to use portal features efficiently. 

1st Step: Visit the official website of Swayam i.e. The web portal shall open the homepage.

2nd Step: The students must click on the Sign in/ Register Option and view it on the fresh tab.

click on Signin on the NPTEL Swayam Login page

3rd Step: If you are not registered on this portal can go through the sign-up option.

Click on Siginup on the NPTEL Swayam Login page

4th Step: The Registration form shall be on the display screen. The students must enter all the needful information like Username, login password, confirm Login password, and Email Address.

The registration form shall be on the display screen.

5th Step: Once you enter the details, Students should click on the Send verification code. Instantly the portal shall send one OTP to the registered email. The students must enter the OTP on the verification page and click on the ‘create button’ to register the account.

Enter Vetification Code

NPTEL Swayam Login Process:

1st Step: After Successful completion of the Registration Process on the Swayam Portal, students should come back to the home page and click on the Sign Option.

Click on Sigin Option

2nd Step: After getting the Login page on the Computer Screen, students will have to Feed the valid Username, password in the empty columns and Hit on the sign-in button.  

click On sigin

Courses Offered at NPTEL Swayam:

The courses offered by the NPTEL Swayam portal are the latest updated courses and they have industrial significance.

The courses such as:

  • Data Structuring
  • Engineering thermodynamics
  • Algorithms
  • Programming
  • Constitutional studies
  • Fundamentals of health research, etc.

Across the nation, all the six IITs and IISC select colleges as local chapters in different locations.

Each IIT will have the select colleges as local chapters in rural, and urban. A student can enter any local chapter and enroll in a chosen NPTEL course. The Swayam Portal is a collection of huge technical information, humanities, physical sciences. Many skilled teachers in the country generate content and videos to teach the students enrolled for the certificate courses.

Swayam Statistics:

Swayam is a digital learning and teaching platform. Six IIT colleges and All Institute of Sciences, IISC, have got together to train students across the Nation. The online digital video/web series are taught in which 2150 courses are in progress. The Swayam has 1300 instructors and 135 Indian universities and are participating actively. The most important feature is the credits it issues are valid for academic purposes across the country.

Swayam Exam Fees Payment Method:

Students can make fee payments via a local chapter in a location. The student must select the payment as ‘pay via SPOC of my college.’ The student must hand over the fees to the SPOC and if it rejects then SWAYAM will inform the student. The web portal shall confirm registration only when the student makes a direct payment.

NPTEL Assignments:

For every course, the SWAYAM engages eight assignments and one assignment will be posted by the NPTEL. The swayam course will provide final grading only when the best of 6 out of 8 assignment scores are evaluated.

The NPTEL assignment has pass marks and the marks obtained categorize certificates. A student scoring less than 40 percent (No Certificate), 40 percent to 59 percent (successful completion), 60 percent to 89 percent (Elite tag), greater than or equal to 90 percent Elite tag + gold medal.

National Coordinators

The NPTEL courses are best in quality content and it runs under the supervision of nine National Coordinators. The appointment depends on the nature of the course a student selects. For instance, AICTE is for self-paced and international courses.

NPTEL for technical courses, UGC for Non-technical PG courses. CEC is considered for undergraduate courses, NCERT, and NIOS for school students. IGNOU guides the students who are just school passed out, IIMB for the management studies, and NITTR for teacher training programs. 

An Overview:

Board NameSwayam Central
Post NameNPTEL Swayam Login
Swayam RegistrationClick Here
NPTEL Swayam LoginClick Here
Swayam Portal
List of Available CoursesCheck Here

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