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QBSS Quintessence business solutions and services are masters of medical billing, offshore billing, coding, AR follow-up services, and Revenue Cycle Management, RCM, technologies. Detailed information can be obtained at www.qbsshealth.com. Companies do require strong financial fundamentals to progress in their core businesses. Besides the company’s product business cycles, all companies need to have flexible yet stringent spending on the overall development of the companies.

Revenue generation and balanced financial operations alone can make companies gain more return on investment after laying down expenditures, and taxes for calculating net profits. Quintessence enhances the revenue of its clients by investing time, expertise, and deployment of the Revenue Cycle Management technologies.

Quintessence manages revenue cycle management of the company (Customer) in all aspects. It is from scheduling to account closure. The offshore operations company aligns with customers to obtain high reimbursements and accelerated cash flows. To achieve it, Quintessence twines with customers in the following areas such as staff, processes, customer PMS and quintessence technology. Quintessence manages the entire operations of the patient in the health care sector.

The entire administrative cum billing procedures and denial handling are taken care of by the quintessence software in a step-by-step manner. They are patient data management, coding, charges, payments, and receivables management.

QBSS entire administrative cum billing

QBSS Employee Portal Login Medical Billing Services

Patient data management: It includes scheduling the appointments, patient registration, capturing the healthcare coverage, and the patient’s eligibility verification.

Coding: The software conducts coding from medical records and EMR coding audit.

Charges: The software does begin with claims entry, edit, transmission, and rejection management.

Payments: The software takes care of the patient’s payments in ERA posting, credit balance management, and reconciliation.

Receivables Management: With the available statistics about patients’ details such as charges, and payments, the receivable management checks for denial handling, AR follow-up, low pay analysis, and Appeals.

Customers Show Matchless Loyalty for Reasons:

1. Quintessential invests cutting edge technologies and investments. Over a period, the company is able to mark the customer’s business goals on par with PMS investments.

2. The pricing of the services are totally dependent on the success-based model.

3. Quintessential maintains a partner approach, the company contracts are dealt to the needs of the customers’ contracts.

4. The company has non-compete behavior and it means the company is in no competition with the customers. Moreover, the company doesn’t operate directly in the customer’s markets.

Quintessence as Your RCM partner:

The company has ample skills that enable them to conduct operations successfully in RCM issues. Hence, customers are reluctant to change their RCM partners.

However, the Quintessence takes an intensive look in several aspects of RCM partners.

1. The company works meticulously with customers and drives them closer to achieve their business goals.

2. Sketch the plans for customers to have realistic outcomes of assurances.

3. Introduce risk and reward-based engagement for customers.

4. Keep the pricing for customers that is performance and one the reimbursement basis.

5. Company is able to partner with essential overheads to execute the billing solutions.

6. Create transition programs to take customers to next level goals and achieve the preset metrics.

7. The company provides technology-enabled, and cutting-edge advantages on pricing.

Pricing Model of Quintessence:

Pricing market

1. The pricing model is highly flexible and they are charged depending on the service’s quintessential renders. The company has opened up several models of work execution and the nature of payments it agrees upon. They are the percentage of collections, per hour, per FTE, per transaction, etc.

2. Here’s the pricing markers for charging the customers on the receivable services. They are service configuration, process lineup, timelines, Guarantees, SLAs, Technology, Volumes, and Workflow. 

3. Quinessence provides services to their staff, and customers staff. An employee becomes a pivotal point in the progress of the company. And, for better performance of the employees, the QBSS portal has designed a self-service page. It covers aspects of payslips and other relevant matters.

QBSS Employee’s Portal Login: 

1. The employee must visit the QBSS portal.

2. Tap on the Login option on the same Portal & Fulfill the username, Password and hit the login button. 

QBSS employee Portal login

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