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Rajasthan epass apply online

Rajasthan epass Online application Process as well as Tracking the Lockdown Curfew e-Pass Status will be done through the Rajasthan government portal i.e. www.epass.rajasthan.gov.in. The Rajasthan state govt has Extended the Lockdown time Period.

In vogue of the COVID 19 situation, Rajasthan Government has extended the Lockdown from May 17, 2021, to May 24, 2021. Several essential services were kept open for services and they have been allotted with an emergency pass.

Rajasthan epass Online Apply & Track e-Pass Status Details:

Lockdown Guidelines of Rajasthan State:

Rajasthan ePass, an emergency pass came into existence as a measure to understand the urgent need of the pass holder. The Government of Rajasthan releases the passes for those citizens who coming out of homes during lockdown is in need.

It may be to visit hospitals, the workplace, government offices, etc. Citizens may need to travel within the State, outside the State, important events and functions. Certain sectors like infrastructure will need workers to attend work hence they will have to travel with their identity cards.

The same applies to citizens working on essential commodities as well. Another sensitive area where e-pass comes to play is patients and pregnant women. There may be Covid 19 issues or other health-related issues.

Except with few exceptions, every citizen who moves out of home must have a designated pass. Without epass which the traveler on the roads will be booked and punished. Their vehicles will be seized and taken to task. In Rajasthan, the lockdown guidelines are very strict and are implemented sincerely without fail.

Rajasthan Portal & Mobile Apps Integrates Citizens, Government Machinery for Quick epass Processing:

In the time of lockdown, when citizens’ mobility is laid by constraints, acquiring epass is another difficult aspect. Thanks to the Rajasthan Portal, raised by the Government of Rajasthan. ‘

The functionality incorporated in the portal makes it easy to operate. The common man can enter the portal and fill in details and wait for the approval. The government machinery keeps on attending to the queries and depending on the urgency and need of the applicant it sanctions epass.

The Rajasthan Government in times of crisis makes use of technology to its best. Apart from the desktop and laptops, an applicant can even apply the request over a mobile application.

In the following passages, one can understand the process of applying a request. Here, there are two kinds of devices on which applications for requests can be forwarded.

Apply for Rajasthan ePass in 11- Simple Steps:

A citizen will need to create an account on the Rajasthan Portal. Once that is over, one can apply for the Rajasthan ePass.

1st Step: Open the browser and insert the Rajasthan govt web portal address i.e. https://sso.rajasthan.gov.in/signin, and click the search button. This step is incorporated when the citizen is already signed in to the portal, else, follow the steps mentioned below.  

2nd Step: Open the browser, and insert the epass govt web address i.e. https://epass.rajasthan.gov.in/login and click the search button. Once the raj epass web page gets loaded, applicants should hit on the option of Login via RajSSO.

Rajasthan epass login page

3rd Step: Once the Rajasthan Single Sign On-webpage gets loaded in, one will have an option to click on the Registration Option.

Rajasthan epass registration page

4th Step: The web page will display three options, Citizen, Udhyog, and Government employees.

Check the Option on the page

5th step: Depending on the nature of the job profile, a citizen who belongs to the option should be clicked and complete the Online registration.

6th Step: After completion of the RajSSO registration process, the applicant will have to enter the login page and make use of the login credentials so created in the https://sso.rajasthan.gov.in/signin.

7th Step: Once entered the webpage, an applicant will have to select the option of Rajasthan Lockdown ePass.

8th Step:

Here, applicants should fill up the Complete e-Pass Form with the Proper Credentials such as Name of the applicant, Mobile number, email ID, From Date, To Date, Purpose, Vehicle Number, Driving Licence number and etc.

9th Step: In the next step, the applicant will have to upload a photo and documents. In case of additional members opting for the e-Pass, then their details must be entered. Click the submit button.

10th Step: Once the process of submission is complete, the portal will notify the applicant by email. It will contain the application number and should be kept as a reference.

11th Step: Once the government agencies give approval to the applicant’s request, an email with e-Pass details is sent. The epass can be downloaded for future use.  

Note: Another way to book your request for epass is through Mobile Application.

Apply for Rajasthan epass over Mobile Apps:

1st step: Citizens who wish to apply for the Rajasthan Curfew epass via the mobile app should visit the Google play store and enter the “RajCop Citizen app” on the search button.

Rajcop Citizen app

2nd step: Next, applicants should click on the install button and download the RajCop Citizen app on their android devices.

3rs step: An applicant making use of apps can directly enter an SSO ID and password.

4th step: In case, an applicant does have an account then a new one to be created.

5th step: An applicant can log in with the newly created account and make a click on the lockdown pass.

6th step: An Applicant will have to tick the terms and click it for the Okay option.

7th step: After that, an applicant will have to select one option, either individual or Firm.

8th Step: Depending on what an applicant makes a tick, an application gets opened correspondingly.

9th Step: Fill in the application and upload a passport-size photograph, documents, and relevant documents such as Aadhar Card, Voter Card, and others.

10th Step: On clicking on the next button, a box will display and the applicant will have to click the ‘submit for Pass.

11th Step: An applicant has the provision of adding in more persons on the same epass. Before clicking for the ‘Submit for Pass button,’ click for ‘Add more person’ and after providing the details, click the ‘Submit Button.’ 

12th Step: An applicant will find the same kind of process as described above when it comes to the approval process from the portal. First, an application number is sent to the applicant’s email. Just after an epass request is submitted to the portal. Then after approval, the e-pass is sent to the applicant’s mail.

Track Rajasthan e-Pass Status Online:

After submission of the epass request at the portal, your reference application number will be on the status display. It can be found on the lockdown (Curfew) ePass List. In case the application is rejected, an applicant will get an email about the rejection. However, the Rajasthan Portal has made the work of the Government agencies and the Citizens much simpler than ever before.

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