Sevana Pension 2022 Search DBT Pension Status Beneficiaries List

Sevana Pension

Sevana Pension: State government of Kerala has launched five innovative Pension schemes for the Old aged, Unmarried, Widows and Disability people. Under the Sevana Pension scheme, all eligible beneficiaries will get month wise Pension amount to their bank accounts. Kerala government will credit the Pension amount directly to the eligible beneficiaries Bank accounts. No other third party persons will be involved to distribute the Pension money directly or indirectly. 

The main objective behind to launch the Sevana Pension scheme is provide the financial support for the Poor and below poverty line Old aged, Unmarried, Widows and Disability beneficiaries. Through this Programme, all eligible people will get a Pension amount from Rs.250 to Rs.1500 per month.

Sevana Pension 2022 Search DBT Pension status Beneficiaries List

The Social Welfare Pensionary Department of Kerala has started to give the Pensions from the year 2000 to all the eligible People. Initially, the pension amount has started from Rs.150. Now, Kerala Social Welfare is providing the Pension amount up to Rs.1500 per month. There are five different types of Pensions introduced by the Kerala state govt. The list of the Social Security Pension Standards are given below.

Kerala Pension Schemes List:

  • Agricultural worker’s pension Scheme
  • Indira Gandhi National old-age pension Programme
  • IGN disability pension scheme
  • Pension for unmarried women above 50 years of age
  • Indira Gandhi National widow pension scheme

Agricultural worker’s pension Scheme:

Agricultural worker’s pension Programme will be managed by the Labor Department of Kerala. Under the Agricultural worker’s pension scheme, all eligible workers will get fifteen hundred rupees pension amount per month from the state govt. On 1st April 2000, Labor Department of Kerala has given Rs.120 pension money for the poor Agricultural worker’s. 

Sevana Pension of Agricultural worker’s pension


1. Beneficiaries family annual income must not exceed one lakh.

2. Applicants should be a permanent citizen of Kerala for ten years and should be sixty (60) years Old age.

3. Applicant must not be an Income taxpayer.

4. Must be a member of Agricultural worker and mus be a Poor.

5. Recipients should not get any other pension amount either state govt or central govt.

6. Recipients should do their Agricultural at least 10 years.

7. The Salaried or government employees or retired employees should not allow applying for this scheme.

8. Only One applicant from a single Family will get scheme benefit. 

9. Recipients must not be a Beggar.

IGN old-age pension Programme:

The IGN old-age pension yojana will be managed by the Social Welfare Department of Kerala. Through this new scheme, all eligible Recipients will get up to Rs.1500 pension amount per month from the Kerala state govt. Indira Gandhi National old-age pension is divided into 2 parts one is 60 years Old age pension another one is above 75 years old age IGN Pension. If the applicants age should be above 75 years and also disabled 80% will get Rs.3000 per month under this programme. The clear details are given below table.

Sevana Pension of IGN old-age pension


1. To apply for this scheme, applicants age should be 60 year to 75 years.

2. Must be a permanent resident of Kerala and should be a Poor.

3. Applicants who are paying Tax every year will not allow applying for this scheme.

4. Annual Income of the Recipients family should not cross one lakh.

5. Recipients should not have the Properties.

6. Must not have the 4 wheeler.

7. Applicants should not get the Social Security pensions from any state or central governments.

8. Applicants should not be a Begger.

Indira Gandhi National (IGN) disability pension scheme:

The Department of Social Welfare, Kerala will manage the IGN Disability pension scheme every year. Under this Programme, all eligible beneficiaries like 80% or more Disability and Physically Challenged people will get up to Rs.3000 pension amount per month. IGN Disability Pension amount has initially started from Rs.110 to Rs.1500. Every year state govt has increased the pension amount. The clear details regarding the Social Security pension graph is given below.

Indira Gandhi National (IGN) disability pension scheme:


1. Only Physically / Mentally challenged & 80% more disabled people will allow registering for this scheme.

2. Beneficiaries must have the permanent residence proof issued by the Kerala govt.

3. Applicants family annual income should be less then One lakh and must be a poor.

4. No beggers will allow applying for this scheme.

5. State government and Central government employees and taxpayers should not apply for this scheme.

Pension for unmarried women above 50 years of age:

This is a Newly launched scheme and implemented by the Kerala state govt. Under this scheme, all eligible women beneficiaries will get up to Rs.1500 pension amount per month till their end of the life. Kerala govt has given Rs.1400 per month for the Unmarried women whose age cross 50 years. From the financial year 2021, the govt is going to give Rs.1500 pension amount per month.

unmarried women


1. Applicants age should be 50 years.

2. service pensioner/family pensioner will not allow applying for this scheme.

3. Must be a Citizen of Kerala and should be poor.

4. Should not the taxpayer.

5. Should be an Unmarried.

6. Annual income must not cross one lakh.

7. Should not be a Beggar.

8. Pensioner should not have above 2 acres of land in the name of the applicant or family.

9. Salaried and govt employee unmarried women will not eligible for this scheme.

Indira Gandhi National widow pension scheme:

The Social Welfare Department of the State Government will control the IGN Widow Pension scheme every month. Under this scheme, all widow women beneficiaries will get one thousand five hundred rupees per month from the financial year 2021. 



1. Widow Women family annual income must not cross one lakh.

2. Applicants should be a citizen of Kerala for ten years.

3. Must be Widow women.

4. Applicants should not be a remarried.

5. Should not be a Beggar and should be a poor widow woman.

6. Applicants should not pay the Tax.

7. Applicants should not have owned a four-wheeler vehicle.

An Overview:

Name of the SchemeSevana Pension
Introduced byThe state government of Kerala
Number of SchemesFive
Eligible BeneficiariesOld Aged, Widows, unmarried women and Disability Challenged people
Mode of ApplicationOnline and Offline
Post CategoryState government scheme

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How to apply for Sevana Pension scheme Online:

1st Step: Applicants who wish to apply for the Pension scheme should visit the official website i.e.

2nd Step: On the Sevana Pension home page, beneficiaries should tap the Download section and click on the Application Form link.

Home page

3rd Step: Then, Applicants should select the wishing Scheme and open the PDF File on the new page.

Select the Scheme

4th Step: Download the Pension Scheme application Form online and submit them to the respective government office by filling the complete form.

The Process check the DBT Records Online:

1. To track the Status of DBT Records through the Sevana Pension portal, applicants should go through the sevana pension website i.e.

2. Tap the Download Section and click on the DBT Records link.

Click on DBT Response

3. Select the Document Description and hit on the Click here button.

Check the DBT Sections

4. Then, Check the DBT Records Online.


How to track DBT Pension Status Online?

1. Go to the direct link i.e.

2. Select Pensioner ID or Aadhar Card or Account Number.

Select ID

3. Enter the Search information on the given Blank and Captcha number.

4. Click on the Search button and track the DBT Pension Status Online.

Click on Search button

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