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SJC ERP Login page

SJC ERP Login: St. Joseph’s College does everything that reflects radiation, goodness, and truth and endeavors to consistently impart quality in higher education. The college marches ahead to educate individuals, enable physical fitness, and imbibe intellectuality. The college functions on the ERP web portal and benefits its communities, such as administrators, students, faculty, and parents. More can be learned at about the incubator center that renders essential inputs to all communities.

SJC Student ERP Login 2023 St. Joseph’s College ERP Trichy Portal:


Churn individuals to become totally competent, highly committed and compassionate, and holistic in nature.


1. Improvise the inherent skills and competencies through a learning environment to create knowledge and service. 

2. Through teaching, learning, research, and extension the educational institution contributes significant value to higher education. 

Programme Educational Objectives (PEO):

1. The educational programme objectives enable the graduate to achieve global professional standards.

2. The graduates will be able to uphold the integrity and human values.

3. With the learning of pluralism and multiculturalism in the educational institution, their perspective to appreciate and promote these values in the working environment shall certainly scale up.

Incubator Centre’s: ERP Portal to Make Day-to-Day Operations Simpler & Easier:

1. The college has developed four portals, i.e., four channels to address all stakeholders and they are administrators, faculty, student, and parents. In fact, the portal is designed, developed, and implemented on campus.

2. Every channel facilitates specific activity, for instance, an administrator portal shall enable the principal, deputy principal, vice-principals, Dean, and HoDs.

3. The HoDs provide different types of reports, provide students guidance and entertain student activities.

4. The student and teachers channel provides casual leave and other important issues to be addressed with the management.

5. The student channel will enable them to download hall tickets, view/download semester results, online fee payments, apply for medical leave through the designed channel.

6. The student portal shall provide to view day-by-day, subject-wise attendance. Likewise, the parents through the allotted portal can view the student’s attendance, fee payment details, results, marks, etc.

7. The students of B.Sc, Computer Science, MCA, and B.Voc., get in contact with the IT companies to seek suggestions from technical experts.

8. However, the college’s software development students strive to develop at various levels such as data entry, photo editing, testing, and code writing. 

9. The incubation center promotes innovation, entrepreneurship and ensures a hands-on experience for students. The faculty, management, and industry experts contribute their part towards the development of the students’ intellectualism.   

St. Joseph College Mounts its Services on ERP:

The web portal contains ERP modules that define important sections such as Online Admission Process and Student Selection,  administrator, Faculty, Student, Parent Modules, e-Attendance, selection of elective and IDC selection, Hostel management system, CIA mark entry, online exam, student certificate generation, graduation day registration, Ph.D. portal, staff self-appraisal, SSR portal, Performance Appraisal system. An exclusive e-planner system, biometric attendance system for staff and scholars, Automation CoE, Annual Academic Audit, Digital Notice Board, Touch Screen, De-space, Alumni Portal for the computer science department, and Shephard.

Program Outcome Undergraduate:

1. The programs designed and implemented by St. Joseph College for the undergraduates announce certain positive program outcomes.

2. Undergraduates must be able to absorb knowledge, understand and develop new ideas to generate employability or even self-employment.

3. The college’s undergraduate students are supported to pursue higher learning programs.

4. The college plans to make undergraduate students more competent and highly socially responsible citizens of the nation.

5. The college programs drill an undergraduate to learn better in technical analytical and creative skills.


1. The college does everything for postgraduates to exhibit their skill sets in private and government and research sectors exuberantly. They are led to acquire high knowledge, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

2. The college does let any stone unturned in making postgraduates evolve and adopt new technologies in their respective disciplines.

3. The college imbibes in its graduates an ability to design, conduct experiments, demonstrate, and create models to make precise data interpretations.

Master of Philosophy

1. The college provides all tips to scholars that enable them to review their learnt knowledge and development of a new paradigm of self-learning process.

2. Scholars are enabled to new courses of knowledge and implement research.

3. The scholars are given extensive guidance in collecting information, collating it, and comprehending it as per the requirement. The information may be in the hard format (books) or soft format( online) that maintains high quality and efficiency.

4. The college research team and faculty do nurture towards the right orientation for making them globally competent.

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St. Joseph’s College SJC Student Login:

1st step: In order to log in to the SJC ERP Login, Students must visit the official website i.e.

2nd Step: The google search will lead to the Opening of the index page and one can view the tab links on which one can find the ‘SJC ERP account’ link.

SJC ERP account

3rd Step: The user must hover the cursor on the SJC Account link and one can find a series of links in dropbox.

They are:

  • Administrators
  • Faculty
  • Student
  • Ph.D
  • parent.

Then, the user must click the student button and the web portal shall redirect it to a new webpage.

tap on Student Option

4th Step: The student can find a dialog box comprising the ‘Student Login’ page. The student must enter the register number allotted at the time of admission. And enter the password, and click on the login button.


5th Step: The web portal shall redirect to the dashboard that features (useful links) on the left panel of the web page.

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