Tamil Nadu Migrant Registration Form (nonresidenttamil.org) Helpline Number

Tamil Nadu Migrant Registration Form

Tamil Nadu Migrant Registration Process has already begun two days ago. Around 2 lakh Migrant workers who have come to the Tamil Nadu state from Tripura for Manufacture works got stuck without work even since national-wise lockdown in the Country caused by Noval Coronavirus (Covid19) pandemic.

Now, all Tripura Citizens want to go back to their homes. The Tamil Nadu CM Stated that approximately 1.4 lakh TN Migrant workers, Students, Employees, and laboures have been stranded in various places due to the Country wise lockdown. 

So, the Tamil Nadu government has introduced the new online registration process which is called Tamil Nadu Migrant Registration for the TN State Citizens who got struck outside of Tamil Nadu. The Tamil Nadu Migrants registration process has launched under the act of 1979 to give support to them to come back to their home place.

Here we have provided the Online registration form for Tamil Nadu Migrant workers, Students, and Labours. This Tamil Nadu Migrants registration process will be done online Mode only. So, Migrants of TN who wish to come back to TN state as well as who wish to go to your native place from Tamil Nadu can utilize this application process and enroll your names.

Tamil Nadu Migrant Registration Covid19 Form Helpline Number

According to the recent reports, around 300 Migrant labours & workers who got struck across Chennai in Tamil Nadu met at Velachery check-post and requested to the TN govt to go home. Later, the Chennai Policemen came to spot & Collected the Migrant worker’s Aadhar Cards and allowed them to go home by walking only. There are no transport facilities available in these pandemic Situations, the police said.

The same issue has been repeated in more places in Chennai. To overcome this situation, the state govt of TN has released an online Tamil Nadu Migrant Registration process to go their homes from TN state. 

So, People who go struck in Tamil Nadu state as well as who wish to retune from Other states to Tamil Nadu must go through the below given following link and register yourself online. This Online Registration Process is mandatory. Without registration, no one will be allowed to their respective states.

We gathered information from many sources that a lot of TN Migrant workers, students, and labours got stuck in Maharastra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Bihar, Odisha, Karnataka, Kolkata, Gujarat, Delhi and etc. Now, these migrants want to come back to Chennai.


The major intention of Tamil Nadu Migrant Registration is to bring back the TN migrants who are trapped in other states as well as to go back to their homes from Chennai and Tamil Nadu. The registration will help to the state government of Tamil Nadu to estimate the Number of migrant workers who have trappers in other places to provide 21 days of quarantine support.

Important documents to show after reaching the home place:

  • Original Identity proof like Aadhar Card/ Ration Card/ Voter Card issued by State or Central Govt.
  • The Covid19 negative Certificate issued by Covid19 hospitals of Tamil Nadu.
  • Residence Proof.

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Tamil Nadu Govt releases Helpline Numbers:

  • Migrant People Helpline Number & WhatsApp Number: 75300 01100
  • Migrant People Help desk Email ID: [email protected]
  • Emergency for Health Toll-Free Number- 104
  • Dialysis Emergency Number- 102
  • Ambulance Helpline Number- 108
  • District emergency helpline Number – 1077
  • Health Control room Toll-Free Number- 1800 120 555550
  • Disabilities People Helpline Number – 1800 425001
  • Mental Health Counselling Call: 044-2642 5585 

An Overview:

Post Categorystate govt Migrant registration
Scheme NameTN Migrant Registration
Registration ModeOnline Only
Official sitewww.nonresidenttamil.org or
https://rttn.nonresidenttamil.org/ or
Scheme Launched byTN state govt

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The process to apply for Tamil Nadu Migrant Registration?

There are 3 different types of registration processes that will be done through the official website which is www.nonresidenttamil.org. The Tamilians who wish to return from other Countries must hit on the blue marked link.

And, the Tamilians who wish to come back from other sites to their homeland must hit on the Green marked link. And the 3rd one is the people who got stuck in Tamil Nadu must enroll their names through the red marked link. The detailed step-by-step process is given below.

1st Step: First, the Migrants must visit the Official website i.e. https://www.nonresidenttamil.org/

2nd Step: And next, you need to hit on the blue line link or Green line link or red line link to enroll your names online.

open the links

3rd Step: Open Blue, Green, and red links one by one and register your names by providing essential details on the given blanks.

4th Step: And hit on the Submit button. The reference ID will be obtained online after hitting the Submit button. Save this ID for further use.

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97 thoughts on “Tamil Nadu Migrant Registration Form (nonresidenttamil.org) Helpline Number

  1. Currently i am struck in noida sector 27,pls could u send me the tamilnadu helpline number.And pls explain how to move from here to tamilnadu.

      1. Anybody need a bus for North India ( Bihar, Odisha, Rajasthan, UP, Jharkhand, Assam) Pan India private bus with free epass contact 8667491936

  2. I am from Noida Sector 100, I have personal vehicle. Need to travel chennai. please provide some helpline number. can we start travel by road. after submitting the form, I am unable to find status against RTTN.

  3. Currently i am struck in bangalore, Please could u send me the tamilnadu helpline number. And please explain how to move from here to tamilnadu.

    1. I to struck in Bangalore… And I submitted RTTN application but no response… How to move from here..?

      1. Hi Navis and Richard. I too have submitted on RTTN – but no response, and no way to track the order as well. Any updates from them?

      2. Resubmit the form under the travel category as train you will get the reply immediately.
        But most people prefer travelling by own vechile or taxi. Even I submitted under taxi still not got reply from Gov.

  4. Currently I stuck in Kolkata. I need to come chennai. Tamilnadu will provide any transport Feasilty to rescue the non residential people in other state.I requesting our government to provide any transportation to get back tha Tamil people to there location.

  5. Iam actually stuck in Tamilnadu. Need to go back to Bangalore. Please let me know how to check the status of the application submitted already. Is there any helpline and online page for the same??

    1. even, I am in same status. But the difference is I want to go to Bangalore and return back immediately on same day or next day.

    1. After completion of the registration process dates, the Official will active the status link to track the Migrant registration application status.


          2. When it will be activated.. after all died…. most of the application are still pending.. you guys don’t have time to approve and send back the migrant people to their state… very worst service Tamil Nadu government have and very useless guys who work on this department

        1. My Registed Dear Gopalakrishnan , Your application reference number RTTN/2005242108/74/33065 has been successfully submitted.

          1. If we are willing to travel before 5/17/2020 what is the use of closing the the process by 5/17/2020. And releasing the status after 5/17/202

          2. You are asking for the travel date while applying. If we gave the travel date as 5/6/2020. Then what is the use of reviewing the application on 5/17/2020 after the travel date

          3. Currently we stuck in Coimbatore, tamilnadu state. I need to gone bhihar will provide any transport Feasilty to rescue the non residential people in other state.I requesting our niggard government to provide any transportation.

          4. Are you really going to arrange transport or just a trap to keep people silence.

          5. currently I stuck tamilnadu. i need to come bihar.please contact me.
            my whatsup nomber 8709587809

        1. Presently I stuck in Chennai …by 3 rd may I have applied in rtos nonresidenttamil.org …I got a reference id also ..so I wanted to know that whenever govt will arrange the train from Tamilnadu can I get any notification?

          1. Sir my father struck in Tamil Nadu please tell me how to make epaas of Tamil Nadu to Ghaziabad up for own vehicle

      1. I filled the form to go out of Tamil Nadu by train on May 6..got reference no. also but didn’t got any message and day have been near to pass

    2. did you get any reference id after registration?,because I didn’t. After pressing the submit button it directly went back for the new registration page

      1. 03/05/20 date i applied three times. Same problem. After next day i applied. That time only i get ref number

  6. My home in Madurai know I’m came to last 40 days in my relation house in dindugal I want to go my home pls help how to go

  7. Hi i came for a job in Maharashtra navi mumbai .but i dint get a job and I’m staying in pg im not having money pls help me to go out from here my home town is in trichy tamilnadu.and i already applied that tn gov nonresidenttamil.org website pls update me thank you

  8. I stood up at Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. I was submitted my application to come back my native place which is Trichy, Tamil Nadu. I was received the reference number through SMS. How can I track my Application Status.?

    1. The application status online link will be activated after completion of the registration end date.

  9. I am staying in dubai.. already I registered.. but I didn’t receive any email.. please can you check it.
    My reference number is RHBNRT001988..
    My email is ( [email protected])

  10. Hi Sir,
    I am applied in the portal. How we track and when we receive the e pass. Please help me sir

  11. Dear sir im already submitted e pass application but till now noy get my id /rtos/200505000/9/156/157998

      1. Appreciate if you could give a tentative date by when the status link will be available. My planned travel date from Kerala to TN is 8th May and like to know whether I will get the approval before that so that I can apply for travel pass here to reach the border

  12. I’m also stuck over here in Bangalore.
    I tried many help line but one is responsive please try this one.


  13. Hai i applied & got the confirmation message from TN govt. but answer our question.
    1. when will i get the approval, i applied two days before.
    2. where we need to track the status.
    3. Bangalore all offices are opened we are struck here.our job is under pressure.
    4. if its rejected for particular reason we ddint get any responsive message also.

  14. Dear Admin,

    I have applied to travel from TamilNadu(Palani) to Bangalore on 4th may with travel date of 8th May. I have got the SMS with RTOS number. Please let me know when would I get the approval.

    1. Hi priya , I have also applied the same .. Have you got the approval NOC number please do confirm on this , even i havent recoved any NOC number yet

  15. Dear sir

    Am stucked at Rajesthan,I had applied 4 Days before to Rajesthan Goverment official application,I Had applied two days before at Tamilnadu goverment official link also,When it will be confirm sir.
    i Had applied mode of Trasport by Train and Air Both, Which one will consider.

    1. Based on the distance, the officials will give approval to the transport mode either train or bus.

  16. Myself and other 2 of my colleagues got stucked in Gujarat for the past 43 days, also registered with the TN govt migrant link, can I have any helpline number that I can know when the special transportation will be starting from Ahmedabad to Erode, Tamilnadu

  17. Dear Admin,

    I have applied to travel from Kerala to Chennai on 4th may with travel date of 8th May. I got the SMS with application reference number. Please let me know when would I get the approval as I need to apply pass in Kerala as well

  18. did any one get reference id after registration?,because I didn’t. After pressing the submit button it directly went back for the new registration page. the same happening no confomation

  19. I am unable to apply now, District option not opening in registration form.
    Is there specific time to apply in online

    1. There is no specific time to enroll online. Due to technical issues, it will not work some times. So please try again and apply for it.

  20. Hii,

    We have applied to travel from chennai to Kerala.I received SMS with RTOs number ,how many days it will take to get the pass to travel as i have given travel date as 8 May 2020.

    1. Already, we have given Service-wise helpline Numbers. Please check this article and contact the helpdesk.

  21. Sir how to track my application,sir I’m staying in Thane range if u get information to go Tamilnadu please reply on this

  22. We are odisha members, now we are staying in Dindigul. I was submitted the form by 1 week before, but no reply of it

  23. Hello sir
    I have dot the RTTN number 3days before…but still no response…what should i do next sir…i have contact the helpline number…but it is switch off…what shall i do

  24. Dear admin,
    Am stranded in uttarpradesh . I belong to tamilnadu. My kid is in Chennai . I am going through stress as a mother am held up.alone here. I want to reach Chennai. I have registered on portal. But no response yet . Kindly help

  25. i’m stuck in california i done my registration on 1ST day of announcement i got a mail registration of commissionerate of rehabilitation and welfare tamilans portal has been completed successful ref no also they given but how to check my application status pls any one can help let me know in reply or comment pls

    1. Please contact helpline number. The application status link had not updated by the Officials. If the link will update we will mail you.
      Thank you.

  26. hello i struck in kerala i have register in the website but still the government has not taken any step. please try to help the people who want to come to chennai.

  27. Presently I stuck in Chennai …by 1st may I have applied in rtos nonresidenttamil.org …I got a reference id also ..so I wanted to know that whenever govt will arrange the train from Tamilnadu can I get any notification? and where to check status of application.

  28. People who want to travel Mumbai from Chennai please contact. we all can arrange vehicle . I don’t think so TN government will in state of mind arrange for stranded people. we can create google sheet and collect information all the traveler.

  29. Dear Admin,
    can select a group of people who want to travel mumbai. arrange vehicle for us. we will pay for this.

  30. I’m held up at Agartala. I want to return to Chennai my home town. Registered in Portal and got application ref number. If arrange any flight , it would be more helpful.

  31. I hav e applied for train travel to bangalore from erode . Received the reference number . There is no status check on RTOS reference number . Also wanted to know ,department will consider for back dated travel date request/application?
    Kindly check and revert

  32. Sir I have already registered in RTOS in tamilnadu govt web portal return to uttarpradesh state on 2nd may, I have not received any message yet, if there any link to track the registration status, or how much time it will take

    1. The status tracking link is not updated by the Officials. Once your application get approved you will receive SMS.

  33. Mai Bihar ka hu Mai State coimbatore karumathapatti Tamil Nadu me hu a mughe Bihar go to state registration date 3/05/2020 submit hai abhi Tak kohe massage nahi Aya hai Mai abhi aye hu 19/05/2020Plese help me

  34. I have also registered RTOS in Tamilnadu govt web portal return to Gujarat state on 6th May, I received application reference number also through message. When I called to Tamilnadu Migrant worker help line, person confirmed my application registered and in waiting list, but same time he said Sate government not arranged any transportation as of now you can arrange private vehicle or wait for government further announcement.

    I am planning to go through private vehicle from Chennai to Gujarat. Please let me know if some one interested to join for Maharastra/Mumbai or Gujarat or on the way states.

    Please contact me on [email protected]

  35. I to struck in Palladam, Dict -Tirupur… And I submitted RTTN application but no response… How to move from here to Bihar, Gaya – Dist, Sultanpur – Post, Naudiha Sultanpur..?

  36. Today i have registered Hosur to Assam migrents to sent back,after submission there is not receive reference number at mobile and e-mail and login page.

    How to get the details.

    Please reply…..

  37. Sir, I Applied return back purpose from Andhapradesh to Tamilnadu in RTTN portal as on date 24/07/2020, Reference no come waiting for status. How many days taking approval because of Andhra Pradesh given approval.

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