Temporary Delhi Ration e-Coupon Janta Samvad Status FAQs

Temporary Delhi Ration e-Coupon Janta Samvad Status

Temporary Delhi Ration e-Coupon Janta Samvad is released by the Delhi State government on 5th April 2020. According to the COVID-19 Effect, the Delhi State government has started to distribute the ration and food grains to all the below poverty line Citizens. But the Delhi Civil Supply department will not give the ration and other commodities directly to the people.

Beneficiaries who want to get the ration from your nearest ration dealers must get the temporary ration e-Coupon from the Official website. After that, you can show it to the ration dealer and get rice and other commodities.

The main intention of the Temporary Delhi Ration e-Coupon is to stop the spreading of Coronavirus from one person to another person. To maintain the Social Distancing, the government has started Coupon System.

Temporary Delhi Ration Janta Samvad e-Coupon Status

Already, We posted the article about the Delhi Ration Card online application Process and how to get Temporary Delhi Ration E-Coupon in the previous article. But the Delhi state Citizens were asked so many questions about Delhi E-Coupon. That’s why we came here to Answer the Questions of the beneficiaries.

Almost I received 30 Questions from the Delhi State Citizens. In this article, we have mentioned frequently asked Questions and Answers. Beneficiaries who have any doubts about the Temporary Delhi Ration card can read out all Questions as well as Answers & clear their doubts.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q 1: Why the Delhi ration E-Coupon System was started by the State government?

Answer: To stop the Spreading of Coronavirus from one person to another person, the Civil Supply Department has started this scheme.

Q 2: I Don’t have a ration card. Shall I get ration and rice?

Answer: Yes. You can get ration and Foodgrains for these 3 months. After the completion of the lockdown, the non-PDS Beneficiaries will not get any benefits from the state and central government.

Q 3: I Filled in my personal details and also uploaded the required documents. But My photograph is not accepted?

Answer: The Photograph Size should be a minimum of 200KB. So you need to edit your photo and upload it now.

Q 4: I am Delhi Citizen and also I tried huge times to reach the Official website. But the Ration Janta Samvad website is not responding?

Answer: Due to the Server under a heavy load, the website is not working now. But it will open soon.

Q 5: What are the instructions mentioned by the Central government while taking the ration? Please mention Instructions here.

Answer: The Instructions are Beneficiaries must maintain a minimum 2-meter distance. And you have to follow the Que System. Take the ration and other food grains by maintaining social distancing. After getting the raion, people can clean your hand in 20 seconds with Soap or Sanitiser.

Q 6: I lost my Aadhar card. How can I get E-Coupon Online without an Aadhar card?

Answer: Beneficiaries can get Ration temporary e-coupon by uploading any Identity proof If they don’t have an Adhar Card.

Q 7: Shall I use the Ration E-Coupon 2 times this month?

Answer: No. Beneficiaries must use their Coupon a single time only. You don’t use their e-coupon multiple times. This is only a temporary Coupon.

Q 8: I don’t know how to download Temporary Delhi Ration Coupon. Shall I get Foodgrains directly from the Civil Supply Shop?

Answer: The Ration dealer will not distribute the ration without the Ration Coupon. If you don’t know to get the Temporary Delhi Ration Coupon please contact the nearest Civil Supply department. They will apply instantly and provide you the Coupon.

Q 9: I am the Delhi State Govt Employee. Shall I get the ration at the subsidy price?

Answer: No. People who have BPL, AAY, AY ration cards will get Food grains and other Commodities at subsidy price. Normal people also will get ration at normal prices. The non-PDS Beneficiaries also will eligible to get the ration.

Q 10: I have applied for Temporary Delhi Ration E-coupon. And my application process Successfully completed. But I did not get the E-Coupon?

Answer: The E-Coupon Code number and details will be sent to the registered mobile number only. No soft copy will be generated directly.

Q 11: What is the Official website to apply for Janta samvad E-Coupon?

Answer: People can apply for Temporary Delhi Ration through the direct link i.e. https://ration.jantasamvad.org/ration/.

Q 12: How to apply for E-coupon online?

Answer: We have given steps by step process to apply for the Ration card E-coupon. 

Q 13: My ration card distribution Center number was printed incorrectly. Shall I eligible to get a ration?

Answer: Yes, you are eligible to get the ration at this crucial time. The Department of Civil supply will provide ration if you show the ration temporary e-coupon.

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The Process to get Delhi Ration e-Coupon?

1st Step: Beneficiaries who want to get the temporary e-coupon must visit the Official website i.e. www.ration.jantasamvad.org.

2nd Step: Enter your mobile number and also OTP. And then hit on the Submit link.

3rd Step: After that, you need to provide personal details like Aadhar card number, Name of the Citizen, address of the applicant, Ration card number. And then upload the applicant photo and Aadhar Proof.

4th Step: Finally, click on the Get Coupon Button and take the print of Ration E-Coupon.

Note: Dute to the Some technical issues the website is not opened on 11th & 12th April 2020. But now site is working. Please apply online and get temporary ration e-Coupon from the direct link i.e. https://ration.jantasamvad.org/ration/.

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