TNEB Login TANGEDCO app Payslips, Pensioners monthly, Annul Statements Status

TNEB Login

TNEB Login: Tamil Nadu Electricity Board is one of the biggest organizations involves in serving the basic needs of its citizens. The organization does employ lakhs of employees working in the generation, distribution of electricity across the State.

The Government offers pensions to retired employees for their rendered services. The pensioners do receive benefits and are available online. A pensioner need not visit the office for salary payslips every month. The online portal process of providing salary slips enables senior citizens to save energy.

The pensioner will have no need to visit the accounts department regularly every month. Like any other senior citizens, those can conserve energy and keep away exertion. Through this portal scheme, every retired employee can keep a track of the monthly pension that reflects their income.

TNEB Login TANGEDCO app Payslips, Pensioners monthly, Annual Statements Details

Portal Web Pages Performance Simplifies the Pensioners’ Work:

Tamil Nadu Government provides provision in supporting families of the retired employees. The Government engages in various fund schemes for retired employees. Employees’ funding in Pensioners family security fund, pensioners health fund, can enable peace for the rest of their life. The portal provides a lot of information on their pension earnings. Some of the important issues like monthly salary statements, annual income statements, and loans if any.

The portal offers information on different web pages and each page has some information put on display by the finance department. To enter every page, the portal has provided a separate link and procedure to access the data for pensioners.

The web pages of the finance portal define monthly salary slips, annual statement for enrolment of IT returns, and life certificates. Certain documents like Life Certificate include self-declarations and attestations. The process is highly laborious, but here one download of the form simplifies the pensioners’ work.

Learn the Registration and Download Process at TNEB Portal:

The web portal does open up with information to pensioners provided and for that, they will have known about the registration process. On learning about registration, pensioners can reach the requested page for downloads quite easily. Below, is the process explained for registration and downloading of the webpages.

Simple Steps to register in TNEB pensioner official portal:

1st Step: Insert the TNEB pensioner official portal in the address bar and click the search bar.

2nd Step: Open the TNEB Login pensioner web page from

3rd Step: The pensioner login will contain a prefix, PPONO, Password, Captcha enter code, and two important hyperlinks: namely new user? Register Here, and forget the password.

TNEB Login Page

4th Step: If a pensioner is new to the online registration system, you will have to click on the new user hyperlink.

Click on the new user registration

5th Step: A new module shall open that contains the prefix, PPO number, pan number, date of birth, mobile number, password, confirm password, and enter code of Captcha.

New user registration page

6th Step: Once the details are properly filled in the column, then the submit button should be clicked.

7th Step: Otherwise, click the Cancel button to get back to the previous menu to make a re-entry to the “New User Registration” module.

Note: A condition has been set for the creation of a password, it must have at least one alphabet, one number (0-9), and special symbols such as $#@*.

6th step: A New code will be delivered to the registered 10 digits Phone number and once it is entered, the account gets verified.

7th step: From then onward, retired employees can access the portal by using the desired login credentials. They can make use of the portal for Pension annual statement, and monthly Pension statement, pension life certificate. Once, TNEB pension online portal provides login credentials to pensioners, they can avail themselves of the online benefits.

Pensioners Can Check Monthly Statement Online at TNEB Portal:

1. In the TNEB portal, a pensioner enters the pension statement by loading the web page with the address

2. On making an entry to the loaded page, fill in the PPO number, and bank account number.

3. On clicking the pension details button, the pensioner’s monthly statement for the pension shall be on display. And, pensioners can have printouts or downloads easily. 

Pensioners Can Check Annual Statements Online at TNEB Portal:

All Pensioners who need to download the Annual Statements to apply for loans, and file tax returns should follow the steps listed below and download Annual and monthly statements Online.

1st Step: In the TNEB portal, a pensioner enters an annual statement by loading the webpage,

2nd Step: On making an entry to the loaded page, fill in the select column for the financial year, enter the PPO number and bank account number.

4th Step: Next. the pensioners can make sure to hit on the submit button and view the annual statement on the display.

5th Step: On clicking the download or can have a printout of the annual statement.

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Why TNEB Pension Life Certificate is Mandatory Every Year?

Whenever an organization begins to benefit the retired employees financially, It becomes mandatory for those retired ones to submit a Life Certificate, which is proof of the employee’s survival. Likewise, TNEB does provide pension benefits to their employees hence, they have to submit a Life Certificate.

Every year, the pensioner will have to download the life certificate at An annexure contains important declarations, such as life certificate, family pensioner, ex gratia beneficiary, non-employment/reemployment certificate, and pension income tax.

The pensioner must submit the filled-in format every year and is compulsory. Only then, the Tamil Nadu government will allow pensioners to seek pension funds every month.

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