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UCO HRMS Login: The United Commercial Bank (UCO) launches a Human Resource Management System (HRMS) for its employees. They can access the web portal to view, edit, and download their essential elements of finances. However, the ultimate beneficiaries are the employees of UCO bank. The current article covers the significance of the HRMS portal and the manner in which it should be operated to seek the benefits.

UCO HRMS Login app Employees Payslip Details:

Benefits  for UBO Employees:

1. The HR portal allows space for all banking departments to access and the employee can save time on its utilization.

2. The official information is straight from the management desk to the employee without any other official interference.

3. The employee can make an easy download and keep a hard copy of the essential information from the portal.

4. The HRMS for employees is a self-service module. So with the login credentials in hand, the employees can operate without management interference as well.

5. In the self-service module, employees can seek a total financial status report on a monthly/ quarterly/half-yearly/ yearly basis.

Benefits  for Employer:

1. Before making a decision on the employees, the management can find a complete relevant database of the employees in one place. The database becomes a source of good analysis and the management need not call employees for clarifications.

2. Employers can prepare their employees’ performance appraisals with the available database.

3. The HRMS web portal shall restrict the employee’s personal contacts with the human resource department.

Employee HRMS Login at UCO Online:

An employee can make an easy login provided a proper procedure is adopted at UCO online portal.

The steps are as follows:

1st step: The employee must enter the web portal On the homepage, the employee must reach the UCO HRMS online login.

2nd Step: The employee must make an entry of employee ID, Password, and answer a simple verification question.


3rd Step: After completing the above details, the employee must click on the login button.

UCO HRMS Login Password Reset Process:

An employee may forget a password then it can be reset easily provided one follows the prerequisite steps.

1. To reset the Forgot password, the Employee should visit the UCO’s HRMS official website portal.

2. The employee must enter the employee ID and then hit the forget the password made available on the login page.

3. The HRMS web portal shall send the One time Password (OTP) to the employee’s Registered Phone Number.

4. The employee must validate the OTP and then hit on the submit button.

5. The employee must check for the ‘create a new password button. On execution of it, the employee can reset with the new password.

6. Once done, the employee is free to execute the HRMS login credentials and make an entry to the employee’s webpage in the self-service web portal.

Helpline Services For UCO Bank Employees:

The employees when exposed to the web portal to derive the benefits there is an equal likelihood of missing the opportunity of utilizing the portal features. The reason is an employee fails to comply with the needful procedure that is required to operate the portal. For instance, one can forget some of the essential inputs such as passwords to make an entry and will need some assistance. An employee may need to get their queries answered by the concerned authorities.

A problem may be confronted while viewing the salary slip or downloading the salary slip. Instead of approaching the technical teams in person, an employee can expect help for formatted agencies like helpline services. The employees’ complaints are addressed in a short time.

All that is to be done is contact the helpline at the following address: Department of Information & Technology, 3 & 4DD block, Salt Lake, Kolkata – 700064. The employee can also make a telephonic call at +91 033-4455-9752.

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United Commerce Bank Inception:

1. The UCO bank is a commercial bank that started in 1943. It has a countrywide network that covers about 3,000 service units. It is a fully established bank that provides services such as deposits accounts, loans, debit cards, and credit cards. 

2. Four banks got infused with capital investment and they are United Commerce Bank, Central Bank of India (4800 crores) , Indian Overseas Bank (4100 crores), UCO Bank (2600 crore), and Bank of India (3000 crores).

3. With the growing competition and the developing scenario, to expand the business the bank restructured in 1972. The bank was bent on functional specialization, decentralization of administration, and the banker laid stress on the employee’s skills and attitudes when serving the customers.

4. It is the moral obligation of any banker to participate in poverty alleviation programs. Thereby bringing about a social upliftment in the rural and the urban setup. The bank was made in charge of convensorship of the State Level banker’s committee ( SLBC) for the state of Odisha, and Himachal Pradesh in 1983.

5. In the financial closing year, on 31 March 2021, the government share in the bank was 94.44 percent. The banker registered a net profit of INR 167 crore.

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