UP Bhu Naksha Portal Login How to View Uttar Pradesh Land Map Online

UP Bhu Naksha Portal

UP Bhu Naksha Portal has developed by the Uttar Pradesh state govt to provide a land mapping of the state. The basic objective of the website is to provide information to view the map of the land to the citizens of the UP.

Hence, protecting the interest of the citizens online in regard to the land. The citizen can view every minute detail of the land map in the UP-state government-designed web portal www.upbhunaksha.gov.in. The land mapping techniques were first implemented on 3rd May 2016 and the records are governed by the tehsils.

UP Bhu Naksha Portal How to View UP Land Map Online:

National Informatics Center, Poona, has developed Bhu Naksha Uttar Pradesh Portal. The developers have introduced cadastral mapping solutions as a part of the development process of the portal. The portal integrates land record application and ROR data that can be transferred from one web portal to another. The portal is designed to form an interface with other state-specific databases provided the processes are properly customized.  

Benefits of the portal:

There is frequent confusion among citizens when it comes to land, right demarcation of the land is highly essential. In case, the land is improperly distributed between two parties or allotted to one buyer then it creates havoc to the revenue administration.

In order to provide a better synchronism between the revenue department and the citizens who own land properties the portal is devised. Besides, transparency digitally there are some more benefits to the beneficiaries (citizens) and can be listed as follows.

1. The entire land in Uttar Pradesh for the citizens on sale is listed on the bhu naksha UP portal. This enables the citizens to seek the details of any land across the state digitally. The process makes an easy dimension of recognizing the land without much confusion in a hassle-free manner. However, the existence of the web portal has created an ease of access to the citizens.

2. The digitalization of the land mapping in Uttar Pradesh enables easy identification of the properties. In addition, the mapping represents the land records of the owners. This transparent process in land maps digitally certainly prevents fraudulent activities.

3. The portal allows the citizens to take printouts of the land map for their references.   

4. The web portal represents the measurable dimension of land. Thus, enabling the land-owners to seek precise dimensions of their property. The land owner can check the size of the land to the best appropriation.

5. A citizen who plans to purchase a property will prefer to buy it from a legitimate land-owner. The information on the BhuNaksha portal is accurate and correct. The purchaser can rely on the information available on the portal and trust the seller for a property purchase. Hence, in a way, the portal prevents the purchase of the fraudulent property.

6. The Bhu Naksha UP portal provides services to UP citizens free of cost. A buyer/seller of property can use it anytime from anywhere.

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Map Differentiated with Colors/ Land Type List:

The government of Uttar Pradesh has created a land type list and it has been designated in accordance with the land type and the land type code for quick references. In total, there are a total of 25 sequences all systematically differentiated in land type. The portal has assigned specific colors to differentiate the land type at a glance. For instance,

1. 5-3 D – (land type) other cultivable barren land is given a shade of blue color. 

2. 1-A (land type) – land which is in possession of transferable bhumihars is given sky blue color.

3. 6-1 (land type) – non-agricultural land – submerged land is given purple color.

Method to View a land Map at UP Portal:

1st Step: Visit the official website of bhu naksha UP i.e. www.upbhunaksha.gov.in and the citizen can find the map of the land.

2nd Step: On the left side of the website, the citizen can find a few options that should be identified that are mentioned in dropbox. The citizen must mention the location and tick the land type details properly.

3rd Step: Once the details are entered, the map displays in the tabular column the land type, land type, total accounts, total owner, total land, total area (insect), total revenue.

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Land Identification by Citizen:

1. The citizen must select the option such as district, tehsil, village. Once so selected, the map will be put on display in the village. The citizen must select the Khasra number and click on the measles number; a related plot shall be displayed on the right side of a new window.

2. The citizen shall get to view important information in the new window. They are account number, land record number, area (ha), account holder name, habitat, and order (account number).

3. The citizen can seek the map of the selected in the new window by just clicking on the link ‘map report’

4. The window shall enable the citizen to view the shajra map of the land digitally. The citizen can download the same map’s information on display.

Bhu Naksha UP Portal Login:

1. The citizen must open the official website and on the right side click the login link. This opens a new login page.

2. The citizen must enter the district to which one belongs to.

3. Once you enter the District and other details, you need to fill in the User ID as well as Password and hit on the Login Option.

4. If you forget the password can go to the Forgot password link and reset the password. Citizens can recover the password through the ROR application also.

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