The Better Ways to Prepare for UPSC IAS Main Exam 2022 at Home

UPSC IAS Main preparation tips

UPSC IAS Main Golden Tips: Are you planning for the UPSC? Then it is very much important to plan for it properly. You obviously need to cover all the things and the regular revisions, mock tests will help you, but a strategy can make it easier for you. To create a perfect strategy, you need to know about the types, variation, and classifications of questions of it.

UPSC IAS Main Golden Tips for Preparation 2022

Understand the topics which are Important:

You should know about the pattern at first. As the syllabus is vast it is not possible to cover it entirely, but it is not impossible to crack the exam, you need to understand which topic is more important. If you spend a lot of time in studying a less important topic from which you may not have a question in your exam, then you are wasting your time. Providing time on an important topic will help you during the exam. Especially at the final time of the exam you need to follow this. Understand the importance and prepare yourself for this technique.

Which type of Questions are asked in this Exam?

There are different types of questions which are asked in this exam. Some of them are conceptual whereas you can have some straightforward questions too. In case of optional papers you can have some straightforward questions sometimes but there can be some twist in those. In case of the GS papers, the concept is different totally; straightforward questions are not asked generally in case of this. Apart from these questions on critical analysis, explanations, evaluations and much more do also exist there.

At the time of preparing you to need to understand the approach of the questions, and create the strong conception on those, so that you can answer it properly in a shorter time. In case of directive words, you need to find out the positivity and negativity, success or failure, impacts and many more. The thing is that you need to solve all those in a shorter time in the exam time. Keep those in your mind and start preparing, you will get immense help from it.

The Questions which do have some Repetitions:

In case of every exam, there are some questions which repeat in years. You need to go for the previous question sets and find out which question is very common, selecting those and solving them you can have some help in your upcoming exam. You can understand which topic is very common and according to that, you can decide the importance also. To understand the UPSC IAS Main exam questions Pattern, it is mandatory to go through this. The current affairs are very much important in case of this exam as it changes every year. Understand the importance of every topic, make preparation in a proper strategy and give the exam. It will be beneficial for you.  Now don’t wait anymore, and start preparing for the UPSC.

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UPSC IAS Main Exam Syllabus & Pattern:

Competitors who are interested to prepare for the IAS Main exam should know the Knowledge on the main exam. The UPSC main exam conducts in five days and it comprises of total nine descriptive papers. They nine Papers are Paper A, Paper B, Paper I, Paper-II, Paper-III, Paper IV, Paper V, Paper VI, Paper VII. The Duration for UPSC Main exam each paper is 3 hours. The main exam marks for Paper A and Pape B are 300 and the rest of the Papers from Paper I to Paper VII are 250 each. The Complete details are given on the below table.

PapersName of the SubjectTotal marksTime limitationType of Paper & its Nature
Paper AIndian Language300 marksthree HoursQualifing & Descriptive
Paper BEnglish300 marks3 HoursQualifing & Descriptive
I- PaperEssay250 Marksthree HoursMerit & Descriptive
Paper-IIGeneral Studies- I250 marks3 HoursMerit & Descriptive
Paper-IIIGeneral Studies- II250 marksthree HoursMerit & Descriptive
IV-PaperGeneral Studies- III250 marks3 HoursMerit & Descriptive
Paper-VGeneral Studies- IV250 marksthree HoursMerit & Descriptive
Paper VIOptional-I250 marks3 HoursMerit & Descriptive
Paper-VIIOptional-II250 Marksthree HoursMerit & Descriptive

Note: The complete Syllabus and Pattern of the UPSC IAS main exam is given on the IPSC official portal

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