WB Khadya Sathi Scheme 2022 Registration Digital Ration Cards

WB Khadya Sathi Scheme

WB Khadya Sathi Scheme: Yet again, the Government of West Bengal opens the WB Khadya Sathi Scheme 2021, for protecting the interests of the Poor. The West Bengal Government has taken an initiative to drive out food crises and provide complete food security in the State.

The Government Scheme: Khadya Sathi Yojana engages Duare Sarkar Camps across the State. The Government takes steps to digitalize the ration card process and the targeted audience are poor families.

In the process, at Duare Sarkar Camps, people can apply for corrections/updating the existing digital ration cards. The government agents will make door-to-door visits to support the cause. Since the process of enrolment is in progress, people can make an entry to www.wbpds.gov.in, a website of the Food and Supplies Department.

WB Khadya Sathi Scheme 2022 New Digital Ration Card Apply Details

Khadya Sathi Yojana Benefits to Beneficiaries (Below Poverty Line, BPL):

1. Every family that enrolls in the scheme will be given a free ration. The Government provides entitlement to every family by providing rice and wheat at INR 2.00 per kg. Furthermore, under the WB Khadya Sathi scheme benefits, people will get rice and wheat at half the market price. Likewise, the scheme will cover about 50 lakh families.

2. Beneficiaries who are seeking ration from the public distribution system (PDS) can contact them between 8 am and 8 pm. Old ration cardholders can continue to avail the benefit of getting non-PDS goods. These goods are fifty items and kerosene oil.

3. The West Bengal Government has categorized ration cards in four categories and can be described as (Ration Card Category / Ration Allotted (Monthly) / Cost per Kg).

Type of Ration CardRiceWheat
Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY) Ration Cards
15 kgs Per Family,
Rs.2 per KG
20 kgs per Family,
Rs.2 per KG
Priority House Holder (PHH),
Special Priority Householder (SPHH) ration cards
2 kgs Per Family,
Rs.2 per KG
3 kgs per Family,
Rs.2 per KG
Card Holders Under State Food Security Scheme – 12 kgs Per Family,
Rs.2 per KG
3 kgs per Family,
Rs.2 per KG
Card Holders Under State Food Security Scheme – 21 kg Per Family,
Rs.13 per KG
1 kgs per Family,
Rs.9 per KG

Different Formats Focus on Different Purposes:

The Government of West Bengal has focused on the various needs that arise for beneficiaries for digital transformation. The portal provides step-by-step guidance and as it states. A new family wants to take a ration card then they will have to get their names notified.

For that reason, they will have to download Form III-R / Form III-U. In the instances where the family member’s name is to be left out then it should be notified in Form IV-R/Form IV-U.

There may be an instance where the name or address needs to be corrected then opt for Form V-R/ Form V-U. In case, a family wants to change to a new ration shop, then they should opt for Form VI-R/Form VI-U.

Required Documents for various forms:

Form III-R / Form III-U:

1. Photocopy of birth certificate for children less than 5 years.

2. Application in Form III can be submitted if none of the family members has a digital ration card.

Form IV-R/Form IV-U:

1. Copy of Digital Ration Card – Head or any member of the family.

2. Photocopy of the applicant’s Aadhaar card, and birth certificate of a child below 5 years.

3. Photocopy of the applicant’s voter card (EPIC)

4. Only one valid mobile number either from applicants or family members.

Form V-U:

1. Photocopy of the current Digital Ration Card.

2. Photocopy of Aadhar of every family member, and applicant. 

3. Only one valid mobile number: Either from applicants or family members.

4. Voter Card (EPIC) or Kisan Credit Card or Active Bank Account Passbook

Form VI-R/ Form VI-U:

1. Present Digital ration card Copy of applicants and head of the family.

2. Copy of the Aadhaar Card of every applicant and their family members.

3. Photocopy of marriage certificate for those wanting to shift place.

Submission of Forms Can be Made Offline or Online:

On certain web pages, one can obtain forms as mentioned above, they are to be downloaded, filled up, and submitted to the concerned authority along with the required documents.  

While submitting it can be offline or online. For offline, all eligible beneficiaries can submit their filled applications at the nearest Banglar Sahayata Kendra (BSK) or at the Office of Inspector (food and supplies). For online, the application and documents are uploaded at the web portal.

Online Submission Process for New Digital Ration Card for Beneficiaries:

1. Open the URL in the browser, the official site: https://wbpds.wb.gov.in/

2. Place the cursor on the tab/menu button on “E-Citizen” and click it.

Go to citizen Section

3. From dropbox, select the appropriate sub-menu, for example, let it be ‘apply for a new ration card.’

Click on Apply for new ration card

4. On clicking the appropriate sub-menu, ‘apply for a new ration card,’ a dialog box gets opened. Enter the details of the mobile number then progress further. Fill in the details of the mobile number, an OTP is obtained, enter, and go to the connected web page for completion of formalities.

Enter mobile number and OTP

5. In case the mobile phone number put on the ration card is forgotten then go to another menu by clicking the hyperlink stated below. On doing so, a new dialog box gets displayed. Enter the select category from dropbox, and enter the ration card number, and click the search button. One can be able to search for a mobile number. Re-enter the mobile number and seek OTP and further proceed to complete the task.

6. Once the application is completed, upload the application and the required documents such as Photocopy of Aadhaar card, Photocopy of family members, etc. that depends on the type of form that one is filling in.

Historical Perspective, Quoting 30, August 1959:

A massive protest was raised against food crises by combined political support. CPI and other left political parties grouped to initiate Protest (Andolan). The movement began in 1958 and intensified under Khadya Sathi and in which several farmers and women became martyrs on 30, August 1959.

In fact, it was in 2016, the Khadya Sathi Scheme was initiated to commemorate Khadya Sathi with a motive to address Food Security and by 2021 almost 10 crore population have been covered.

Quoting the same in a rally, Mamata Banerjee, Chief Minister, West Bengal assured the people of West Bengal in making the state “free from food crises” by June 2021 on 30, August 2021.

A day, way back in 30, August 1959 was marked a dark day, a historic chronicle of West Bengal. To keep up her word, the Chief Minister of West Bengal opens up applications and enrolment of the poor people in Khadya Sathi scheme 2021 this year too.

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