YSRCP 15000 Jobs Mela in AP 2023 for Freshers/ Experienced Register Online

YSRCP Job mela

YSRCP Job Mela: Covid 19 has changed the employment cycles in India and more importantly the lack of employment has caused a decline in the standards of living and financial breakdown for more than a year has further worsened the social conditions. In order to restore the socio-economic ecosystems in our society, governments and political parties are acting as power consoles to rebuild the employment structures in all possible manner. A similar attempt has been set up by the YSRCP party, the current ruling government in Andhra Pradesh.

The party plans to organize job mela in different demographics of Andhra Pradesh. In the article, it reflects in detail the efforts put into empowering youth to seek jobs. One striking feature of the job mela is the party plans to harness the job mela activity term by term. For that, the party is coming up next with a web portal that carries all essential information on a single platform.

It plans to integrate the job seekers and job providers in a digital format that lessens the management burden on Human Relations. The portal shall enable both the parties, job seekers, and job providers to come up with their respective desires and aspirations in the career & business development environment. A lot more information can be obtained at https://ysrcpjobmela.com.

YSRCP Job Mela 2023 for Freshers/ Experienced Register Online

Eligibility of Candidate:

1. A candidate should be a native of the particular district where a job mela is about to get organized in A.P.

2. The jobmela shall constitute private companies who operate their businesses in various capacities. It could be a district-level player, state-level player, or pan-India business operator. Hence, a candidate with a basic qualification of tenth class to Ph.D. can apply for jobs in mela.

3. The candidate must carry along the basic schooling certificate, local resident certificate, and graduate/postgraduate/PhD academic certificates if any.

4. Every participating candidate will have to make enrolment in the web portal service at https://ysrcpjobmela.com/ before attending the job mela.

Sri Vijayasai Reddy, the party leader, is involved in organizing the job fair activities at SVUniversity in Tirupati and it is expected to have a creation of a lot of job opportunities with huge private sector participation. The program of job mela is planned to commence on 16th April 2023 & 17th April 2023.

This event is likely to generate at least 5000 jobs in the private sector. The party workers are much awaited for the event to commence as they are the frontline workers (activists & fans) of the YSR Congress party. They are the ones who aggressively worked during 2014, and 2015 party elections. Now, those are given an opportunity to work on this prestigious project. 

Event Hosting at svuniversity, andhrauniversity, & nagarjunauniversity:

The event at SV University is expected to generate job levels of 5000 candidates. Likewise, the #jobmela2023 event is to be held in Andhra University on May 23, 2023, and May 24, 2023. After these two centers, the next job-oriented target is at Guntur on May 30 2023 & May 01, 2023.

However, Sri Vijayasai Reddy, the party leader, said we are confident to generate at least 15000 jobs summed up @tirupati, Visakhapatnam, and Guntur. Further, he concluded that we are expecting job growth of 20,000 with the participation of unemployed youth from the districts of Rayalaseema and Nellore. The youth can try their job hunting at Tirupati job fair. 

The unemployed youth of East Godavari District are advised to participate in the #jobmela2023 @visakhapatnam as it is an adjoining district. For the job seekers of West Godavari, Krishna, Guntur, and Prakasam districts, the Nagarjuna University would be convenient. 

Sri Vijaya Sai Reddy Party Leader Opinion on JobMela2023:

Sri Vijaya Sai Reddy said that the job mela 2023 can engage all who are eligible for the jobs from class 10 to Phd. He further added, it is a great opportunity for the fans and the job opportunities shall be created in accordance to their qualifications.

The party leader invited the job seekers to visit the official website and seek an enrolment before entering the premises of job mela. The representatives of the private companies shall conduct necessary interviews @jobfair2023 and then provide an immediate appointment letter with no delay.

However, such job fair activities will not only boost up the morale of the unemployed youth but also contribute its share to the GDP of the nation. In a way, the ruling party is utilizing its party manpower resources in the most effective manner to rebuild the economy of India.  

An Overview:

Scheme NameYSRCP Job Mela
Scheme started byAP CM Janaganmohan Reddy
Eligible CandidatesAP State Unemployee candidates
Job Mela LocationThirupathi, Vizag, Guntur
Job Mela DatesThirupathi- 16th, 17th April 2023, Vizag 23rd, 24th April 2023, Guntur- 30th April, 1st May 2023
Mode of RegistrationOnline
Job Mela official portalhttps://ysrcpjobmela.com/
Post CategoryState govt scheme
Tirupathi Job mela Registration linkhttps://register.ysrcpjobmela.com/tirupati-job-mela-register-your-name/
Vizag Job Mela Registration Linkhttps://register.ysrcpjobmela.com/visakhapatnam-job-mela-register-your-name/
Guntur Job Mela Registration linkhttps://register.ysrcpjobmela.com/guntur-job-mela-register-your-name/

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How to apply for YSRCP Job Mela 2023 Online:

1st Step: In Order to complete the Job Mela registration on the YSRCP Portal, the job seekers should visit the Official website i.e. https://register.ysrcpjobmela.com/.

2nd Step: Go to the Job Mela Locations section and select the District to attend the job Mela in such places.

Job mela Locations

3rd Step: After selecting the location, the job seekers should click on the Apply Now button and complete the registration by filling out the Registration Form online.

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