PNB Parivar 2.0 HRMS Login Portal app Employee Payslip/ SalarySlip Login

PNB parivar 2.0 Login

PNB Parivar 2.0 Login: Punjab National Bank has created PNB Parivar, an HRMS package for employees, and pensioners. Punjab National Bank HRMS web portal integrates several features that benefit management, employees, and pensioners. The most important is the employee self-service section that includes the payroll module.

The portal makes an automatic pay process for every employee. It provides monthly and yearly pay reports that include arrears, deductions in form of loans & advances, personal loans, etc. Punjab National Bank HRMS provides the following services as mentioned below. 

PNB Parivar 2.0 HRMS Login Portal app Employee Payslip/ SalarySlip Details:

PNB HRMS System Services to Employees/Pensioners:

The Punjab National Bank HRMS system maintains centralized payroll processing. It does contain a database of employees and pensioners and enables beneficiaries to utilize these services. Besides the maintenance of the database, PNB also provides essential services that benefit the beneficiaries.

They are:

  • performance appraisal
  • HR management information system (HMIS)
  • Employee selection
  • Promotion process
  • Employee self-service (ESS)
  • Absence management (AM)
  • Training management (TM)
  • Attendance

PNB Parivar HRMS Portal Service:

PNB Parivar HRMS is an exclusive portal service designed and developed for employees and pensioners. The HRMS portal promotes several essential services and it is an indication that the PNB Parivar keeps a keen concern about their employed personnel.

The web portal functions in supporting the needs of not just employees but also the pensioners who have been served and been relieved from the services. The HRMS web portal renders services such as salary slip, pension slip, loan & advance status, & bank holidays list. These all services can be explained in detail as follows.

1. Salary Slip: The salary slip is usually obtained from the HR department in a hard copy and it does provide a complete financial status of the employee or pensioner. With the existence of a web portal, the entire salary status can be viewed or even downloaded. Complete information on the salary details of individuals enables them to plan for future financial investments. The financial status helps in evaluating for seeking loans, advances, readjusting the provident fund contributions, etc.   

2. Pension Slip: A pensioner need not make repeated rounds to the concerned office. The pension slip that is made available online can make the retired employee plan for the better in the future.

3. Loan & Advance Status: The web portal exposes the status of loans & advances to the employees & pensioners. The loans and advances detail several parameters. They are the loan credit taken, the balance of repayment of loans, and other relevant beneficial details.  

4. Bank Holidays List: The bank holiday list becomes the best calendar for the employee to schedule for the vacation tours keeping in view the calendar details. 

PNB Parivar 2.0 Login & Employee & Pensioner Login Process:

1st Step: Employees / Pensioners can visit the official PNB HRMS login website i.e.

2nd Step: On the PNB Parivar Web Portal home page, the Employees / Pensioners can go through the Login to the HRMS link.

3rd Step: The new page describes different HRMS and login options. The users must enter the Login Credentials and log in to the Dashboard.

4th Step: The web portal will help the user to view all the employee’s Punjab National Bank details.  

PNB Parivar Forgot Password?

The user can reset the password for a forgotten password on the PNB HRMS portal. A user may have forgotten a password or typed in the wrong password three times in succession. In both cases, so as to fix the problem, the web portal helps in resetting the password. The procedure to rest the password is described in brief.

1. Go to the PNB website i.e.

2. Tap on the HRMS Login link.

3. The user is supposed to click on the forgot password link and then allow the new webpage to load in.

4. Once you get the Forgot Password page, the User should Feed the username and then hit on the Continue option.

5. The user must type in the details and enter the received OTP in the related blank.

6. The web portal shall confirm the OTP and then allow the user to make the changes in the password. For that, the portal shall lead the user to the ‘password change page.’    

7. The user must make an entry of the new password twice and then confirm it.

8. After confirmation of the password, the Punjab National Bank HRMS web portal shall register the new password and the user is free to make use of it along with the employee’s user name.

The Process to download PNB HRMS Salary / Pension Payslip:

1. Open the web browser and enter the web portal: The beneficiary (employee/pensioner) can view or download the payslip in just three simple steps.

2. The beneficiary must enter the account number, the month, year for which the Payslip is in need. Then, click on the submit button.

Enter Account NUmber details

3. The beneficiary must enter the One Time Password obtained through a web portal and seek validation.

4. After the web portal validates the OTP, it shall open a new page labeled ‘payslip page.’

Punjab National Bank Pensioner’s Form 16 Generation:

The PNB provides the pensioner form 16 Part A & Part B online and it can be obtained in three simple steps. The form refers to Central and State government employees and it doesn’t refer to the staff of the organization.

1. The beneficiary (pensioner) must visit the link i.e. and enter the PAN number, the year for which the form 16-part A & part B is in need.

PNB Pensioner Form 16

2. The web portal shall deliver a one-time password and the registered mobile number will receive it. The beneficiary must enter the obtained OTP to seek validation.

3. The web portal shall enable the pensioner to download the form 16-part A & part B file over the web link:

4. It is made possible only when OTP and Captcha are validated.

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