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SBI HRMS New Portal Login

HRMS SBI Login Portal: State Bank of India has launched an SBI HRMS web portal to serve employees and pensioners online. HRMS refers to human resource management solutions, and its purpose is to support the SBI community.

SBI extends various portal facilities such as HRMS SBI IRJ Portal, SBI HRMS SAP Portal, SBI HRMS EMS, and HRMS salary slip & HRMS SBI Coin. SBI HRMS Portal service provider does render services such as salary slip, pensioner slip, or view transactional history.

The entire SBI HRMS software makes life easier for the employees/ pensioners by saving their time and energy. The online operations are precise and do operate in a hassle-free environment. The HRMS system is custom-made to match the need of the employees/pensioner, and the portal does deliver services like salary slips and pension slips to them.

SBI HRMS New Portal Login Onlinesbi Staff Pensioners Details:

Three Types of HRMS SBI Portal Services:

The classification of HRMS SBI portal services is in three types. System Analysis & Programming, SAP IRJ, & SBI coin.

In SAP, the below given following modules include:

  • Capital Management
  • Succession Planning
  • Performance Appraisals
  • Competency Assessment
  • Career Development
  • Virtual Classrooms
  • Property Management

IRJ maintains the information on SBI activities, Check Payslips, Promotion Schemes, and Recruitment Programs. SBI Coin service provides pension slips, retirement plan activities, and pension plans.

Portal Services Employees/Pensioners:

The portal allows employees/pensioners to check the account balance, track the complaint states, a loan tracking system. In addition, they can access pension plan analytics, provident fund nomination, multiple benefits in loans, four in one, and the scheduled holiday days. The beneficiaries can generate account statements and salary payslips.

Sharing Services with Associated Banks:

The SBI shares the portal system with associated banks and their employees, and pensioners can utilize the services.

Those banks are:

  • Kerala State Bank of Travancore
  • Telangana Region State Bank of Hyderabad
  • Karnataka State Bank of Mysore
  • State Bank of Karnataka
  • Rajasthan State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur

Features of HRMS SBI Portal:

  • The State Bank of India launches the HRMS SBI portal in the year 2017.
  • The SBI has built the portal for the employees/pensioners.
  • Employees/pensioners can make an easy download of their payslips and salary slips online in PDF format.
  • The HRMS provides information on monthly salary slips, pension slips, Provident Fund, leave, and related information for employees/pensioners.

SBI HRMS Mobile App:

The SBI HRMS mobile app benefits the employees/pensioners by providing the following services. They are check payslip, apply for holidays, pensioners, PF, and it lists in few minutes. The MyHRMS app dashboard composes of links through which an employee can address the following activities.

They are leave, tour, reimbursement, reward and recognition, SBI events, and miscellaneous. The mobile portal provides access to employees/pensioners to post leave requests, and seek leave approval, leave balance, and the list of holidays is present on the dashboard. 

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SBI HRMS Portal: Accessible for All:

Keeping in view the security levels of the portal, only a select group of persons have access to the HRMS portal. The SBI management provides the needful admin permissions to the controller and staff of allied posts. The employees and retired employees have no permissions to admin access.

Salary Slip: Employment Proof:

The portal features essential information for an employee/pensioner. An applicant can make simple logins to reach their pages to view salary and pension slips online. The applicant should have sign-in the portal with a user ID and password as the login credentials.

The applicant can view transactional history, includes deductions, if any, and net monthly salary. The individual record of salary slip information stands as proof of employment. Financial agencies will immediately provide loans on producing the latest three consecutive salary slips.  

SBI HRMS Login Process:

1st Step: In order to log in to the SBI online HRMS web page, employees must visit the Online sbi HRMS portal i.e.

2nd Step: The website opens a new webpage, and it is the home page. The employee must click the login button that is available on the top of the web page.

click on Login Option

3rd Step: The employee/ pensioner should enable the virtual keyboard and then enter the username and password. Then, click the login button.

login page of HRMS

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Download Salary/Pension Slip PDF:

The employees/ pensioners can download the salary and pension slips by operating the HRMS SBI web portal.

1st Step: An employee/pensioner should visit the SBI HRMS portal and click on the login button that is available on the menu bar. 

2nd Step: The employee/pensioner must make an entry of the username, password and log in to the HRMS portal by hitting the login button. Then, It will take the employee/pensioner to another webpage, the dashboard.

3rd Step: On the dashboard, options such as earnings, salary, PF, pension, gratuity, and my home tabs are available in the menu bar.

4th step: Pensioner (beneficiary) should click on the pension-related services. It will enter the next page. Here, the beneficiary must select the year, the month of the payslips.

5th Step: The beneficiary can make an easy download of the selected month’s pension slip.

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3 thoughts on “SBI HRMS Portal Login app Staff Pensioners Payslip / Salary Slip

  1. Attempt more than three times to login my pension hrms.The password was wrong.Now I am unable to open my hrms.Please guide me how can I open my hrms.My ID no is 3474313.

    1. Attempt more than three times to login my pension hrms.The password was wrong.Now I am unable to open my hrms.Please guide me how can I open my hrms.My ID no is 3474313.

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