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Key2Benefits Login

Key2Benefits Login: Key2benefits prepaid card functions to support the financial needs of those citizens enrolled in the State-funded programs. The main programs can be unemployment insurance, housing authorities, Crises Intervention, General assistance, Child support Payments, and pension funds.

A beneficiary may not prefer to take key2benefits prepaid card for that option must be changed by contacting the State agency. 

Key2Benefits Login Check My Card Balance & Card Status Details:

Card Activation:

1. The user must call on the number available on the backside of the Key2benefit card. Another way an activation can be done card can be activated is by accessing at Some actions may require the assistance of the call center, and a user may need to contact. The state agency will handle specific actions.    

2. allows users to conduct self-service for the following issues.

They are:

  • Changing my pin,
  • Check my balance,
  • Transaction history,
  • Transaction history Print Out.

In addition, free deposit alerts and pay transfer funds to a personal account are possible.

Creation of Logins for key2benefits:

1. The card account number is the number available on the backside of the key2benefits card. To activate an account, the user must log in to the website ie.

2. The users must enter the first 9 digits of the card number on the given space and click on the Submit button. If you are the new User can go through the ‘new user? Enroll now link available on the bottom of the screen.  

3. Next, Users must enter the new 16-digit card number and also enter the Code (A card security code, a three-digit number, on the right-hand side of the signature field).

4. Then, users should hit on the Continue Option. It shall prompt the creation of a User ID and Password to access the user’s card.

Key2Benefits Login process:

1. Visit the Key2benefits website then, enter the first nine digits available on the card number. Click on the submit button.

2. Enter the User ID and Password (as and when the account gets created). 

3. In case of necessity, the user can use the ‘forgot your User Id/ forgot your password’ options to regenerate the forgotten ones.

4. Then, Click on the ‘continue.’

Reset User PIN:

Two ways are available, reset the PIN using or by utilizing the automated response system.

Reset PIN on

1.  A user must log in through the key2benefits account.

2.  Select the ‘change PIN’ in the menu.

3.  The change PIN screen will be on display.

4.  Type in old PIN one time and new PIN two times for confirmation.

5.  Click on the submit button.

Reset PIN using Automated Phone Service:

1. Call the automated phone services, and dial the number available on the back of the user’s card.

2. A User should press one for the following services. The services can be for activation, balance information, transactional history, and cardholder information.

3. The user must enter the complete card number correctly and the last four numerical of SSN and CVV.

4. While the call is in progress, say ‘change PIN’ then enter a new 4- digit PIN. And re-enter the same PIN to validate.        

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1. Key2benefits cards are Mastercard debit cards and, users can utilize them for purchases anywhere.

2. The user can use Key2benefits cards that are prepaid debit cards to make online, phone, and mail order purchases.

3. With the Key2benefit cards, any user can withdraw cash at ATMs, banks, or credit unions or cask back on purchases at predefined retailers. These retailers can be grocery shops, apparel, shopping malls, etc. 

4. When a user utilizes the card for any of the above-said reasons, then there will be fund deductions automatically from the card.

5. Key2benefits card provides an additional functioning of bank account transfers. A user can transfer any amount to a personal checking or saving account over the key2benefits website.

6. Branch/Teller Withdrawal:  A user can collect cash over the counter down to a penny. The branch/teller must be a Mastercard member bank that includes all key bank locations. 

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Check Balance on the Key2benefit Card:

1. The user must log in to the key2Bank website i.e.

2. The user can find the card balance, and it will be on the right-hand corner of the display.

3. In the absence of the Internet, a user can operate toll-free numbers available on the back of the user’s card. The transaction will be for free. The call center shall be functional 24 hours a day throughout the week.

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