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IKYA Salaryslip Login

IKYA Salaryslip Login: IKYA is a product of QUESS Corporation that provides ample HR resources to the clients’ requirements. A section of the HR resource is the employee relationship with the company. The facilities and services that a company renders through its agency are called Human resource capital.

The prime document of every month is the salary payslip. Now, companies are issuing online support to their employees to address their employment issues. Hence an employee approaching the IKYA portal will have to learn to login into the portal. Later, how to download the documents from the web portal. Below are the favourable steps to do so.

IKYA Salaryslip Login, QuessPayslip Details:

Benefits IKYA payslips:

1. Companies that hire IKYA services can benefit their employees in many ways. The incorporation of features for the employees on the HR modules is of immense value.

2. The employees can collect their salary payslips instantly with ease.

3. The IKYA software enables companies to maintain employees’ transactions transparently. The salary slip page gives employees their financial status.

4. The features like save and print on the web module allows employees to make an easy download.

5. The salary slips of three months can become essential documentation to those aspiring for different loans. They can be a personal loan, housing loan, etc.

6. An employee can take a printout for the required months by selecting the month and year on the relevant page.

Benefits to Company’s HR Employees:

1. The IKYA software helps their clients (companies) to save time and energy for their HR employees.

2. The regular activities that require standard procedures are automated digitally, and hence software takes the necessary care.

3. Digital automation provides instant information to employees’ desks, and hardly any delay could encounter while operating the software HR applications. 

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IKYA SalarySlip Login Online Download:

1st Step: Visit the IKYA official login portal i.e. https://qpay.quesscorp.com/ikyaportal/.

2nd Step: The link will lead to the login page, and the employee must enter the user ID and the password.

Click on Login page

3rd Step: Enter the details and click on the login option. After the internal verification, the portal will open an employee salary slip.

4th Step: The employee must enter the specific month and year to seek the salary payslip.

Forgot Password? Simple steps to Retrieve:

Before attempting to retrieve the ‘password,’ keep a note of the following, employee ID number, date of birth, employee name, mobile number in use.

1. Enter the IKEA portal’s webpage and log in at qpay.quesscorp.com/ikyaportal.

2. Click on the ‘forgot password’ option and, a new page will display and, the employee must enter the form with details.

3. Click on the generate OTP option, and enter into the valid field on receiving it. And click on the verify option.

4. A new page will open and, the employee must create a new password and save it.

Company Profile:

Quess Corporation Limited (Quess) engages in outsourcing solutions on digital platforms for clients. The corporation is client-friendly and comes out with a host of technologies. They are staffing, managing outsourcing services. It delivers packages that cover human resource capital services effectively in a hassle-free environment.

The features do fore-guard HR managers’ tasks by installing custom-made solutions. The solutions do take the path of servicing processes in multiple segments. They are sales and marketing, customer care, back-end operations, manufacturing operations, Finance and Accounts operations, IT, and relevant mobility services.

Mission & Vision:

1. The company dreams of delivering exceptional services and focus on reliable proprietary digital platforms. It wants to continue as the biggest integrating business service provider in the Nation.

2. The company intensifies HR operations as a part of the business strategy and improvise in the following areas. They are better employability, supporting job seekers, employment opportunities, and digitalize workforce.


The company that got established in 2007 has attained a geographical presence in 64 locations. It stretches across India, South East Asia, and North America. Quess makes a continual effort in the creation of unparalleled service experience in their chosen work domains. 

Quess provides services in the areas of staffing solutions, managed services, and in-edge retail solutions.

1. Staffing solutions include long and short-term hiring, payroll management, grievance management, engagement programs, statute, and compliance management, and exit formalities.

2. Managed services comprise engagement programs, asset deployment, rewards and recognition programs, training management, and hire train and deploy.

3. In-edge offering includes sales enablement, visual merchandising, retail audits, engagement programs, training, and development. 

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