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Meesho Supplier Panel Login:

Meesho Supplier Panel Login: Sellers can opt for Meesho buyers/seller’s platform to reach far-flung customers in a hassle-free manner. The process of doing digital business is simple, gainful, and tangible for any seller.

However, a seller must enroll for the registration and start campaigning to target their audience. The following lines speak on the journey to sell your products and services on Meesho. The feature that you need to know is how Meesho works? How can you sell your business on Meesho? What is Meesho Dashboard?

Meesho Supplier Buyer/ Seller Panel Login 2021 app Registration Details:

Steps to Launch Product on Meesho Platform:

1. A seller will have to upload high-quality products on the Meesho platform at a competitive price.

2. A reseller will place an order for the product.

3. As you (seller) receive the order from the reseller, you must ship your order and dispatch the order within one day. Meesho will make payment of the order in your bank account within 15 days of your dispatch order.

Follow & Become Successful Seller:

1. Upload your product catalog at wholesale price for a reseller to promote your product.

2. The reseller will add the profit margin and sell the product hence upload the wholesale prices to benefit both parties.

3. It is suggestive to set in a wholesale price at a competitive level.

Benefits of Meesho:

1. A seller gets an instant to connect with one crore plus resellers network.

2. Resellers sell your products in 700 plus categories, and Meesho has delivered orders up to 24 thousand pin-code to date.

3. On the Meesho platform, the commission charges are zero. It means the shipping cost in Meesho is for free.

4. Return to Origin of products or cash on delivery products will not be charged by the Meesho services.

5. If the product has a manufacturing defect or the wrong delivery of a product, the seller will have to bear the reverse shipping charges. 

6. Meesho platform will charge a commission price of 18 percent on the selling price of your product that is GST.

7. If the seller delays the dispatch of an order more than two to three days, your order will attract a penalty of five percent on the selling price.

Meesho Seller Dashboard:

1. The Meesho seller dashboard has buttons labelled one below another and each prefixed with a purpose. They are Meesho Order Tab, Return and RTO order tab, etc.

2. Enter the supplier panel to enter the dashboard.  panel, and fill in the username and password to log in.

Meesho Order Tab: The order form contains options such as on hold, pending, to be dispatch, ready to ship, ship, and cancel. Sellers can check the orders in a date-wise manner. The portal provides detailed information of the order in an excel sheet.

Return & RTO Order Tab: You can check the progress of the order, and no penalty applies on the return to order. If the order delivery is incomplete within a week, the product gets cancelled automatically. The company will apply a penalty. Hence, you must deliver the order in time by using Meesho courier promptly.

Inventory Tab: The tab will display the products that you have listed for sale. It provides information on in-stock products and out-of-stock products. Seller will have to upload at least six to ten catalogs on Meesho.

Payments Tab: On the payment tab, you will find to view six payment reports like next payment, last payment, total outstanding payments, penalties, commission tax invoice, deductions, and compensations (total penalties, waivers, and other settlements).

Catalog Upload Tab: You will have an option for single or bulk listing, and the excel sheet is proven to be an input of information.

Single Listing:

1. Click on the single catalog, and select the product category where you plan to list the product.

2. You use high-resolution images for listing as they source in getting better orders. Do follow the image guidelines that are available on the listing page.

3. The portal will engage a quality check of the product listing, and the quality dashboard shall display the reasons for disapproval.  

Create Meesho Sellers Account via Meesho Panel Portal:

1st Step: Open the Meesho web portal i.e.

2nd Step: Enter the Welcome Meesho web page by hitting the Start Selling Option on the Meesho Home page.

click on start selling on the Meesho Supplier Panel Login

3rd Step: On the web page, enter the following data like mobile number, send OTP, and enter the OTP. next, enter the email ID, and set the password. The Sellers must create a password minimum of 8 characters, one upper case, one number, and at least one character (@#&*). Tick the WhatsApp and click the create account.

Meesho start Selling

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Meesho Sellers Login:

1st step: Suppliers who wish to log in to the Meesho Login page must visit the website i.e.

2nd Step: And, make an entry through the supplier panel by clicking the Login Option on the Meesho home page.

login page

3rd Step: Suppliers must enter their active email, password and click the login button.

enter details and click on login

4th Step: In case a supplier forgets the password, then click the forgot password. The page enters the “Forgot login password” web page, and the supplier must enter the email. And click submit email button.

5th Step: The portal delivers the password to the email for reference.

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