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Kerala Covid-19 Test Report

Kerala Covid-19 Test Report: With the rampant spread of the Covid 19 across Kerala, the government became keen on coordinating the results. Portal is exclusively designed for the diagnostic centers, to collect the covid 19 data and integrate it. The digital data on the lab diagnosis management system can prove to be more effective in generating reports of the 100000 covid 19 tests daily.

If the health machinery is able to draw voluminous information on Covid 19 it gives greater space for the government to take stern measures. The government took up the challenge of integrating all the diagnosis labs across Kerala. It provides access to patients to register, log in, download the reports for future reference.

The government of Kerala has launched an online lab diagnostic management system called The web portal is one of the main sources of information to the department of health and family welfare of the Kerala state government. What is an online lab diagnostic management system? It is a web-based portal with OS software that enables the health department to monitor health. Every day, the health department gets the information on the patients registered at hospitals. The patients can download the reports effortlessly with a click.

The newly evolved system has replaced the manual process that involves paper-based reporting. In electronic reporting, the soft copy of the report is generated automatically. The web portal provides login credentials to different professionals working in the hospitals. It could be a data entry operator, government medical official, and system administrator.

Kerala Covid-19 Test Report Download, labsys health Login:

Key features of Web Portal:

1. The web portal is interfaced with google maps and generates real-time data. It incorporates the map of Kerala state.

2. The portal is able to represent the Covid 19 cases on the Kerala map. It also makes a spatial analysis of the possible occurrence of the Covid spread in the surroundings. 

3. The web portal provides the registered cases, and the generated reports enable the health department in time. Every day reports generated can give adequate information to take up precautionary measures and in fact, control the disease.


Covid 19 Statistics as of 26-01-22:

The cumulative positive cases of today (26-01-22) is 5774857

  • Active cases – 300556
  • Cumulative recovery- 5421307
  • Total persons in quarantine – 457329
  • Total in-home quarantine- 446391
  • Hospital isolation 10938
  • Deaths- 52281
Statistics of 26th Jan 2022

Patient Login at

1st step: The patient must enter the official website at https//

2nd Step: On the index page, the patient must click on the login link available on the tab. A new login dialog box shall open on the home/index page.

Login page of Kerala Covid-19 Test Report

3rd Step: Then the patient must enter the username, password, and captcha code, and then click on the sign-in button.

Enter details , login page

4th step: The patient can make an easy entry into the lab diagnostic management system portal.

5th step: The above-mentioned image refers to the health monitoring – sign-up page for registering labs only.

Register at login Page:

1. The registering lab must enter the lab diagnosis management system website and click on the login button.

2. The website shall pop up a login dialog box. The lab diagnosis management must click on the ‘new lab Register here’ and it will lead to a health monitoring sign-up form.

Register Here

3. The lab management must enter the establishment details, nodal officer details, and preferred password. The management must validate the details and click on the submit button for getting registered successfully.

Register page

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Extract Report with SRF ID at

1. To download Kerala Covid-19 Test Report through the Labsys portal, Patients must visit the official portal i.e.

2. The patient must click the ‘Download test report’ placed on the main page. Or A user can use the direct link i.e. to get the ‘download test report page.’

hit on Download test Report to get the Kerala Covid-19 Test Report page

3. The patient must enter the SRF No, Mobile number, Captcha, and then click on the download button.

enter details and get Kerala Covid-19 Test Report

4. In case a patient forgets the SRF Number, then Patients should hit on the ‘click here.’ link as shown below.

Go to click here Section

5. The webpage shall get redirected to the new page of ‘know your SRF’ and the patient must fill in the details such as sample collection date, the district from the select column, patient name (first three letters), patient mobile number, Captcha code and click on the search button. 

Know your SRF

Health Solution Exchange Kerala Govt’s Health Web Portal:

1. The Department of Health and Family Welfare of Kerala state government has developed a web portal that becomes a hub of innovative ideas. Importantly, with the worst pandemic of Covid 19, it became an impending need to collaborate a synergy. The department has created a structural mechanism in which the citizens are invited to participate and provide solutions. In a way, it is a solution exchange platform that can be found at

2. It draws knowledge from all quarters of society. The final output of the public interaction is to create a network of resourceful persons who evolve with innovative ideas, later put to execution. The participants of the solution exchange portal are civil society, editorial board, coordination team, resource network.

Solution Exchange Portal: A conceptual Representation:

A conceptual Representation:

Address of Communication:

Any visitor in need of information on Covid 19 or any related healthcare and family welfare issues can contact at:

  • Department of Health & Family Welfare, Govt of Kerala
  • 6th Floor, Secretariat Annexe -II, Govt Secretariat
  • Thiruvananthapuram – 695001
  • Phone: +91 4712327865
  • Email: [email protected]

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