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Anmol RCH Portal Data Entry

Anmol RCH Portal: RCH & RPT Web portals are developed in almost every department of the Central/State governments. The main objective behind Introducing these web portals are to bring in a store of information based on certain profiles. The centrally pooled information is utilized to analyze and generate a better blueprint of project implementation in the upcoming times.

A similar effort is put by the Central Government, under the MOH and Family Planning department. A new specialized scheme, reproductive and child health, RCH, has been raised to benefit pregnant mothers and newborn babies. All of it falls under the National Health Mission Program, NHMP.

Anmol RCH Portal Data Entry Details:

Web Portal Information Saves RCH enrolled Ones:

The web portal that is the implementation of the planning and execution team is robust in nature. It maintains information of the individual (beneficiaries) in a data entry page with different profiles applications. Since a decade of research, it is an observable measure that small and affordable measures can be beneficial.

A pregnant woman can be saved from health risks provided preventive measures are implemented from time to time. That means, providing appropriate health care during pregnancy, childbirth, and immediately afterward.

RCH Content Assimilation:

Reproductive and Child health portal contains information on the individual beneficiaries, on the reproductive life cycle of women, and child health. It includes the reproductive life cycle of women, promoting, monitoring, and supporting the reproductive material. The portal maintains a continuous list of scheme/program delivery and reporting.

Prime Focus of National Health Mission (NHM):

1. Bring about a reduction of IMR and MMR.

2. Providing quality service to pregnant women and children across the country.

3. Centralized pool-in of information on the portal in order to deduce evidence-based decision-making.

4. The basic aim of RCH is to make early identification and tracking of the individual beneficiary through the reproductive lifecycle.

5. The facilitates of Reproductive & Child Health is the timely delivery of antenatal, postnatal, and delivery services.

6. In addition, the RCH does track the children until they complete immunization services.  

7. RCH portal is designed to suit the purpose of the RMNCH program.

8. It provides information on family planning services, quality, and comprehensive ANCs.

9. It sends alerts to ANMs, beneficiaries, and health managers.

Profile Entries in Data Entry Page:

The Web Portal service servers store the applications under different profile entries. All of them must be entered by individual beneficiaries that depend on the profile they are in need to execute. Initially, beneficiaries will have to log in to the portal, then select the location.

This includes their place of living details. After which, they can enter the data entry page with different profile entries. The profile entries include couples, pregnant women entry, child entry, health providers/ASHA entry, bank information entries, and so on and so forth. For a better understanding, here three issues are explained.

A. Portal login process

B. Location entry

C. Asha Registration (profile entry form)

RCH Portal Data Entry Login Process:

1st Step: First, Users should open the RCH website i.e.

2nd Step: On the home page of Reproductive & Child Health, Users should click the ‘Data Entry’ Option.

Click on the Data entry

3rd Step: RCH Data Entry Login form page will appear on the screen. The login of the RCH link is

RCH Login page

4th Step: On the Login form, Users must Select State, State Code, and Enter the login credentials like username, and password. Then, you will have to enter the captcha code and click the login button.

Click on the login button

6th Step: Once you log in to the RCH web Page, users should fulfill the Population Entry, Eligible Couple Entry, Child Entry and etc, and complete the Data entry Process. The Following Official steps are listed on the RCH Data Entry user Manual. If anyone Interest please go through the RCH Data Entry User Manual and view the complete procedure.

Location Entry:

1. Visit the webpage:

2. On the home page, select the option ‘set location.’

3. Then, go to the ‘set data entry hierarchy’ option.

4. Choose district, health block/ward, and health facility type. 

5. Select PSC, sub-facility, or center and village.

6. Click the set button.

Once the data entry page is opened, there is a list of options on the data entry page. And, here is a simple way to register ASHA, which is one of the profiles on the data entry page.

ASHA Registration: (Profile Entry Form)

1. Open the official website of RCH.

2. On the data entry section, click the option ‘section II.’

3. Choose the ANM/ASHA registration.

4. A new registration form will open.

5. Fill in the information about the village, name, and designation.

6. Enter the details of name, Gender, and active mobile number.

7. Enter the address, joining date, financial year, EID number, & EID date.

8. Make a selection of telecom operators, and bank information, and enter Aadhar Number.

9. After cross-validating the entered details, click the submit button of ANM/ASHA registration.  

The process of registration is completed in the RCH portal. Likewise, different profile categories that are available on the data entry page can be accessed by individual beneficiaries.

An Overview:

Programme NameAnmol RCH Portal Data Entry 
Name of the PortalsRCH & PRT Portals
Portal links,
Eligible BeneficairesThe couple, Praganet Woman & Children
Category of the ArticleState govt scheme

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