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Kerala AHIMS Portal Login

Kerala AHIMS Portal Login: AHIMS HIB Distribution web Portal has been launched by the Chief Secretary VP Joy Garu. VP Joy is an expert health committee on Covid-19 in Kerala.

The expert committee decided to vaccinate two communities prominently. People who are suffering from severe comorbidities and immunocompromised and the healthcare workers, HCWs shall be provided with booster doses. If HCWs are vaccinated with a booster dose then it may cause hybrid or super immunity. In Kerala alone, the state government has vaccinated 49.1 percent of its population, and 94.4 percent have received the first dose.

Kerala AHIMS Portal Login, Registration, HIB Distribution, AHiMS 2.0

The Kerala state Medical community notifies those two shots do elicit maximal protection against severe disease and death. A lead Researcher of IMA Dr. Rajeev Jayadevan Garu stated that those suffering from immunosuppressed conditions may require three doses to elicit an immune response.

Public Opinion: The current statistics reveal that only 30 to 35 percent of the adult population is vaccinated. Experts say that the program has not yet begun for children and booster doses may divert the resources for health workers and senior citizens. 

Global Scenario: On Booster Doses in Senior Citizens/Health-workers:

Globally, it is observed that many countries have rolled out Covid 19 boosters for senior citizens. The food and drug administration in the USA recommends boosters of Pfizer’s Covid 19 vaccine for citizens who are over and above sixty-five years of age. But it doesn’t vote to have a booster dose for everyone.

It was on July 30, Israel gave approval for the Pfizer vaccine, a booster dose for people who are 60 years or older and who have had a second dose of vaccine as well. The Isreal government has advanced the booster dose by at least 5 months. Britain’s Covid booster also rolled out within the country dishing out the first extra dose to health workers and is ahead of the upcoming winter.

In the global scenario, Mr. Bal said, the vaccination programmes have become an individual-centric approach versus public health approach is a major difference. Most of the Countries recommend additional shots of the same old vaccine for their own people.

ICMR’s regional medical research center ( RMRC) Bhubaneswar, identifies that the level of antibodies produced in the bodies of Covexin intakers begin to decline after two months of the dose and the Covidshield intakers will begin to decline after three months of shots. Likewise, reports say that Pfizer and Moderna vaccines also wane over time.

Ayush Homeopathy Information Management System Portal Details

The Department of Homeopathy announced that HIB online registration for students from 09:00 am to 04:00 pm and there will be a free vaccination for students on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Students can perform an online registration at the official website i.e. The Ayush Homeopathy Information Management System renders the web portal service for HIB. 

The government of Kerala begins booster doses for the Health workers. The AHIMS in association with the department of Homeopathy, Kerala began Homeopathic Immune Booster (Hib) vaccine. The students of Homeopathy had to enter the web portal and fill in the application form to register. The vaccination registration started on October 25 and the last date was until October 27, 2021. The Hib vaccine is between 09:00 am and 05:00 pm.

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Student Registration at AHIMS Kerala Govt Web Portal:

1st step: Visit the website of Ayush Homeopathy Information Management System i.e. and click on the registration button.

Kerala AHIMS Portal Login page

2nd Step: The website shall open a new page that contains options like new Registration/ login/ Forgot password.

registration and Login page

3rd Step: For the new registration, students must go through the HIB Distribution Portal section and hit on the New registration. The website shall take to the next webpage and titled Registration.

enter details and signup here

4th Step: Students will have to enter the mobile number, name of parent/ guardian, residential address, password, captcha, and hit on the ‘sign-up button.

fill up the details

Kerala AHIMS Portal Login Process:

1. To login to the AHIMS Portal, students should go through AHIMS Portal i.e.

2. Go through the Registration page on the HIB Distribution portal.

Kerala AHIMS Portal Login page

2. Once you get the Login page, students should enter the mobile number, password, captcha, and click on the ‘login’ button.

Kerala AHIMS Portal Login

For Staff Login at HiB Portal:

1. Visit the Kerala AHIMS portal.

2. Click on the Registration link and go to the Staff Login section.

3. After getting the Staff Login page, you can enter the username, password, and captcha, and click on the ‘keep me logged in’ box if necessary else click on the ‘login’ button.

Staff Login page

Forgot Password:

  • A student can reset a forgotten password in two methods. One is by using a mobile number, and the second method is through an Aadhaar card.
  • In the first method, enter the mobile number, captcha, and click on the submit request.
  • In the second method, tick the box next to data written as student Aadhar and DoB, reset password.
  • Enter the Aadhar card, date of birth, and captcha, and click on the ‘validate the details’ button. On validation, resetting the password is performed.

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