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Rackspace Webmail Login:

Rackspace Webmail Login: Rackspace technology on the cloud has enabled British Heart Foundation operations 24x7x365 portal support. Rackspace makes it an easy login for the foundation users. British Heart Foundation collaborated with Rackspace technology to accelerate their mission through digital innovation. In the process, Rackspace technology provides solutions and products that suit the needs of the British Heart Foundation. The technology company installed Microsoft Azure Rack application services to achieve the foundation purposes. The entire foundation operations have been transferred to the public cloud, which involves migration process and professional service support.

The Foundation charity website became a core platform and the interactive field increased year on year. The platform began to engage its donors, stakeholders, patients, and carers. The increase in operation on the web platform made it less reliable and unstable. In addition, the website was also managing online and in-store retail businesses. The foundation funds about 100 million pounds every year into the research of heart and circulatory diseases.

With the alliance of a strategic partnership with the British Heart Foundation, Rackspace technology migrated the Foundation infrastructure to Microsoft Azure. The Rack professional services handle increased traffic from campaigns, giving donors an improvised experience. In addition, the professional support enhances a solid base to grow the foundation’s online retail businesses. In a manner, the Rackspace application service professionals deploy an integration with Sitecore too. This case study makes one understand the kind of genuine operations Rackspace performs for its clients.

Rackspace Webmail Login & Forays into Cloud Technologies:

Rackspace grabbed the technological need that got created when Amazon came up with a big multi-tenant public cloud in 2006. During this period, the businesses had to approach cloud infrastructure experts to handle and manage the complex tools and applications. Running the database on Cloud was of great prominence.

Rackspace worked to the advantage of this new market category and managed cloud services. As of now, the company is the leading cloud service provider to all major public and private cloud technologies. The company is acclaimed by many leading companies like Forbes, CRN, Glassdoor, Fortune as great places to work.

About Rackspace Technology:

Headquartered in San Antonio, the company employs 6,000 rockets spread across four continents. The company has a global reach in 120 countries. The company is equipped with 40 data centers, two security operations centers. It has a record of serving more than half of the Fortune 100.

Rackspace Mission:

Run with a mission, Rackspace follows three fundamental steps, Embrace technology, Empower customers, and Deliver the future.

Embrace technology: When elaborated, Embrace technology it is a multi-cloud solution that powers in enhancing new revenues, appending efficiency, and delivering the future.

Empowering customers with private and public cloud solutions by placing expertise in implementing the world’s leading technologies.

Deliver the future: Rackspace technology partners customers and helps them to achieve results faster than ever. In the process, the company blends world-class processes and technology.

Rackspace Services Powering Clients Performances:

Rackspace has rendered technological services such as cloud infrastructure professionals and managed service providers (2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant).

1. In Q2 2020, Rackspace associated with the Forrester Wave™ and supported in hosting private cloud services in North America & Europe, multi-cloud managed services.

2. In 2020, the company served in data center services & solutions for ISG provider lens leader for Next-Gen private/hybrid cloud, and ISG provider lens rising star for next-gen private/hybrid cloud. 

3. In 2019, the company managed cloud services in Asia/Pacific for IDC Marketscape.

Simple Steps to Create a Rackspace Webmail Account at Rackspace.com

1. Visit the website i.e. https://www.rackspace.com and click on the login button of the home page. The page shall get redirected to the login dashboard.

2. The dashboard contains a Rackspace webmail login and you need to click on it.

3. The page shall get redirected to the Rackspace webmail account and click on the link as Hosted Email.

4. It will lead to a hosted email page, and the user must click on the ‘Begin Free Trial’ Button.

5. The user must fill-up the form to set up a webmail account.

6. On signing the Rackspace webmail, the user needs to choose the service on the apps tab, Rackspace Email or Rackspace Email Plus.

7. The user will have to fill incomplete details in the account tab, billing information tab, & confirmation tab.

8. When the tabs are filled, the user must confirm the account, and the account gets created.

Rackspace Webmail Login:

1st step: To sign in to the Webmail page, Users should visit the Rackspace portal and click on the login & Support option.

go to login

2nd Step: It gets redirected to the new page, which comprises a login dashboard with various services such as Rackspace Customer Portal, Cloud Office Control Panel, Microsoft 365 Portal, Rackspace webmail Login. Under the Rackspace Technology Support, the user should go through the 4th Option like Rackspace webmail login.

Rackspace webmail Login page

3rd step: The user must check for the link https://apps.rackspace.com/index.php. The hypertext link shall redirect to the webmail account login form.

4th step: The user must enter an email address, password as login credentials and tap on the Login button.

Rackspace webmail Login

5th step: At the final, the web page shall be redirected to the Rackspace webmail account.

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Reset Forgotten Password in Rackspace Webmail:

1. To reset the password, users can go to the webmail login page and click on the “Forget Password?” link.

Forgot password

3. It will lead to a new web page and the user should enter an email address, and click on the continue.

enter email address

4. The web portal shall send a reset password link to the user’s email account.

5. The user should open the link and Enter a new password, confirm the password & reset the password by tapping the reset button.

6. The password must be of a minimum of 14 characters, they must contain upper case, lower case, special character, numerical.

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