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Penn foster Student Portal Login

Penn Foster University is an online university that provides its course participants, job oriented professional courses. In addition, the University also provides specialized offers to its organizations ( clients). They provide inputs to employees, job training organizations, education providers, and case studies. However, the University provides online education and job training for their client’s workforce.

The University offers programs such as Associate Degrees, Business Management, Early Childhood Education, Medical Assistant, Paralegal Studies, Veterinary Technician. In the following lines, the article describes the basic benefits the online program penn foster provides to students, and organizations.

It also explains the basic elementary requirements to pursue the courses. Besides, the mission and vision with which the university drives, it also explains the enrollment procedure and login methods for the course participants to access the selected courses.

Penn Foster Mission: Provide to students and clients a deep insight of knowledge, impart skills and credentials that enable them to achieve their goals. It could be the chosen field as a new beginner in a career or charged up to pursue lifelong learning.

Penn foster Login Student Portal Login 2022-23 Nova Scotia Login

Penn Foster University’s Goals:

1. The education programs are custom-made that enables the course participants to acquire the core competencies. These courses are motivational and drive them through their chosen technical and professional fields.

2. In the process of distance learning education, the University employs strategies that include updated learning procedures.

3. The student is driven through the interactive learning process and optimizes the learning procedures through broader participation.

4. The student/organization performance is accessed through systematic institutional practices.

5. The university provides extensive student support services to suit the student’s needs and interests.

6. The university makes fiscal responsible planning that shall balance the institution’s educational commitment Vs profitable financial performance.

7. The University’s admission policy permits all students to enroll in courses regardless of their race, religion, national origin, etc.

8. The University measures its performances through their qualitative and quantitative provision of education. It includes the measurement of the student’s satisfaction, career evaluation, and outcome of graduates.

Students Obtain Benefits:

1. The students can get their online learning on smart cell phones. The university charges affordable tuition fees and in turn, helps in zero percent interest on payment plans.

2. The Tutors harness their students/organizations in the following areas.

  • Students do stay connected with tutors and they do seek learning and career counseling.
  • To make the students understand the industry’s work setup, the tutors engage in practical group discussions.
  • The tutors provide guidance to students in their assignments and then help to undertake challenges as a community.

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Student Community at Penn Foster:

1. The student community creates profiles that can make them stay connected for a long.

2. These student communities engage in discussions on forums, guide students with assignments, and shop the bookstore as well.

Enroll for Course at

A student can enroll in the education institution in just 4-simple steps. They are contact, payment, review, and sign.

1. Visit the Penn Foster Portal i.e.

2. The website shall open with its index page. The user must hover on the enroll button and click it.

enroll now here

3. A new dialog box shall open and the applicant must fill in the empty blanks.

4. The applicant must click dropbox and select the desired course.

5. Further, the applicant must enter the first name,  surname name, and email. Then, retype the email to ‘confirm email,’ & zip code.

6. The applicant is asked to select the dropbox ‘ How do you hear about us.’

7. Further click the arrow mark provided at the bottom right side and enter a new dialog box. The applicant must complete the payment, review, and sign in to the website to enter the student’s portal.

Student Login at

The students can get into their concerned web pages by using proper logins at the login dialog box. For that, the following steps are to be implemented.

1st step: Open the browser, insert the official website address into the address bar and click on the search button. The website shall enter a new webpage, a new dialog box will be opened for the user/student to operate it.

click here to login

2nd Step: The student must enter the details such as username/ email or Student ID and complete the process of filling. In addition, the student must fill in the password as issued in the first course or the newly created one and hit on the login button to further proceed.

Tuition Fee and Payment Options

Payment in full:

If a student opts for pay in full options, then one can save as much as 35 percent. The payment of the complete fee covers the cost of tuition, books, course material, and a faculty to provide guidance.

Payment Plans:

1. The one payment plan can be implemented by opting for an automatic payment plan or pay by mail.

2. A student can also opt for alternate plans made available and the information on the flexible plan can be obtained at the counter of the admission specialist, call at 1-800-275-4410 or get a connection with a representative to have a chat online.

3. The payment methods are Visa, Discover, MasterCard, or American Express, PayPal, Checks, Money orders, automatic withdrawals for checking and saving accounts from US banks.

Popular Program #Lowcost ta

The programs listed below do cost as low as $50 or even less.

1. High School Diploma

2. Auto Repair Technician Career Diploma

3. Certified Personal Trainer Career Diploma

4. Medical Transcriptionist Career Diploma,

5. Motorcycle Repair Technician Career Diploma

A. For more than 125 years, Penn Foster offered Career-focused education at an affordable cost. The quality of education is high with a self-paced approach and is highly supportive. The university engages community networks to foster their demands.

B. Students can begin with their certificate program with a minimum quote of $39 and start the distance learning of a diploma for $1. The University engages graduation-level courses in at least 20 high-demand areas, that too, at an affordable price.

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