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Godaddy email login

GoDaddy Email Login: GoDaddy provides email security solutions labeled in the Workspace Center. It is provided to customers who purchase hostings from GoDaddy. The emails are designed to benefit the business customers more importantly in communicating effective businesses. In a way, the customer can sink Gmail and GoDaddy webmail in a real-time setup.

In fact, in the business email account, one can find their business/ organization name, in a way it benefits the businesses as it projects a mark of their identity. For instance, info@goodwill(dot)com, in this case, goodwill is the organization and the domain is universal dotcom, and info is the department that gives the company’s essential operations.

GoDaddy Email Login Step by Step Guide Details:

GoDaddy Provides two kinds of email services, business emails, and professional emails.

1. In professional emails, two plans are made available under individual or team. An individual plan is preferred by individuals who prefer business set up to be kept running. It begins from INR 29.00 per month. While the team includes a collaboration with everyone in the team. It begins with INR 49.00 per user per month.

2. Microsoft 365 is an office 365 plus intelligent cloud service and maintains advanced security levels for their customers. Through the process, it includes a simple setup and provides expert 24 by 7 support. It provides plans that are priced at an affordable level. The different plans and pricing are likely in this manner.

  • Email Essentials: INR 199.00 per user/month
  • Email Plus: INR 249.00 per user/month
  • Online Business Essentials: INR 379.00 per user/month
  • Business professional: INR 699 per user /month).

Accessing Workspace Control center Login:

1. The customer must go to the workspace direct link

2. Once you get the Workspace Control center page, you need to enter the GoDaddy username, password and hit on the sign-in.

workspace login

3. The customer must click view email, tap the Tools menu and then select view all email plans.

Accessing GoDaddy Email / Webmail on desktop:

1. The customer must open the computer browser and type in the desktop version of the webspace webmail.

2. The customer must enter the web page mail, and it will load in a new page, and the customer must type in the customer’s username and password of the email account and then log in.

GoDaddy Email Login on phone:

GoDaddy provides a free and secure email app. In order to create webmail access on the mobile app, one must execute the following steps.

1. The customer should head over to the Google Play Store.

2. The customer must make a download of the ‘GoDaddy’ app.

3. Open the app on the smartphone and select the email management tab.

4. The customer should enter the email address as well as the password for the mobile account. Then, the customer can access with the specific email account just one must tap on the ‘go.’

Setting Up of a GoDaddy Webmail Account:

1. The customer must go to the ‘product page’ of GoDaddy. And, make a selection of the ‘Setup Email.’

2. The customer shall find a list of email addresses. The customer is recommended to choose an email address for one’s business.

3. On selection of the GoDaddy workspace email, one must select a ‘Domain.’    

4. The custom must enter the password after creating a unique password and confirm the password.

5. The customer must select the ‘create’ option and allow the settings to finish. 

6. Once the setup procedure is complete, one shall receive the ‘confirmation email.’

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The setting of GoDaddy Webmail Login:

1. In order to log in to the Workspace login, the customer must enter a new page i.e. and the customer shall be able to access GoDaddy Webmail Login Page.

2. After displaying the workspace email login page, customers need to enter the credentials like User name as well as password and sign in to the GoDaddy Webmail Sign-in page.

Godaddy email login

3. The customer must click the Sign in button to get into the GoDaddy Workspace Webmail Account.

GoDaddy Account log in using MS Office 365:

1. The customer must enter the website address into the web browser and click the web search button.

2. The customer must enter the email address, password into the empty blanks of the Microsoft 365 webpage and select the ‘sign-in’ from the drop-down menu. 

MS office 365 login

Note: In addition, the customer can sign up for a GoDaddy account using the email address, Facebook, Office 365, and a single mailing address. 

Resetting GoDaddy Password:

1. To reset the GoDaddy Account login password, Users should visit the link

2. The customer should click on the “find your password” link on the Godaddy sign-in page.

Reset password page of the Godaddy email login

3. On the reset password page, users should enter the username or customer ID and click on the continue link.

reset password page

4. The Godaddy website shall send a link to the email alongside the instructions to reset the password.

5. If the customer clicks the reset link in the mail, it shall lead to the password reset page. The customer must change the password and confirm by retyping it.

GoDaddy Workspace Email Account Password Resetting:

1. To reset the Workspace email account password, customers can visit the GoDaddy portal.

2. The customer must enter the ‘Godaddy Login Page’ and one must exercise the GoDaddy login credentials.

3. The customer must click the products option on the home page and enter the GoDaddy Workspace Email page.  

4. The customer must select the email address of the registered GoDaddy account and after that take the necessary steps to change its password.

5. The customer must tap the ‘edit’ button and execute.

6. The edit account option for it to represent on the display.

7. The customer must type in a strong and unique password, and make changes in the text box provided. 

8. Again Customers should retype the password to validate it and press the save button to finish the resetting process.

9. With the appearance of the confirmation prompt, the website sets the customer’s new password.

10. The customer must select ‘close’ to revert from the ‘edit account page.’

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How to create a Godaddy New account Online:

1st Step: To Create a new account on Godaddy, Customers should visit the Godaddy site i.e.

2nd step: On the Godaddy Home page, Customers should tap on the Sign-in Option and select the Create An Account link.

Create an account

3rd Step: Select any of the Following Options like Continue with Facebook or Continue with Google or Continue with Email.

Signin with email

4th Step: If you choose the Continue with Email, You need to enter your email address, password and create an account.

Create account page

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