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AP Jagananna Gorumudda Scheme

AP Jagananna Gorumudda Scheme has introduced by the AP CM Jaganmohan Reddy Garu for the students of AP Government Primary and Upper Primary Schools. This programme is launched under the Scheme details, “Jagananna Gorumudda Scheme”. The scheme though appears quite simple at the superficial level and it is one of the best schemes ever designed by the AP Government.

Poverty-stricken low-income group society finds it very difficult to educate their children, Lack of financial resources makes the parents forcefully stop their children’s education.

But for social growth, both health and education are imperative for primary and upper primary children. Hence, the AP Govt tries to clear the issues by the implementation of this Gorumudda Yojana. By providing a mid-day meal at AP Government Schools, children with a lack of nutrition can be supplemented with good food. With good food available for children below the poverty line, BPL shall certainly attend school.

By putting in good attendance, they can gain access to education and progress better in the learning process. Last but not the least, the food security issue that is a perineal problem in our country can be resolved for younger children.  

AP Jagananna Gorumudda scheme 2021 Mid-day Meal Details:    

In the process of implementation of the “Jagananna Gorumudda Scheme 2021” – The Chief Minister has stated changes in the implementation of the salaries. He has decided to increase the salaries of the people involved in preparing and distributing the mid-day meal at the schools.

In preparing the food items, good quality ingredients shall be made available for all the organizations. An increase in salaries shall create a healthy environment for every distributor of Andhra Pradesh mid-day meal.

Mid-day Meals: Specific Menu:

Boiled egg has become the main protein product of the mid-day meal. The egg will be served to school children for 4 days a week. Day to day, the school Principal will serve a different combination of food to children. From Monday through Saturday, the menu is in this format.

DayMenu (Food Items)
MondayRice, Egg Curry, Chickpea
TuesdayPuliohara, Tomato Dal, Boiled Egg
WednesdayVegetable Rice, Aloo Kurma, Boiled Egg, Chickpea
ThursdayKichadi, Tomato Chutney, Boiled Egg
Friday Rice, Asparagus, Boiled Egg, Chickpea
SaturdayRice, Sambar, and Sweet Pongal

Standing Instructions to Government Schools Authorities:

  • The Government of AP instructs the Government School authorities to be vigilant in the utilization and distribution of food.
  • The District Education Officer, DEO, should monitor the MDM officer to submit the bills to the treasury by the 5th of every month.
  • Any pending bills to be disbursed, the last date for it will be the 10th of every month.

Mid-day Meals Apps Eases the Scheme Analysis:

Government releases an app specifically designed to map the activities of the ‘Jagananna Gorumudda Scheme’ across the State. The Jagananna Gorumudda app is a mid-day meal app. It is exclusively meant to collect, store, and retrieve the data.

The data contains the daily expenditure incurred on the preparation of food items, transportation, and other miscellaneous expenses. The expenditure of the Jagananna Gorumudda Scheme is stored daily wise, weekly wise, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly wise.

It contains the data stored of schools at the grass root level, rural, and urban. The basic purpose of the data is to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the ongoing scheme. The process of updating is conducted by the concerned Mid-day Meal program in charge at the village, rural, district level, and State Level.

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Download Mid-day Meal apps in a Simple Way:

  • In the Government Website, click the app button on the home page of the website. It will drive to Google Play.
  • Tap on the install button that is placed below the search bar, and is located on the right of the app icon.
  • A pop-up window for permissions will be on display and when a user clicks on the accept button, it further progresses.
  • The Jagananna Gorumudda app will be downloaded on the device. The moment apps get downloaded it begins the installation process, after which the user will get a notification that the installation is finished.

Combined Effort of Centre & State Govts:

The Central Government has initiated the Mid-day meal scheme under the Ministry of Education, Govt. of India. Various Governments at the State level do implement the mid-day meal scheme with the sharing of Scheme expenditure. This scheme is shared in the ratio of 90:10. Hence, the scheme – ‘Jagananna Gorumudda’: AP YSR Mid-Day Meal Scheme is a combined effort put by the Centre and State Govt. in order to provide good nutritious food for the Anganwadi Schools and Govt. Aided Schools.

Sharing of the Expenditure:

Andhra Pradesh is one of the eight States categorised under North Eastern Region, NER. Revised cooking cost per child per day – primary is Rs.4.48, Centre, State contribution is Rs.4.03, Rs. 0.45. For the Upper Primary is Rs.6.71 and the Centre & State contribution is Rs.6.04 & Rs.0.67. The funds are shared between Centre and State, in the ratio of 90:10.

Other important expenditures such as cook-cum-helpers, kitchen cum stores is essentially shared between Central & State, in the 90:10. An Honorarium payment for cook-cum-helper is made at INR 1000.00 per month.

For a school of 25 students, one cook cum helper is in employment, and for 26 to 100 students one additional cook-cum-helper is put in service. And for every addition of 100students thereon, an additional cook cum helper shall be put in service. The honorarium payment of cook cum helper shall be shared between Centre and State in the ratio of 90:10.

An Overview:

Scheme NameAP Jagananna Gorumudda Scheme
Official websitehttp://apmdm.apcfss.in/
State GovernmentAndhra Pradesh
Scheme Inititated byAP CM Jaganmohan Reddy Garu
Post CategoryState govt scheme
Eligible ChildrenPrimary and Upper Primary govt school Children

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