FAQs on Jharkhand Corona Sahayata (Ranchi) Apps Download Help Rs.2000

FAQs on Jharkhand Corona Sahayata (Ranchi)

FAQs on Jharkhand Corona Sahayata app: In the previous article, we have shared the information about the Jharkhand Corona Sahayata app installation Process and Aadhar Card Verification Procedure.

Not only the Installation Process but also we have published eligibility criteria, Require Document and etc. We are expecting that almost more than 2 lakh people installed this app on 16th April 2020.

Now today we have discussed the Frequently Asked Questions in this article. We got 250 Questions from the Jharkhand state Citizens regarding the app installation. So we come again here to Answer the Questions which were asked by the State Citizens of Jharkhand.

On Thursday, the CM Soren Garu launched the Ranchi Jharkhand Corona Sahayata Application to Provide the financial assistance to the Citizens who are helpless throughout India due to the nationwide Shutdown to fight against COVID-19.

The Jharkhand CM Clearly announced that applicants can download the Corona Sahayata yojana Android Application from the following link https://covid19help.jharkhand.gov.in.

FAQs on Jharkhand Corona Sahayata (Ranchi) Apps Download Help

Q 1: What is Jharkhand Corona Sahayata APP?

Answer: Jharkhand Corona Sahayata application is an android app which helps to the Jharkhand Citizens who are stranded outside of the Jharkhand State.

Q 2: What is the main Intention of this Corona Sahayata Yojana Scheme?

Answer: The Main motto of this Scheme is to reach out to the labor and wage workers who are outside of the Jharkhand State by providing financial support.

Q 3: Who was introduced to this scheme yojana?

Answer: The honorable Chief Minister Soren Garu launched this scheme,

Q 4: What is the last date to apply for Jharkhand Corona Sahayata Yojana?

Answer: Within a week, Citizens can register your names through this application.

Q 5: What are the benefits of this newly launched scheme?

Answer: The Eligible Citizens will get Rs.2000 amount.

Q 6: How to get Rs.2000 amount under this scheme?

Answer: The State government of Jharkhand will credit Scheme amount to the eligible beneficiaries’ bank accounts directly. No physical cash will be provided by the State govt.

Q 7: I did not link my Mobile number to the Aadhar Card. How to get OTP?

Answer: If you did not link your mobile number to the Aadhar card, the Authentication OTP will not deliver to your mobile number. There is no alternative option to get Aadhar verification OTP.

Q 8: If I don’t verify my Aadhar Authentication, Shall I get Rs.2000 amount?

Answer: No. If you don’t verify Aadhar verification, you will not eligible for this scheme. In case, you send the application then it will reject by the Officials.

Q 9: What is the Official link to install this application?

Answer: We are advised to the applicants that you just go through the link https://covid19help.jharkhand.gov.in and install the Corona Sahayata apk app. In case, you will face any issues while installing this app through this link you just go here and install the application directly.

Q 10: When will I get the Corona Sahayata amount after successfully submitting the application form?

Answer: The Officials will take a minimum of 2 to 3 days of time to credit the amount to the applicant’s bank account. So, Citizens 

Q 11: How to Check Corona Sahayata Status online?

Answer: If your application will get approval, you will get the SMS from the state government. 

Q 12: How many people are going to help under this scheme?

Answer: According to the Recent Survey, more than 2 lakh migrant laborers are helpless outside of the Jharkhand State. So the Government is going to help more than 2 lakh migrant laborers.

Q 13: I am unable to install this app on my mobile? I am getting a file error while installing the app.

Answer: Citizen can use the Google Drive link i.e. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fPPuo5tlMKVB73e–0CKWv8YA5rak2Ry/view and install the application. You will not get any file errors.

Q 14: Why was the state government launched this scheme?

Answer: During these Crucial (Lockdown) time, the state government has concerned about the poor people and daily labors who are working outside of state and launched the app to provide financial support.

Q 15: I am a Citizen of Jharkhand and staying in Jharkhand State. Shall I apply for it?

Answer: No. You are not eligible to apply for this scheme. This Scheme was introduced only by the Jharkhand people who are stranded outside the state.

Q 16: When I entered my mobile number, I is showing an invalid number. How to fix this error?

Answer: Due to the backend technical issues, some times APP will showing this kind of errors. Please try to enter your mobile number after a few hours.

Note: If you have any doubts about FAQs on the Jharkhand Corona app you can ping in the comment section. We will give a reply as early as possible.

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