How to Find SBI CIF Number Online & Offline Via SMS Yono Lite SBI app

How to Find SBI CIF Number Online

How to Find SBI CIF Number Online: The State Bank of India establishes a customer information file, CIF for every customer (account holder). The entire information of the account holder is maintained in the digital format and to obtain the relevant information it is essential to assign a unique number. Every account holder is assigned with one unique number, an 11-digit number and the account holder must submit the 11-digit number to the bank whenever it is asked.

Find SBI CIF Number Online & Offline via SMS Yono Lite SBI app

CIF & the Way it Is Referred:

1. The CIF number that is provided to the account holder plays a significant role when there is a change of branch State Bank of India, SBI is in need. However, it must be remembered that the CIF number becomes a legitimate source. It is to make an account transferred from one bank to another.

2. The SBI banker makes use of CIF and it is an 11-digit number to extract the information of the account holder. The information is such as customer details, account types, balances, transactions, loans, advances, etc.

3. The most common form of application of CIF in the banking segment is that the account holder is allowed to buy the bank’s products and services.

4. Customers may find it essential to understand ways in finding CIF numbers in SBI be it offline or online.

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Offline Method:

1. Now, the customers (account holders) are issued with cheque-books and it should never be difficult to identify the CIF number. The CIF Number is clearly visible on the 1st page of the Cheque book. In case it is not found the account holder must approach the concerned bank where the account holder possesses a bank account. The bank branch provides CIF to the account holder at a personal level.

2. An account holder may not find the CIF on the passbook in such a case one must approach the branch bank to seek the CIF.

3. In case an account holder finds it difficult to identify the CIF number and is even unable to approach the branch bank then help from the customer support service is the best option.

  • The account holder must call the toll-free number and they are 1800112211, 18004253800, or 080-26599990. In conversation with them, the account holder must provide the basic details such as the account number.
  • The call center executive makes a proper verification of the identity. Once on completion of the verification, the executive shall get the account holder to get connected with the bank executive.

4. The account holder is free to seek the CIF number in this manner.

Online Method:

Another method made available for the SBI account holder is the online method. There are several methods made available to the account holder. The first way is through net banking, the second way is providing the pan and nomination details in the net banking format, the third way is through operation of SBI anywhere App.

1. To obtain the CIF through the Net Banking methods one must have Net banking registration. The account holder must create the registration on the SBI web portal and then use the login credentials. They are username, and password to make logins.

2. Likewise, to use a mobile app (SBI anywhere app) one must download it from the google play store. The process of downloading from the google store is quite simple.

  • The account holder must enter the play store and type in the SBI anywhere app in the search bar and click on the search button. The respective gets opened up and the account holder must click the install button. Once the app gets installed on the mobile handset it is ready to put to use.   

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Find SBI CIF Number through Net Banking:

Method: 01

1. The SBI account holder must enter the website and make logins into the online SBI.

2. The account holder must choose the account statement option, and then fill in the two dates in the options box.

3. The account holder must select the ‘view’ and click on ‘Go.’

4. The account holder page shall open up and shall display the CIF number, IFSC, MICR code, and other concerned information. In this manner, the CIF number is traceable in net banking.

Nomination & PAN details in SBI NET Banking:

Method: 2

1. Open the net banking page and the account holder must enter the login details of the net banking and make the login into the net banking.

2. The account holder must enter the account statement and click on the account summary.

3. The net banking account holder must view the nomination and PAN details.

4. It will display the CIF number and the PAN details on the next web page.

SBI Anywhere app:

Method – 3

1. The account holder must open the SBI anywhere app on the mobile handset and log in with the username and password details.

2. On the home page, the account holder must click on the ‘services’ tab. And then click on the ‘online nomination’ in the services tab.

3. The account holder must select the ‘transaction accounts’ in the type of account on the service tab page.

4. Since, the account holder is a retailer, a saving account number must be chosen.

5. The net banking of the web portal shall display the CIF number against the account number column.

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