Google approves Bev Q app (Bevq Kerala liquor apps KSBC Online Virtual Queue)

Google approves Bev Q app (BevQ Kerala liquor app

Google approves Bev Q app finally. The Kerala Liquor Online Purchase Bev Q IOS & Android Mobile app is one of the best state-owned applications which has developed by the Kochi-based startup Faircode Limited.

The Kerala State Beverage Corporation (BEVCO) has given a project to the Kochi startup Faircode Company on 15th May 2020 to develop this Bev Q app that will manage liquor queues virtually. The main Intention of this newly launched mobile app is to avoid the re-opening of wine shops throughout Kerala. 

The Chief executive officer of Faircode Technologies said that we have submitted the Bev Q final application form to Google on Friday. Finally, Google approves Bev q app apk on Tuesday.

Successfully, the two-level tests have been completed by the Indian Computer Emergency Response Department (ICERT). Now, the Bev Q app is available on the Google Play Store, he said.

Currently, the KSBC BevQ Kerala liquor app development has finished. Now, the Backend Technical team is working on Training Tutorials. The Training Tutorials will help the Liquor Outlets staff to deal with the Customers while delivering the Liquor doorstep. 

Google approves Bev Q app (BevQ Kerala liquor app KSBC online)

After re-started Liquor sales in several states across India, the Kerala state government has come up with the new Idea to sell liquor across Kerala to ensure social Distancing and avoid heavy crowds at wine outlets ongoing pandemic.

The Liquor outlets are going to re-open in Kerala State soon. Almost, all states have given permission to re-open the wine shops in their respective places.

But, the Kerala state govt has not allowed selling the liquor at the outlets directly during the Period of 4.0 Lockdown. Kerala govt is planning to sell the liquor in a new method. So, it has not given Orders to the Wine shops to open it in their respective regions. 

About KSBC BevQ Kerala liquor Online app:

Bev Q app is a state government application that will set liquor queues virtually. This platform was developed by the Kochi Faircode Company. Bev Q app will help the Liquor outlets to sell the Liquor/ wine/ Beer Online. 

How does Bev Q app work?

The Kerala Liquor Online Bev Q Mobile application will be available on Google Play Store. After Completion of Virtual trails, it would be displayed on the Google play store. Thereafter, Customers can book wine/ Beer/ Whisky on the BevQ Kerala liquor app apk. The Bev Q app will generate e-tokens for the Customers to get the liquor at the nearest liquor outlets.

Why do you need the KSBC Bev Q Online app?

The Bev Q liquor app has been designed by the state govt to re-open the liquor outlets across Kerala to sell the liquor for alcohol fans. The Liquor shops were shut down for 60 days throughout the Country to fight against the novel Coronavirus. So, to start the Liquor Outlets in Kerala, the Bec Q app is mandatory to ensure Social Distancing. 

There are 2 options shown on the app. One is Online booking liquor and another one is an e-token System. People can use any one option and Purchase liquor/ Wine/ Beet/ Whisky. 

Without the Bev Q app, the Kerala state Customers will now be permitted to buy liquor in this pandemic Situation. So, we are requesting that everyone must use the BevQ app in a Proper way and Buy liquor online or Offline. 

When will display the BEVQ app be on Google Play Store?

Google approves the Bev Q app on 26th May 2020. But it is not uploaded to the Google Play Store. Within 3 to 4 days, the Bev Q app will appear on Play Store. The Kochi startup Faircode has completed 2 levels of tests. Now it is in Under Processing to show on Play Store. After getting the Final clearance from Google, It will directly be updated by Google.

What is the Kerala State Kerala state Beverage Corporation (BEVCO) Portal? How does it work?

The BEVCO Portal is This web portal will help the vendors to know the details of Liquor tenders.

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What is the Simple Process to Install Bev q Liquor App Online?

It is a simple process to download the Kerala BEVCO Liquor app from Google Play Store. Here we have given the google play Store direct link. Customers can Install the App and book alcohol via the Bev Q app.

Bevq app download

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