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Jio ESS Login

Jio ESS Login: JIO Reliance Corporation has launched the employee Self Service (ESS) web portal to improve the effectiveness of ESS across India. After launched the ESS web Portal, thousands of users are being simultaneously accessed the ess services across India.

The main objective behind launched the ESS web portal is to submit the Queries & Request regarding the issues. If any users need to submit the Queries, must log in to the JIO ESS Login page and submit their Quarries by tapping the MyHR Option on the Dashboard. 

Jio ESS Login 2024 RIL SecureID app Reliance employee Self Service Details:

Jio Secure ID Sign-in: Features

1. Jio Reliance Corporation wants to provide its employees with ease of the sign-in process. The Jio partner central secure ID sign-in is an answer to it. 

2. Jio Reliance defines a sign-in system for the employees just similar to Apple or Google ID login systems.

3. The Reliance further plans to extend the secured ID sign-in system to the Big Corporate sectors in India.

4. Reliance shall render the employee self-service sign-in services to other companies besides providing to their employees. In addition, Reliance Corporation shall provide digital business ideas to other corporates.

5. The Reliance plans to raise a high-security patented technology to keep employees’ details safer and secured.

6. Earlier, Reliance maintained the attendance interface system, and the next-level planning of Reliance replaces it with the ESS portal.

7. The new security sign-in system concentrates on the employee self-service, “ESS” portal of Reliance Group.

8. The Reliance JIO ESS portal is in the beta testing system. Hence, on a trial basis, Reliance allows employees to utilize the benefits of it.

9. The Reliance tests on the beta and is working on the Android Software, an IOS interface.

10. JIO SecureID will have an integration with Employee Self Service, ESS, and the JIO Citrix application.

Security System:

1. Fundamentally, the JIO ESS Portal consists of two types of PIN. The first type PIN is a four-digit, and the second type PIN will be six-digit.

2. The main feature of the security sign-in system is the technology doesn’t store a PIN and Password. Thus, the security system sign-in is safe and secure. According to the official sources of the Company, the JIO partner central consists of high-security levels and provides resistance to hackers. 

JIO ESS Login Portal:

1. The JIO web portal is a digital-based system with a SecureID sign-in, and to create a JIO login account user may belong to any service provider other than a JIO user.

2. The user must download the app, and enter the phone number and create a JIO account. 

3. In the registration process, the user must enter a mobile number in the JIO Secure ID. The SecureID app will generate an OTP to the registered Phone number.

4. The employee will have to scan the Aadhar card to create ID login credentials.

5. The JIO Secure ID provides the authority to create only one account, and multiple accounts are not allowed. For this, the user will have to make a 20-second message reading video.

Important Note: Employees should oblige the Reliance when the JIO shares personal information with a third party or external organization. The privacy policy reveals that the integration of the SecureID with JIOMart, JIOSAAVN, and JIOMEET shall be in agreement with employees.

Reliance Employee Login Portal Benefits:

1. JIO SecureID provides high-security digital identity to Reliance Group employees, and it is a secured product.

2. Reliance Group Employees can use JIO SecureID and make an entry to Reliance group apps or portals.

3. Employees on the Reliance JIO Secure app can approve, authorize transactions or documents.

4. The JIO SecureID system creates PIN passwords, and hence it is different from the conventional use of login credentials.

5. The user must have a mobile with the JIO SecureID app. In the time to come, Reliance Group Applications and Portals shall receive the services from JIO SecureID.

To Get Started with:

1. An employee can download the JIO SecureID app in two different ways. In the first method, an employee can deploy intunes app when Office 365 configuration is available on the domain ID. In the second method, the user can use Airwatch (Intelligent HUB app) when Office 365 configuring is not available on the domain ID. 

2. After downloading the JIO SecureID app, the user must create a JIO SecureID account.

3. After the creation of the account, the user is free to start and use it.

Download the Jio SecureID app with Intunes:

1. An employee with Office 365 configured for Domain ID can download the JIO SecureID app with Intunes.

2. The user must enter the Play Store or Appstore and download Intune company portal app.

3. Enter Domain ID/email and password to log into Intune Company Portal.

4. The user must activate the app as per the instructions.

5. After activation, click on the ‘App Catalogue’ and search for JIO SecureID and install the app. 

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Download the Jio SecureID app with Airwatch:

1. An employee may not have Office 365 configurated for the Domain ID, then an intelligent hub app from the Play Store or App Store will be an essential download.

2. Enter the Domain ID/ email and password to log in to Airwatch (Intelligent Hub App).

3. The employee must activate the app as per the instructions.

4. The user must click on the ‘app catalog’ search for JIO SecureID and install the app.

5. Click on the ‘App Catalogue’ and search for JIO SecureID and install the app.  

Reliance Employee Self Service (ESS) Login Process:

1st step: To submit the Quarries, Users should visit the ESS web portal ie.

2nd Step: On the ESS Login page, users must enter their User ID and password.

enter user id and password of ESS

3rd Step: After validating the details, users must hit on the Log on option and access the ESS Page.

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