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JSW Paints Futurescapes is an event that has completed its painting competition in 2022 and eventually, the same shall be repeated next year by the organizers JSW paints and the Hindu Young World. The article reflects the performed activities to reach out to the school students/parents/schools through illustrating the event. However, this piece of information can generate interest and enthusiasm to the new entrants in 2023.

JSW Paints Futurescape Painting Competition Details:

JSW Paints futurescape painting competition 2022 has created a huge space for the school students of India. The school students of the Indian states are invited to discover their drawing talents. You can explore your painting skills on canvas and project to the Indian Society on digital. You will have to paint on a canvas and upload the painting on the web portal. The entire activity is conducted in association with The Hindu Young World on a digital platform. The entire competition progressed in three stages, the preliminary round, zonal round, and final round.

1. Every year, the students are informed about the competition, and likewise this year too, the students to make entries into the portal were kept open up to 5th March 2022. Depending on the age group, the school students are categorized into three specific groups and each group is given a choice to select their painting theme from two predefined themes. You will have to explore your drawing skills, give your best on canvas and win cash rewards. The awards are first, second, and third cash prizes and seven consolation prizes.

2. The last date for the participants to make enrollment for the drawing competition became 5th March 2022, an extension from its previous deadline set on 28th February 2022. In fact, the results have already been declared and the winner’s list can be obtained from the website’s ‘results webpage.’

3. The programme is raised to encourage the hidden talent in the school children and recognize them by awarding cash vouchers. The cash prize distribution is done in this way, the first prize (INR10,000), second prize (Rs.7500.00, third prize ( INR 5000), and 7- consolation prize (INR 1500.00).

4. Drawing Theme was set forth for the JSK paints futurescape and the Hindu Young World. The below themes were given in 2022 and they are:

5. Sub-junior (Classes 3-5): ‘Tourism in India’ or ‘Save Nature.

6. Junior (Classes 6-8): ‘India – the land of culture’ or ‘Gender Equality       

7. Senior (Classes 9-12): My vision for India in 2050’ or ‘Preserve our Wildlife’. 

Terms and Conditions:

1. The parent’s or guardian’s mobile number and email address should be mentioned in the registration form.

2. You can enter the free contest. The information presented in the physical document and the scanned digital documents must be identical else the entry will be disqualified.

3. The applicant’s entry must be in accordance with the closing date/cut-off date and shall be strictly observed.

4. The winners’ prizes are not transferable. If the winner fails to respond to the organizer’s call within 14 days then the prize can be transferred to the next in the list.  

5. The winner will be notified about the award to their mobile or email that contains the info about the collection/ Delivery of the award.

6. Participants /Winners shall no longer bear the intellectual property right after submitting the drawing work manually/digitally.

7. A participant needs to take consent of the parent/guardian to participate in the competition but needs the approval of the organizers as well. 

8. The Terms and Conditions of the contest shall be in compliance with the Indian Law and any dispute when arise shall be challenged in the jurisdiction of the Chennai courts.

JSW Paints Futurescapes Registration Process to attend the competition:

1. To attend the JSW Paints Futurescapes Painting Competition, the participants should enter the competition page at and conduct the following activity.

2. You must upload a clear scanned copy of the painting and pick the generated unique registration number, URN.

3. Pick the details filled in the online application and write on the physical copy of the drawing and submit it at your nearest Hindu Office.

4. Note: Details such as URN, and topic must be on the front side of the painting, and information like name, class, school name, city-state, category, parent’s name, and registered mobile number should be posted on the backside.

Young World Club Login 2023:

1st Step: The competitors should visit the YWC Portal

2nd Step: Tap on the Login Option as shown below.

JSW Paints Futurescapes Login page

3rd Step: The Competitors should enter their registered email ID or User Name and hit the next Option and make the login it.

Enter details

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