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Medi Assist login

Medi Assist web portal gives a highly rich experience to retail policyholders, Corporate Employees, providers, Insurers, Corporate HR, agents, & Brokers. These communities can log in and seek the Organization benefits of the products as well as services. Retail policyholders can download mediBuddy app and seek the complete benefit of the app’s product and services. The process of registration is easy and the end-user can operate without any hassle. The app provides about six direct benefits to the policyholders.

Medi Assist MediBuddy App benefits:

They are described as follows:

1. Store Medical Records Digitally

  • A medical policyholder can store the medical records in the medical repository and avoid carrying the medical records along. The stored digital medical records are easily accessible and doctors can further update the prescriptions if any.

2. eCard for Medical Insurance Policy Holder

  • A medical insurance policy cardholder is provided with an e-card that stands as proof to obtain medical support at the empanelled hospital. In a time of emergency, the e-card makes the patient get a direct entry to admission. In case, a policyholder fails to produce it, the e-card can be downloaded by filling in the login credentials.

3. Pharmacy Details on MediAssist App

  • The patient can obtain reasonable discounts on the MRP of the prescription, and medi assist turns up to doorstep delivery. The medicines can be ordered from the app directly. Medi assist app provides a list of the pharmacies where the medicines can be procured.

4. Submit Reimbursement Claims Online:

  • Online reimbursement claims submission is made available on the Medibuddy app, the policyholder can apply for the reimbursement claims online and the process is simple. The patient must upload the claimed documents and then send the original copies to the office offline. The claimed bills are passed only after the verification of the documents.

5. Map-based Search to Identify Network Hospitals

  • A patient may face an emergency and might be requiring the right hospital nearby. The Medibuddy app provides map-based search to identify the network hospital, in fact, the app can help a patient to locate the patient’s preferred hospital.

6. Doctor’s Digital Presence to Treat Patients

  • Medibuddy Gold issues unlimited consultation for one year and it is for a limited time offer. The patient can undergo digital treatment in a video call over the Medibuddy app.

Policyholders Choose Medi Assist as Medical Concierge:

1. The pharmacy material can be bought at discounted prices at high savings.

2. The policyholder can get high-quality treatment with a negligible waiting period.

3. The Medi Assist provides a wide list of hospitals providing world-class facilities such as access to the latest technology, high-performing surgeons, and doctors.

4. The Medi Assist provides the best customer care and experience.

Register a MediBuddy Mobile App at MediAssist:

1. To access the medibuddy mobile app, users must download the app medi assist healthcare services from the play store by hitting the install Option.

Download medbuddy app

2. To utilize the services of MediBuddy, one must sign up with MediBuddy.

3. The user must fill in the full name, email ID, and password.

4. The web app shall send a one-time password to the email ID for verification. Once done, the user will have to log in again.

MediBuddy Login at MediBuddy Portal:

1st step: The users must visit the MediBuddy portal i.e. and click on the Login link.

2nd Step: Users must enter the Valid mobile number and Otp.

2nd Step: The Web Portal shall redirect to a new page that shall contain important features such as doctor’s consultation, order medicine, your ecard, and your policy that enables a policyholder to view policy details.

3rd Step: For instance, a user clicks on the ecard then a new dialog box gets opened up and it shall contain the list of policyholders enrolled in.

4th Step: When a user clicks on the policyholder’s name then the details of the policyholder, organization where the policyholder is working can be found.

5th Step: When a user clicks on your policy then a new dialog box shall be on screen. It shall show policy details that cover information on policy sum coverage, regular premium, etc. In case the medical insurance is active, it shall appear on the right side of the home page.

Note: Medi Assist provides several platforms that can benefit different users. They are agents, corporates, retail policyholders, etc. They are a member benefits platform, an outpatient benefits platform, payer Platforms, claim management platform, Healthcare BI analytics, Med-pi drive growth, Med-pi Mitigates risks.

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Member Benefits Platform: 

Med Assist is the most secure private mobile system platform. It can save the member’s information digitally without causing a leak of information.

Outpatient Benefits Platform: The outpatient platform is easy to set up and it is an automated, affordable and accessible platform for outpatients. the platform can be shared with the extended family such as spouse, child, parent, etc.

Payer Platforms: These platforms help the payer to make maintenance of provider contracts, claims adjudication process, and provision of centralized claims.

Claims Management Platform: Claims management faces constant challenges in reducing operational costs, improving productivity, and improvising service levels.

Healthcare BI/Analytics: Health care companies collect vast amounts of claims data from patients and service providers. The data is further utilized to design health plans and establish better marketing strategies. 

Med-Pi Drives Growth: The med-pi does all analysis of the claim transactions of past, present, and ensures that the providers collect charges for the right kind of treatments. The Med-pi makes an attempt to identify factors that lead to the drive losses.

Med-Pi Mitigates Risk: The med-pi collects the history of patients’ expenditure and analyses it to cut down high costs to benefit the patients. 

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Medi Assist Logins:

1st step: In order to login to the Medi Assist page, Users should visit the Medi assist Portal direct link i.e.

2nd Step: The Users should tap on the Sign-in Option on the Home page and select the desired Option like Retail policy Holder, Corporate employee, Provider, Insurer, Corporate HR, Agent or Broker.

medi assist logins

3rd step: Once you select any of the following options, the users need to enter the User name and hit on the Login option.

Medi Assist Login here

4th Step: Users can provide the password and log in to the Med Assist Page.

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