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NCD Portal Login: Ayushman Bharat has been integrated with the NHP portal with the objective to control the Indian disease more importantly in the aspects of non-communicable diseases. The Non-Communication Disease, NCD programme concentrates on the prevention and control of cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular, and stroke. The entire scheme is labeled as the National Programme for Prevention and Control. You can gather all essential information on the official website ww.ncd.nhp.gov.in. The CPHC NCD app is now available in both Android and IOS platforms. As you progress further, you will find the details on the NCD (Ayushman Bharat), registration, and logins.

Registration by User at NCD Portal

The Users should sign up for the web portal by following simple steps.

1. The Users should have to visit the NHP portal i.e. www.nhp.gov.in. On the top right corner, you will find the login logo, hover the cursor and it will display in the drop box, register, and sign-in in sequence.

2. The users can click the register link and it will display the ‘signup page,’ representing https://www.nhp.gov.in/signup.

NCD Portal register

3. You will have to enter the username and a valid email address and click the terms and conditions and then click the signup button.

NCD Portal signup page

5. Note: The mentioned email shall stand as a communication digital address and hence you are advised to disclose an active email address. The email address shall be used for correspondence, you are most likely to receive notifications and information regarding password retrieval.

NHP NCD Portal Login

1. The Users can go to the NHP Portal i.e. https://www.nhp.gov.in/ and log in through direct login using login credentials or using social media.

2. The Users should enter the national health portal username, and password, and click the login submit button.

Forget Password: You must enter the email address and then click the box: ‘ I’m not a robot.’ and click the submit button.

NCD App Google Play Store

1. To download the Android NCD mobile app, the Users can visit the Google Play Store link on their android smartphone.

2. Find the ‘NCD App in the Search Option and hit the search button.

4. The Google play screen will display all related apps along with the NCD App, you will have to click the install button. After that, you will get to see the app is downloaded on your smartphone successfully, and it is safe to operate on the mobile phone.

Introduction to National Health Portal:

1. It became evident from the report of the National Knowledge Commission that the government should set up a National Health Portal.

2. In view of providing healthcare-related information to all Indian Citizens and a single shop to access information on the consolidated health information.

3. In relation to non-communicable diseases, the government has made the Ayushman activities sink with the National Health Portal.

4. The portal shall address the healthcare information for the citizens and those including students, healthcare professionals, and researchers.

Vision: The National Health Portal has been created to cater the needs of students, healthcare professionals, and researchers.

Mission: The portal shall collect, verify, and disseminate healthcare-related issues for all Indian Citizens.

Non-communicable Diseases:

1. NCDs are medical conditions or diseases that are not caused by infectious agents.

These are:

  • Chronic diseases of long duration
  • Generally slow progression,
  • Result of a combination of genetic
  • Physiological
  • Behavioral factors.

2. Statistics reveal that the NCD takes the lives of 41 million people about 71 percent of the global deaths. In addition, the death rate is quite disturbing, 14 million die young between the ages of 30 and 70. If adequate care is taken, you can save oneself from the majority of premature NCD deaths.

3. As per the projections of the World Health Organization, WHO the total number of annual deaths will be about 55 million by 2030.

4. In India alone, (WHO Report: 2015) about 5.8 million people die from heart, and lung diseases, stroke, cancer, and diabetes. It has been reported that 1 in 4 Indians have the risk of dying young before reaching 70 years.

5. MOHFW has admitted in a report in the Health of the Nation’s States. It states that the total disease burden – disability-adjusted life years has drastically changed. The disease burden has risen to 55 percent in 2016 from 30 percent in 1990. Further, it has significantly risen to 61 percent in 2016. 

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